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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 24

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24 Contract Marriage (22)

The man looked up with his blue eyes. It was distant but gentle.

His eyes reached out to the person sitting quietly on the sofa.

Jiang Yuan was wearing a white skirt. Her long, black hair grazed her waist as she lay on her back. Her legs were placed nicely together, and her smile was soft. She looked nice and quiet.

Gu Xichao was quiet for a moment before he reached out with his long, slender fingers.

“Come here.”

His low voice was slightly rugged, her tone at the end was muffled. He was cold but only to a point.

Jiang Yuan shook her head earnestly, there was a warm smile on her pale face, but there was also a rare shyness.

“Young Master, what we are doing is not right.”

Her tone was gentle, graceful, and honest.

Gu Xichao was surprised.

He blinked. He seemed startled.

Perhaps using the wordstartled to describe Gu Xichao wasnt accurate.

However, there was no better word to describe what he seemed to feel right now.

After being silent for a long while, Gu Xichaos lips began to twitch. “Are you crazy”

Jiang Yuan placed her hands over her red lips and cried out in an obviously fake fashion. Her beautiful, rippling eyes were slightly enlarged as if she was looking at something unbelievable.

“Young Master, I have only refused you. How can you falsely accuse me of being crazy”

Gu Xichao felt tired.

When had he ever encountered anything like this

The graceful, gorgeous Young Master Gu had never seen anyone playing the fool when they were drunk.

Not to mention someone like Jiang Yuan that had suddenly become an actress.

He sighed.

Gu Xichao stood up. His long, slender arm extended out to hold her thin shoulder, trying to help her up from the sofa.

Jiang Yuan staggered and almost fell.

She had worn a pair of high heels that were glittery to complement her white, fairy dress to look good.

They were ten centimeters tall.

When she suddenly stood up, she lost her balance and fell back onto the sofa.

Luckily, Gu Xichao managed to help her quickly to prevent her from falling to the floor on all fours.

Gu Xichao gave it some thought when he looked at someone who had zero sobriety left in her, and then picked her up.

He princess-carried her in his arms.

Gu Xichao did that effortlessly as if he didnt need to spend much strength at all.

Jiang Yuan held him by the neck, and then quietly put her head close to him.

The womans voice suddenly became gentle and soft, as if trying to test him.

“Teacher, do you like me”

Her voice wasnt soft at all.

A few of the patrons looked back when they heard it, and they gave them a grin after they saw Jiang Yuan and Gu Xichao.

Oh ho! Teacher and student

Not bad...

When Gu Xichao said that, he almost missed his step and fall.

“Jiang Yuan,” the man said to Jiang Yuan. His voice wasnt too soft nor too loud, but it carried a hint of irritation.

Jiang Yuan blinked. Her beautiful eyes were watery, and she made herself look weak and pitiful like a flower.

“What is it, Teacher”

Her voice was soft, and her eyes were red like a rabbit that was traumatized.

Gu Xichao asked helplessly, “Since when have I become your teacher”

Wasnt he her young master just now


Ten minutes later.

“Big Brother, where are you bringing me Its so late. We cant...”

He managed to put a chattering woman back into the car.

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Gu Xichao heaved a heavy sigh of relief and was going to leave.

It was just a short moment.

However, he didnt know how many times he had sighed.

The woman sitting in the front passenger seat put on a serious face and then asked imposingly, “Who art thou Where am I What is this thing”

“How dare thee attempt to assassinate me”




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