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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 5

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Contract Marriage (3)

Jiang Yuan muttered to herself unconsciously when she was thinking about it.

System 677, who was hiding in the dark, kept quiet.

Damn it! That woman managed to guess what had happened, it cried quietly.

It was so difficult to handle this new host.


Jiang Yuan dumped the baseless imagination in her head and quickly skimmed through the divorce settlement agreement.

Even when she read it with an extremely critical demeanor, she couldnt find anything wrong with it.

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All she could say was that Gu Xichao was very merciful in this and didnt lay down any traps for her.

Jiang Yuan slowly picked up the pen next to the document and signed her name on the paper, then placed the divorce settlement agreement back into the envelope and onto the nightstand.

Suddenly, her cell phone started ringing.

Jiang Yuan took out her cell phone and swiped the screen with her delicate finger. Then, she raised her long, elegant eyebrow and her soft lips formed an intrigued smile.

It was that boy toy.

She picked up the call and said sluggishly, “Hello”

The man on the other side was evidently stunned. He didnt expect that Jiang Yuans reaction would be so aloof.

He then asked her, probing her, “Yuan Yuan, are you alright Last time…”

Jiang Yuan cut him off, emotionlessly, “Im fine.”

Mu Feng became nervous.

What happened to Jiang Yuan Why did she become so cold toward me

Did she figure out that… No, Mu Feng quickly rejected his own thoughts.

Someone so innocent to the point of being stupid like Jiang Yuan couldnt have figured out anything.

It must be because he didnt contact her these past few days.

With that in mind, Mu Feng tried to coax Jiang Yuan and said, “Dont be angry, Yuan Yuan. I had something to do, that was why I havent contacted you for the past few days…”

After saying a lot of things, Mu Feng finally stated his intention, “Yuan Yuan, should we meet tomorrow Since your husband has discovered us, lets discuss how to deal with him.”

Jiang Yuan was confused.

You must be dreaming.

After exchanging only a few sentences and relying on her impression of Mu Feng from her memories, Jiang Yuan had instantly figured out that this man obviously had an ulterior motive.

She wasnt sure how she was blinded to the point where she couldnt see through it.

Jiang Yuan didnt have the mood to waste her time with him, so she immediately told him off gracefully, and then happily blacklisted his number.

“No need. Dont contact me ever again.”

Mu Feng, on the other side of the line was confused.

He was so angry that he wanted to throw his cell phone away, but he stopped himself from doing it in the end.

It still cost him a few thousand.

He would regret it later.


Jiang Yuan, on the other side.

She looked at the clock and realized that it was ten in the morning.

She looked at the empty wine bottles that were littered on the floor. Jiang Feng was stunned at the sight, and her face darkened.

She must have been too wasted from drinking too much last night. No wonder she had such a bad headache and reeked of alcohol.

Jiang Yuan had decided to clean herself up and take a shower with a long face.


The sounds of rushing water came from the bathroom. On the opposite side of the frosted glass door, a womans curvy and thin figure could be seen albeit blurred. As the hot air began to disperse, a thin layer of mist began to appear on the glass door.

After twenty minutes, Jiang Yuan slowly walked out and used a white, soft towel to simply dry her long, black hair.

She was only wearing a bathrobe, and it exposed her beautiful, elegant clavicle.

Jiang Yuan didnt wear any slippers. She stepped onto the soft carpet with her thin, fair feet. It was a dark-colored carpet, and her small feet were so fair that it could almost reflect light.

She picked up the hairdryer in the room and dried her hair. When her hair was somewhat dry, she changed into a black colored silk gown.

She pushed open the bedroom door.

Jiang Yuan was shocked.

She was looking into a pair of bluish-black eyes. The eyes were clear, beautiful, and deep.



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