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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 12

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Contract Marriage (10)

It didnt look like he had any problems.

However, this man didnt have any vices like cheating too. The most that he did was treating her like a piece of decoration after they got married.

Even then… didnt he have any needs or desires too

Jiang Yuan had questions.


Despite all the thoughts in her head, Jiang Yuan quickly looked away from him. She wasnt some weird person, cough…

She looked at Gu Xichao with her black eyes, wanting to say something. However, at the same moment, her eyes met with an abyssal blue.

The man seemed to look at her strangely, obviously noticing that she was watching him just now.

Jiang Yuan did not say anything.

Is there any way to get out of getting caught when I was spying Urgent, waiting for a response online now!

The woman coughed lightly and moved aside silently, leaving half the bed for Gu Xichao, pretending that she didnt do anything.

Gu Xichao wasnt someone talkative, so he was only silent for a moment before looking at Jiang Yuan with a look that was hard to describe.

It was as if he was looking at a weirdo.

Jiang Yuans eyebrows twitched as she felt somewhat tired.

Should she explain Or should she explain Or should she explain


Just when Jiang Yuan was feeling lost, Gu Xichao lifted the blanket and lay down. He slept on his side of the bed, laying down casually.

Compared to him, Jiang Yuan could feel that her legs were significantly shorter than his.

That really touched a nerve.

After Gu Xichao lay down, he had one hand behind his head and closed his eyes to sleep.

His long eyelashes were slightly curled and dense, like a small fan. When she saw it, she felt an urge to touch them.

Jiang Yuan felt like (ˉˉ)°

I want to pluck his eyelashes…

As if he could hear that womans inner thoughts, he suddenly opened his eyes. It was a pair of icy-blue eyes that were like sapphires. They were sparkling a little like they could melt ones heart, but at the same time, they were so dark.

When she saw Gu Xichao suddenly opening his eyes, she was surprised and said to herself in her mind,Damn it, you scared me.


When she saw Gu Xichao hesitating, she felt as if there was something that he wanted to say to her, but his expression seemed to suggest that it was… difficult to talk about.

Jiang Yuan felt like “>”

The man looked at her, then closed his eyes. He then said, “Can you please clean up your items in the bathroom”

Jiang Yuan was shocked, “Huh”

Gu Xichao went quiet for a bit and then said two words, emotionlessly, “Your bra.”

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Jiang Yuan was shocked.

Damn! He saw it!”

“… Alright,” she answered calmly, then coolly got out of the bed and entered the bathroom.


After Jiang Yuan was sure that she had cleaned up everything private, she nodded to herself and walked out of the bathroom.

She had also put on her bra again. Since she thought she was going to sleep alone, she didnt wear anything underneath her pajamas.

After Jiang Yuan left the bathroom, she noticed that Gu Xichao was on the phone with someone.

She quietly lay down on the bed and took the bag of chips that she didnt finish from the nightstand.

Gu Xichao glanced at her, and his eyes rested on the bag of chips that she held in her hands. He drowned disapprovingly.

Seemingly stared down by a senior manager, Jiang Yuan instinctively wanted to hide her potato chips. However, she then had a change of heart.

Why should she be afraid of him

Then, she continued to munch the chips.

“Brother Gu, is there someone next to you”

Jiang Yuan could clearly hear the voice from the mobile phone.

Oh ho!

It was a woman!

Jiang Yuan was suddenly interested, her beautiful black eyes seemed to glitter, and she paid full attention in trying to listen in to the conversation.



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