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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 13

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Contract Marriage (11)

Her voice sounds angelic, so I guess she must be quite the looker as well. Jiang Yuan silently judged in her mind.

Was that Gu Xihuas lover

Tsk tsk, why was she so excited Hahaha!

Despite having an expressionless face, the beautiful woman had a lot going on within her.

Then, she heard Gu Xichao answered with a yes, and said calmly, “My wife.”

Jiang Yuan could feel that the woman from the other side of the line had obviously and instantly choked.

“… I see. Am I disturbing you, Brother Gu And… Sister-in-law”

Despite the womans soft voice, she could sense that she was gritting her teeth when she said the wordsister-in-law.

Gu Xichao said coolly, “Its getting late.”

When Jiang Yuan heard that, she almost burst out laughing. However, she managed to hold back despite her shoulders visibly shaking.

Oh God! Gu Xichao is so heartless!

His answer sounded like, “Yeah, its late. And youre disturbing us.”

She was going to die from internal laughter.


Gu Xichao continued, “If theres nothing else, Im going to hang up.”

The mans voice was low and sexy, just like his personality, graceful, and cold. His voice was heavenly to the ears.

The woman from the other side of the line said nothing.

In truth, Gu Xichao could be considered a gentleman. At least, he wasnt like some dominating CEO telling her something along the line of, “Dont disturb me, woman” before he hung up.

It was because being a gentleman was something that was already part of him. His education wouldnt allow him to do something like that.

An Zhenzhen, who was on the other side of the line, almost ground her teeth into dust. Yet, she still had to pretend to be someone understanding. “Alright, Brother Gu. You should work on whatever you need to. Goodbye, and take care.”

Gu Xichao responded with a yes, and hung up the phone.

After hanging her call, An Zhenzhen angrily swept everything off the table.

“What happened

“That woman cheated! But why is Brother Gu still with her How is she worth it How is she worth it!

“Is this the quality of that damn Mu Fengs work”


After seeing Gu Xichao hanging up the call, Jiang Yuan said to him in a moment of great courage, thanks to her gossipy nature, “That girl likes you.”

Gu Xichao looked at her from the corner of his eyes and said nothing, his handsome face showed no change in emotion.

Jiang Yuan calmly looked at him unblinkingly. Her eyes seemed innocent.

Then, she saw it.

Gu Xichao smiled.

The edge of the lips of the gentleman was lifted. It was very slight, but she could obviously make it out as a smile.

His slightly rounded brows fit his beautiful appearance very well. At that moment, Jiang Yuan could almost hear the blooming of flowers.

Nations ruined, the world plagued.

The four words suddenly appeared in her mind.

She wasnt exaggerating but that was the first time she saw Gu Xichao smiled.

Jiang Yuan was stunned as she stared at him unblinkingly.

The man slowly held up his hands and slowly unbuttoned the first button on his pajamas, revealing his delicate collarbone. He then looked at Jiang Yuan, and said, “So”

Jiang Yuan blinked. “… Arent you going to respond to her”

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Gu Xichao felt that the question was funny. “What kind of response should I give Reciprocate her feelings”

Jiang Yuan answered honestly, “If you want to.”

Gu Xichao pursed his lips. His cherry-red lips formed a smirk, “Im sorry, but I dont have the habit of cheating in a marriage.”

His tone was calm as if he was simply reiterating a fact.



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