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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 7

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Contract Marriage (5)

Quite coincidentally, the car hit another bump.

Jiang Yuan was very sure that if Gu Xichao wouldnt hold her, she would certainly fall onto the floor.

She had just cheated on him, so Jiang Yuan wasnt sure if he would help her.

In that split second, Jiang Yuan made a decision.

She extended her hand and grabbed at the mans straight, black necktie and quickly closed her eyes.

She pretended that she didnt do it on purpose.


She didnt fall to the floor.

Instead, she fell into a warm embrace. Her nose was on his white, soft shirt, and she could smell a soft, sweet scent.

Jiang Yuan could feel that Gu Xichao was holding her.

Jiang Yuan opened an eye.

She looked into that mans cold eyes. The color of his eyes was dark, and she could see that abyssal blue.

Gu Xichaos eyes didnt have much emotion.

In just two seconds, he calmly extended his hand and pushed her away, as if he didnt want anything to do with her.

Jiang Yuan did not say anything

Damn it, this man was disgusted with me

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Gosh! This makes me so mad!

The man then said, “Let go.”

Jiang Yuan looked at where he was looking and saw the necktie that she was still grabbing onto. The straight, beautiful tie was all crumpled.

Jiang Yuan cleared her throat and let it go, then quietly sat next to him.

She felt she should say something to save her image.

“About that, Im sorry. It wasnt on purpose,” she explained dryly.

There was a slight frown on her beautiful face. She looked up and stared at Gu Xichao next to her with her dark, black eyes. Her long eyelashes were like fans, flapping twice.

Surprisingly, Gu Xichaos eyes locked onto Jiang Yuan. However, it was like he was simply valuing an object, and without any emotions.

After remaining quiet for a short instant, he then said calmly, and still saying very little, “Its fine.”

Both of them returned to their state of silence for the rest of their journey.

Jiang Yuan quietly sat in the back seat, her two feet stretched straight before her, and her white canvas shoes were placed together quietly. She looked like a little girl that still hadnt grown up.

However, perhaps she was too bored, she was quietly playing with her fingers.

Gu Xichao accidentally saw all of it.

He felt that it was quite funny.


That was the first time Gu Xichao looked at Jiang Yuan, his supposed wife, in earnest.

He didnt have any opinions about this arranged marriage; he simply married Jiang Yuan because of his grandfathers wishes.

If he could, he didnt mind to live respectfully with Jiang Yuan for the rest of his life, despite the distance between them.

Gu Xichao was someone extremely dispassionate.

There was nothing that he especially loved. No one that he especially wanted. Nothing that he especially must do.

Even when he saw his wife cheating on him, he felt no rage, strangely. He only felt that it was time to end the marriage.

The promise of two years was then suggested by Jiang Yuan, so he agreed to it.

However, the condition would be that in the eyes of any outsiders, they must be a perfect, happy couple.

However, now, as she was the one who had broken the promise first, so he had given her the divorce settlement agreement.


In truth, Gu Xichao probably didnt remember what Jiang Yuan looked like before today.


After a short while, they reached the Gu familys mansion.

Gu Xichao came out of the car first, and Jiang Yuan quickly came out from the other side. She then walked over to his side in her white canvas shoes.

After giving it some thought, Jiang Feng then extended two of her pale and slender fingers and caught the corner of his shirt.



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