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Contract Marriage (17)


Gu Jing stared at her with his beautiful eyes, his delicate face showed his surprise.

That woman was humiliating him!!

He was getting angry!

The youth grabbed at his hair, stomped his foot, and then pointed at Jiang Yuan with a shaking finger.

“You, you…”

Jiang Yuan looked at Gu Jing and then rolled her eyes at him. He continued,” What Are you so excited at seeing me that you cant say anything”

Gu Jing was dumbfounded.

Was that woman possessed by a spirit or something


That kid was Gu Xichaos younger brother. He had just turned eighteen. As he was raised with lots of love and spoilt, he had become someone that cared for no one.

The Gu family was an extremely rich and influential family. No one would believe how rich they really were.

However, as Gu Xichao was too good at what he was doing, he had his older brother helping him with everything in life.

All Gu Jing needed to do was to wait for the huge amount of interest gained from the family business.

Then, he could do whatever he wanted.


Maybe he was too bored, Gu Jing kept on feeling that Jiang Yuan couldnt compare to his elegant older brother, so he would look for trouble with her.

Plus, because he didnt like his so-called sister-in-law, whenever Gu Jing met Jiang Yuan, he would be happy even if he could ridicule her verbally by spouting nonsense or two. For example, calling her a pig, just like what just happened.

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When she remembered what had happened in the past, Jiang Yuan got angry.

Damn it, was I that timid before

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She then said to Gu Jing, “Idiot.”

Her tone was cold and seemed disdainful.

Gu Jing was shocked.

When Gu Jing heard Jiang Feng said to him, he was so shocked that he didnt recover for quite some time.

When he finally came to his sense again, he exploded and he saw that Gu Xichao was walking down the stairs.

The youth beamed with excitement and quickly went over to complain to him, “Older Brother, she scolded me! Jiang Yuan, that woman scolded me!!”

Gu Xichao said nothing.

He then turned to look at Jiang Yuan with a thought in his mind, and then looked at his own younger brother. He gave the cuff of his sleeves a good press, then said to his younger brother as his blue eyes glittered, “Gu Jing, stop it.”

He then stopped for a second and continued, “Show some respect to the family hierarchy. Shes your sister-in-law.”

The mans tone was plain and low, and there was some gentleness in it.

It wasnt clear if he had done it on purpose, he seemed to have added some emphasis when he said the words “sister-in-law.”

Jiang Yuan raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

Why did he help her like that

Unfortunately, they were already divorced. Hahahahaha!

There was no need to address her as sister-in-law. Thank you very much!

Gu Jing, meanwhile, was horrified. He felt that he might be going deaf.

Did something happen to his older brother

He was actually helping that woman!

The younger man looked at him with anger and disappointment, and called out, “Brother!”

But nobody cared.


After breakfast.

Jiang Yuan cleaned her mouth with a paper towel gracefully.

Next, she took her bag and headed out. However, Gu Jing noticed her and sneered at her, then asked nonchalantly, “Where are you going”

Jiang Feng then replied, “Disco dancing.”

Gu Jing couldnt answer her for a slight moment. He felt that Jiang Yuan might be treating him like an idiot, and asked, “Which disco is open in the morning”

His voice was quite loud, and Gu Xichao, who was walking by, picked it up.

“Disco dancing”

The mans sexy voice rang. It was slightly low and a little cold but was extremely sweet to the ears.

Jiang Yuan said nothing.

It was awkward.



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