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Chapter 1 – Confirming my current status

Before I know it, it’s morning.

Apparently I fell asleep as I was doing some thinking.

I guess the environment change made me more exhausted than I thought.

I walk to the window, and look at the city again.

The capital of Elesya spreads out in a circle with its castle in the center.

Closer to the middle are many imposing tall buildings, and as we get further from it, the smaller houses stand out.

I see some clouds slowly floating in the still somewhat dark sky.

Last night I looked up and saw two moons, which made me feel like I’m really in another world.

I’m staying in a cheap inn close to the outskirts.

It has two floors, and the first floor is a dining room.

One night is costing me ten bronze coins, breakfast and dinner included.

It was originally a bit more, but I got a discount because I paid for ten days straight.

The owner looked annoyed when I went to pay with a gold coin, but when I told her it was all I had, she gave me the change.

Some stores don’t like it when people try to pay with gold coins, and I was told that I should have silver coins for stores, and bronze coins or coins with holes in the center for stalls.

The merchant guild does currency exchange, but there is a handling charge for people not affiliated with it.

For a second I wondered if two gold coins would be enough to pay for my lodging, but this is a pretty cheap inn.

Also, it’s good to have money if I’m going to have to live in this world.

I never know when I might need something.

The innkeeper told me there are coins with a hole in the middle, bronze coins, silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins in this world.

One bronze coin is worth a hundred coins with a hole.

One silver coin is worth a hundred bronze coins.

One gold coin is worth a hundred silver coins.

One platinum coin is worth a thousand gold coins.

Platinum coins are used by royalty, nobility, and the richest merchants, and the average person has probably never even seen one.

I currently have one gold coin and ninety nine silver coins! One gold coin is actually enough for me to live for six months without doing anything.

If I don’t waste money of course.

The innkeeper told me all sorts of things while I ate.

One thing particularly important is that I need identification when entering a town.

Without it, I have to pay every time I enter a town, and apparently some towns charge a lot.

The innkeeper had a surprised look on her face when I told her I didn’t know about this.

She must think it’s strange that I didn’t know, because she figures I must’ve gone through an entrance at some point, if I’m here now.

“To get identification, you need to join a guild or something.”

The common one is the adventurer guild.

Everyone is accepted as long as they pay, even if they have no special skills.

There’s also the alchemist guild, chemist guild, merchant guild, mage guild, and more, but they won’t accept people as full-fledged members if they don’t have specific skills.

I chant status open in my head, and open the status panel.

After trying some things yesterday, I learned that I don’t have to vocalize that incantation to open it.

I also walked around town for a bit after coming to the inn, and learned a few things.

Name – (Sora Fujimiya ) / Job – (Jobless) / No Level

HP – 40/10 / MP – 40/10

Strength…30 ( 1) / Stamina…30 ( 1) / Agility…30 ( 1)

Magic power…30 ( 1) / Dexterity…30 ( 1) / Luck…30 ( 1)

Skill – (Walking lv3) – Effect – (User won’t get tired no matter how much they walk) – (Get one experience point with each step)

Experience points – 452/4000

Skill points – 2

Skills learned

(Appraisal lv2)

All sorts of things improved.

The experience counter is working as described, and the number has been increasing as I walk.

When it reaches a certain number, I level up.

All stats increased by ten when I leveled up, and now it shows ( 1).

Is that a correction value based on the job That’s my best guess.

Also, I can use one skill point to learn the skills in the skill field.

I don’t know if I can take these back after I used them, so I learned Appraisal just to check and because it seems useful, and left the rest.

As for skills I learned, I figure there’s two ways to level them up.

The first, is to just use skill points.

I would have had to use two skill points to bring Appraisal up to level two, and I don’t know if there’s a limit.

The second, is by increasing proficiency.

Proficiency increases as I use the skill, and makes the skill level up when it reaches a certain point.

I tried leveling up Appraisal like this, and the amount of proficiency it needs also increases with each level up.

Proficiency didn’t go up when I tried to appraise the same thing multiple times, but it did when I left an hour gap between appraisals.

Then I checked to see how many skill points it would take to bring it up to level three, since I brought it up to level two with proficiency, and it turns out I need three.

I guess that means the necessary points are relative to the level.

But the most notable thing… Is really that I’m jobless.

When I tried to use Appraisal on my job, it showed me all sorts of jobs I could choose, but they were all gray, just like the skills I haven’t learned, and I can’t pick any of them.

When I use Appraisal on the gray letters, nothing happens.

Is my Appraisal level too low, or is it just that I can’t use Appraisal on them at all

It’s too bad, because if I knew what I needed to change jobs, I could learn skills more effectively with that in mind.

That’s pretty much all I learned yesterday, and now my stomach is growling.

The sun is rising, and I’m starting to see people walk around on the street.


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