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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 6

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Contract Marriage (4)

A very young man was sitting on the sofa in the living room. His white shirt was neat, and he had buttoned his shirt to the top. He was wearing a black tie that was straight and elegant.

He wore a pair of gold-framed glasses. Behind those lenses were a pair of beautiful, clear, navy blue eyes. His nose bridge was quite high, and his face was sharp and angular.

There was a sharp edge to his beauty.


Gu Xichao

The name suddenly popped up in Jiang Yuans mind.

She didnt quite understand her supposed husband.

Since they didnt even meet more than a few times in a year.

Jiang Yuan secretly raised her head and looked at the man silently.

She had always known that Gu Xichao was incredibly good looking.

However, she was really astonished at this moment.

His brows looked like they were drawn, his thin lips were as beautiful as flowers.

His looks could possibly ruin an empire.

Jiang Yuans thoughts seemed to have drifted, but it was only for several seconds.

“Gu Xichao”

The woman opened her soft, red lips, and called out the mans name tentatively.

When Gu Xichao saw that Jiang Yuan was only wearing a thinly-veiled nightgown, he moved his eyes away without emotion. His long, white finger pushed his gold-framed glasses up his nose.

“Its me.”

Gu Xichaos voice sounded just like him. It was slightly chilling but it was also music to ones ears. Like the sound of a cello.

Jiang Yuan thought that he was waiting for her to sign the agreement, so she said slowly, “About that. I have signed the divorce settlement agreement. Ill go and get it, and then pass it to you.”

With that, she turned back into her room and was going to get the envelope.

However, Gu Xichao called out to her.


Jiang Yuan turned and looked at him questioningly.

The womans plain but beautiful face was filled with question, even her long brows were slightly raised.

Gu Xichao continued, “Theres no rush. Go change your clothes and return with me to the family mansion.

“Grandfather is very sick,” the man said. His lips were as beautiful as flower petals, but his blue eyes had darkened.

When she heard that, Jiang Yuan became serious as she nodded and returned to her room.


Grandfather Gu treated her very well, to the point where he treated her like his granddaughter.

That was why Jiang Yuan was also extremely worried at the time.

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That kindly old man… She sincerely hoped that nothing would happen to him.

Jiang Yuan quickly changed her clothes. She finished dressing up in just a few minutes.

She wore a comfortable, light-colored casual wear that showed her straight legs. Her pair of white shoes also exposed her ankles that were white like jade.

If one were to look at her now, she seemed to be a young girl that had yet to graduate from university.

As her hair was still half dry, Jiang Yuan didnt properly tie it up. However, she still had a hair tie on her wrist.


She then got into the car.

Gu Xichao and her were both seated at the back, while the driver was driving in front.

The car slowly drew away from the mansion.

The mood was quite depressing without any specific reason, and Jiang Feng didnt speak as well. She only looked out of the window and at the scenery silently, her thoughts probably elsewhere.

Gu Xichao was the one to speak first, and he said calmly, “About our divorce… Dont tell Grandfather first. Im worried that he cant take it.”

Jiang Yuan nodded, and a smile appeared on her plain, beautiful face as she said, “I understand.

Grandfather Gu had treated her so well. Naturally, she wouldnt say anything about it at this time to upset him.

Her smile was distant and polite as if she was talking to a stranger.

But they were strangers all this while, werent they

Jiang Yuan looked at the elegant man next to her and wondered to herself.

Coincidentally, the car made a sharp turn, and she fell over to Gu Xichaos side from that sudden motion.



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