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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 3

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Contract Marriage (1)

After that, Fu Yue and Jun Hen suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a stunned System 677.

That ball of light was confused.


No one knew what Providence had told Fu Yue.

System 677 only knew that once Fu Yue came back, she had agreed to bind with the Guiding System and to complete missions throughout the Three-Thousand Worlds and to collect Faith.

Meanwhile, the System was so curious that it started to scratch its head, but as its host was far more superior, it was quite terrified of her. So much so that it didnt dare to open its mouth at all.


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System 677 noticed that after its host came back, she had become withdrawn.

That was right; withdrawn.

As if she had lost her soul.

The ball of light floated up to Fu Yue, and asked her probingly, “Lady Fu Yue. If there is nothing else, should we begin our journey and head to our target world”

Fu Yue seemed to come back to her senses and then nodded, agreeing to it.

Then, System 677 introduced her mission automatically.

“Lady Fu Yue. The first world is a starter world. There are no mission objectives. You only needed to complete your life as a normal human being.”

System 677 then paused before it began again with a weaker voice, “In this mission, all your memories will be erased. Of course, your personality will remain and will not be affected by the Originals personality…”

Fu Yue raised her eyebrow and asked, unperturbed, “Do I need to erase my memories after every mission”

System 677 quickly denied and said, “No, no. Only in the first mission.”

Fu Yue nodded and didnt make it hard for it and said, “Alright.”

System 677 secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It was fortunate. It was afraid that she would simply reject it at once.

“You will enter the first world soon.”


Fu Yue opened her eyes.

Her black eyes momentarily lost focus as she slowly blinked. Her long, curly eyelashes fluttered.

The first thing she saw was the white ceiling. She moved her fingers and could feel the soft fabric brushing upon her skin, and she realized she was lying on her bed.

There was a heavy scent of alcohol in the air, and it was very repulsive.

Fu Yue, no. She should call herself Jiang Yuan. She felt that she had a headache.

She was in a confused state of “Who am I, where am I, and what was I doing”

She massaged her head with her slender fingers and pursed her soft lips.

… It really hurts.

However, before Jiang Yuan could recover from her headache, she could hear the doorknob rattle as it was being opened from the outside.

Was someone coming in

Jiang Yuan quietly covered herself with the blanket and closed her eyes, pretending that she was asleep.

She had a headache, and she didnt want to worry about meeting anyone.


The person who walked over didnt rush. He walked with purpose, and his steps steady. Each step he took felt like something was hammering her heart.

He stood by Jiang Yuans side, his silhouette instantly shadowed her. She suddenly felt an incomprehensible pressure upon her.

Jiang Yuan continued to pretend to be asleep quietly.

Her expression was very peaceful, and she didnt even move a muscle.

Surprisingly, the man didnt wake her up. He only placed something on the nightstand, and then turned around and left.

She waited until she heard the sound of the door closing.

Jiang Yuan opened one of her eyes to cautiously look around. She only opened both her eyes when she noticed that no one was around.

She turned and then took what was left on the nightstand.

It was an envelope.

Jiang Yuan was confused.

She pulled the white string and uncoiled it from its buckle, and took out the document from within.

She held onto the white paper and looked down with her cold eyes.

When she read the words on the paper properly, Jiang Yuan was momentarily stunned.

It was a divorce settlement agreement.

And it was already signed by Gu Xichao, her supposed…




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