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Apollonia and Uriel left the count’s mansion and climbed onto the carriage.

Apollonia, who had fled the palace under the pretext of going to the temple as the Imperial princess, had visited the count’s mansion after briefly leaving the emperor’s spies.

“Is it okay to leave a big sum of money to him just based on a verbal promise”

“As long as it’s Count Aiter, I think it’s going to be fine.

He’s a man who doesn’t betray the trust of his business partners.

I’m sure we’ll get the signed contract tomorrow.”

“How did you know everything you said earlier”

Uriel, who was wary of the surroundings of the carriage, turned his head toward Apollonia.

Her performance at the count’s mansion was something new again.

How much knowledge was in that little head

“Some of them are the things my grandfather taught me.

Others are some things I studied by myself… and the rest is just obvious”

“What do you think will happen in the future”

“I think we’ll need to plan for something else after disrupting one business.

My aunt is not someone who’s going to hold on to something that doesn’t work.”

Having rolled up the black cloth covering her face, she smiled candidly.

Her beautiful eyes, which seemed to fascinate anyone who met them, shone even more dazzlingly than usual.

For someone who was struggling to survive, stuck between her enemies, she looked so elegant and calm.

No, it was as though she felt excitement while talking to the count.

Maybe even happiness.

“Uriel, I think you’ll have to run errands between the count and me for the next few days.”

“I figured as much.

That’s why you brought me here.”

“Oh, you knew I just thought that the count wouldn’t be able to forget your face once he saw you.

You don’t have to introduce yourself to him.” She smirked playfully.

It was a relaxed attitude, in contrast to her conversation with the count.

“Why do you think so”

“You’re handsome.” Apollonia just looked at his face as if it were too obvious.

Come to think of it, she also praised his looks while they were in Lishan.

However, Uriel was upset with the overly casual attitude.

She sounded like she was evaluating a piece of furniture.

As she kept smiling and looking at him, he became embarrassed and changed the subject.

Had he looked at her a little longer, his face and ears would be as red as her eyes.

“How do you feel about meeting the count”

“My late grandfather mentioned the counts of Ran Island’s characteristics.

Aside from their business-like strictness, their firm beliefs, and calculating figure, they also acknowledge their opponent’s opinions.”

The subject changed, but the smile around Apollonia’s mouth did not disappear.

Uriel was a little bit upset.

“Do you like him”

“Do I like him, you ask” Apollonia’s smile morphed into laughter.

“I just thought I’d have to learn from his attitude.

I could be in the same position someday.

I have no choice but to learn so I can make up for what I lack.”

The spark of golden glistened in her red eyes as she spoke about learning.

Her relaxed yet slightly flushed face could be mistaken for someone enjoying festivities.

Uriel was sure of it, now.

She was sincerely enjoying the whole situation.

Learning and experimenting with what she had learned, meeting an interesting opponent, learning from it, and growing.

Her attitude had always been apparent even when he listened to her conversation with Sid.

Despite having to struggle to survive and gain power, Apollonia seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else.

Either she was born as a monarch or she was unnecessarily pure.

What was certain was the fact that her enthusiasm was constantly shaking his heart.

Chapter 9.

New member of the Imperial Family

Bianca’s mind was in turmoil all day long.

‘Open your eyes wide and look for the man within the man.

If you find a good one, don’t let anyone take him away.’

Her father didn’t sugarcoat.

Bianca wanted to find a reliable groom just like him.

Since she was little, she had always thought a man was not a man unless they had a big frame and strong body.

Her younger siblings always dreamt of handsome men, prettier than any flower, but she couldn’t understand that preference.

‘If you do a brief report to Duchess Leifer, you will be set for life.

They say there’s a possibility that you’ll be united with Marquis Dante’s eldest son.’


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