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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 15

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Contract Marriage (13)

Gu Xichao didnt expect that his words would come back to haunt him later. The firmer he was, the greater the haunting.

Not important to him



“So, you simply have greater self-control” Jiang Yuan continued to ask him, “But why are you holding back”

She didnt notice how ambiguous her question was.

As the successor to the Gu Family, as the debater of the Capital Universitys debate team, this was the first time Gu Xichao had no answer to a question.

He felt emotionally tired. Really tired.

Are these questions that one could answer

Gu Xichao lay down and closed his eyes, and no longer paid any more attention to Jiang Yuan, who was beside him.

“Im going to bed.”

That was also the doublespeak for shut up.

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Jiang Yuan said nothing.


One minute, five minutes, ten minutes…

Had Gu Xichao really fallen asleep

Jiang Yuans eye slightly twitched, and she bit her red lips in frustration.

She scanned the man in front of her with cold black eyes.

Gu Xichao was quiet when he was asleep, and his expression had become much gentler. His facial features were so delicate as if they were drawn.

His brows were slightly darker and were very nicely formed. His nose bridge was tall, and his lips were thin, and they were the color of cherry blossom. They looked sexy and soft.

Overall, Gu Xichao was slightly cold as a person but quite graceful, but yet his brows were showing both sharpness and beauty.

Jiang Yuan began slowly being drawn by her own memories.

In her memories, this man had always been graceful like a gentleman. However, he was also quite cold, as if he didnt care about anything, and nothing could enrage him.

He was graceful and cold, perfect yet dispassionate.

Someone had once said this about Gu Xichao.

He always lives gracefully at a place where we could only watch forever.

Jiang Yuans eyes looked at Gu Xichao with a multitude of emotions before laying down herself.

She grabbed at the soft, white blanket and she closed her eyes, but her brows were still furrowed.

After he had calmed down, Gu Xichao felt somewhat in disbelief. He had gotten mad at something that Jiang Yuan had said.

How long ago was it that he had felt an emotion that powerful

Too long… Or it was more accurate to say that ever since he had memories, he never had this kind of fury boiling within him.

He looked at the woman sleeping next to him, his eyes showing a wide array of emotions, and his blue, deep eyes were like gaping abysses.


2 a.m., at night.

Gu Xichao woke up when he had difficulty breathing as if something was crushing him.

He opened his blue eyes, and it was seemingly rippling.

The man looked down.

He then saw Jiang Yuan was sleeping with him in her embrace.

The womans thin arms were holding him, and one of her legs was even on him. The way that she slept was inelegant.

Her head was on his chest, and her wavy long hair that was thick and healthy was like seaweed covering her back.

No wonder I felt like I was having sleep paralysis.

The man laughed to himself in his mind as he looked on unemotionally.

Gu Xichao extended his hand and placed it on Jiang Yuans shoulder and then pushed her away.

Yuan Xi, who was in a deep sleep, hugged a soft pillow and buried her entire face in it.

Gu Xichao had just heaved a sigh of relief when Jiang Yuan came back and grabbed onto him like an octopus.

The womans sweet scent struck his sense of smell, stunning him for a moment.

The mans eyes were as blue as the ocean as if it could drown anyone within it. They were deep and filled with light.



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