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26 Contract Marriage (24)

The inked letter was laid out clearly on a white paper.

Under the cold light, it was written so clearly it was almost piercing his eyes.

Gu Xichao was silent for a moment and then picked up the divorce settlement agreement.

His eyes looked at the two words,Jiang Yuan. Her writing was strong and decisive like a dragon and phoenix were dancing.

The man pursed his lips, and his pale fingers tightened on the agreement.

There he sat, unmoving, like a cold jade statue. His beautiful white face was expressionless.

Nobody knew how long had passed.

The man looked at the divorce settlement agreement. Then, with a sneer, he shredded it into pieces.

His pale fingers were strong, and his actions were slow.

A divorce settlement agreement that was never officiated.

... Didnt count.


At midnight.

Outside those windows, the liveliness of the capital city in the morning had faded. All that remained were silence and loneliness when that liveliness was gone.

There were fewer people on the streets, and the wind that swept through the city was slightly icy.

Gu Xichao stood at the bedrooms huge French window with his back leaning on its frame, his long legs slightly folded as the wind blew over his messy hair.

There was a glow between the mans fingers. It was a long, willowy cigarette marked by complex patterns.

He didnt smoke a lot, but he would smoke when he was irritated.

For example, now.

Gu Xichaos phones screen displayed a page.

The screens light was bright in the dark night.

It was a document sent by Gu Xichaos personal assistant.

His eyes finally locked onto the wordsJiang Yuan among those words.

The mans deep blue eyes lowered slightly with a hint of self-mockery.

He couldnt hold it back and had her investigated.

Jiang Yuan, his wife.

A proper lady from the time she was a child until she had grown up. The only rebellious thing that she had ever done was perhaps falling in love with the bartender from the bar.

That meant she must have liked him a lot...

Then, she really wanted to have a divorce

The mans fingers tightened around the cell phone until they were pale.


The next day.

It was almost afternoon when Jiang Yuan slowly woke up.

When she recalled all the things that she did last night, her fair, pretty face seemed to be plagued with conflicted emotions.


That was what she was like when she was drunk

Jiang Yuan cursed herself silently as she massaged her temples with her pale fingers.

Her headache was terrible.

How should she face Gu Xichao

Jiang Yuan wanted to cry, but there were no tears. Mainly, she felt she had lost her dignity and was feeling awkward.

... fine, Ill just pretend I dont remember.

It was quite common to have no memories when someone was drunk.


She exited the bedroom.

Jiang Yuan saw Gu Xichao sitting on the sofa.

The man wearing the white shirt was incomparably handsome as he wore a pair of gold-frame glasses that gave him the impression of a scholar.

The young master was like a piece of jade, noble and elegant.

Jiang Yuan felt bemazed.

It felt like she just had a déjà vu.

She remembered how Gu Xichao looked like when she first met him in the morning that she woke up.

It was the afternoon that she was drunk. The same place. The same... man.

“Youre awake”

The mans low, smooth voice asked, bringing Jiang Yuan back from her thoughts.

She snapped back to her senses and nodded at Gu Xichao. She said, “Did... Did I get drunk last night Im so sorry about that.”


She spoke cautiously and even sounded apologetic.

With that, Jiang Yuan gave Gu Xichao a remorseful smile.

System 677, who was in the void watching its masters performance, could only stare with an opened mouth.

Heres a cigarette for the boss.


Gu Xichao smiled distantly and said calmly, “Its alright.”

Both of them werent talkative people, and the entire atmosphere was so quiet that it became awkward for a moment.

Gu Xichao then left, saying that he had some things to do.

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Jiang Yuan was happy that this all ended on that note.

She felt that even the air wasnt that repressive anymore.

She happily returned to her bedroom.


Then, Jiang Yuan noticed something.

The divorce settlement agreement that she had signed had been thrown into the bin.

It was also shredded into pieces.



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