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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 22

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22 Contract Marriage (20)

Everyone was shocked.

Jiang- Jiang Yuan

Wasnt that the name of the young mistress from the Gu family

Gu Xichaos wife.

The bluebloods glanced at each other and saw the shock on each others faces.

Didnt the rumors say that Gu Xichao and his wife didnt have a good relationship

The slender, handsome man looked up at everyone with his beautiful eyes that were as blue as the ocean and as deep as the abyss.

He asked, “What”

His baritone voice was clear. It was as clean as the streams flowing from the high mountains, but it also sent chills down their spines.

All of them shook their heads.

“Nothing, nothing! Our sister-in-law is really pretty! Brother Xichao has really good taste!”

“Thats right, thats right! Your are a match made in heaven.”

The praises came rolling to the point where Jiang Yuan could only look on speechlessly.

This group of people really could lie through their teeth, praising Gu Xichao and her so much.

Jiang Yuans beautiful eyes twitched.

She really had nothing else to say

She looked at Gu Xichao standing next to her and noticed that the corners of his lips were slightly lifted.

It looked like he was having a good day.

Jiang Yuan didnt say anything and took a glass of wine for herself.

The ice in the glass hadnt melted completely. They glittered mysteriously as the lights reflected in it.

She squinted as she put the glass between her lips, and the amber-colored whiskey flowed between her scarlet lips.


For a moment.

She could feel the rush.

Perhaps it was the wisps of smoke. Or the slight red from her cheeks.

Under the dim lights, the woman looked like she was shadowy and blurry. She was clearly there in ones eyes, but it felt as if she was there and the same time, not.

In her eyes was proof of being slightly drunk.


A slender, clean hand took away the wine glass from Jiang Yuans hand.

She raised her head. Her cold eyes were slightly blurry.

It was Gu Xichao.

“Stop drinking.”

His voice was graceful and music to the ears, he could make her drunk more than the alcohol she just drank.

The mans gentle, beautiful face was so close. His thin, red lips looked so soft and tempting in her eyes.

She only needed to slightly raise her head.

She could then touch it.

Jiang Yuan shook her head, removing the thoughts in her mind.

Her finger touched his absolutely gorgeous face, and then slowly drew across it.

From the white, delicate jaw, to the thin, scarlet lips, to the tall, straight nose, then to his beautiful eyes...

And then, her hand was caught.

Jiang Yuan looked up, and her eyes were facing the pair of blue, lovely eyes. Such a dark blue, as the dim lights bent within it in different shades. It was so unbelievably magnificent.

The mans eyes were filled with complications.

“What are you doing” His voice was slightly rough.

Pushing away at the person that was already slightly drunk, Gu Xichaos eyes looked down, no one knew what he was thinking.

Everyone there looked at each other, their face filled with bewilderment.

All of them were as silent as mice and dared not to speak.


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Jiang Yuan was pushed away.

She didnt get angry. She raised her pale, slender finger and placed it on Gu Xichaos frowning brows.

She said slowly, “Dont frown.”

Her voice was clear but low and was quite pleasant. Perhaps it was because she drank some alcohol, her voice was slightly raspy.

“You are so good-looking,” Jiang Yuan suddenly said to him.



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