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Tok-! Tok-!

“Is there anyone inside”

The sound of the knights footsteps approached and someones fist knocked on the cabin door.

The womans lips turned blue.

“Stay where you are.”

Apollonia unknowingly stretched out her arms and blocked the woman from going toward the door.


Apollonia decided to protect the woman.

It wasnt because of compassion alone.

Obviously, she pitied that woman, but it was only a minor factor.

Apollonia could not deny that she was overwhelmed by this woman whom she briefly met.

It was just like the first time she met Uriel.

Her heart skipped a beat.

A heavenly genius.

Some talents made people ecstatic just by existing.

Apollonia did not want to let that woman die.

It was such a waste to do that.

“Ill take care of it, so stay here until evening.

Ill get you a horse so you can leave at midnight.”

Apollonia searched through her robe and pulled out a pouch of gold coins.

“Get out of Lishan.

Theres no one here to protect you.

If you go to the northern border, youll bump into the knights, so go east.”


“Promise me one thing.

Dont use your magic to directly hurt anyone.”

The woman trembled and accepted the money.

Then she bit her lips and nodded.

The woman appeared to deliberate for a bit.

“Tell me your name.”

“…I cant.”

Apollonia couldnt trust her yet and reveal her identity.

In fact, it was also dangerous for her to release the woman.

“If you want to find me, go to the capital.

Ill find you.”

Apollonia also pondered.

‘Yeah, Ill find her for sure.

How can one hide such a presence If I can find her, this talent will be mine.

Ill make her one of my people.

“Open the door if someones inside!”

The guards kept knocking on the door.

They had no time left.

Apollonia took a step to open the door.

“Please take this.”

She felt someone was grabbing her from behind, and when she turned around, the woman was holding something in her hand.

It looked like a small scented pouch.

“Itll protect you one day.”

Apollonia nodded because she didnt have time to ask for any more details.

“My name is Amoreta.

Please keep that in mind.”


It was an unforgettable name.

“Theres no one inside.” Apollonia smoothly stepped out of the cabin.

The guard tried to peek in but she closed the door before they saw anything.

“Yo-your Highness, why are you in this place…”

“I went because I was wondering whats inside.

Theres nothing but junk inside.”

“I see.

But its dangerous to enter such a place alone.”

“I wont do it anymore.” She smiled meekly.

“Its a pretty forest, and I think this cabin is ruining the view.”

“Its going to be demolished anyway.

Lord Berton told us to look around.”

“Ive already looked around! There was nothing.” Apollonia knitted her forehead, acting as if she didnt like the cabins ragged appearance.

“I dont like it because its old and rusty.

Burn it tomorrow.”

“Pardon But Lord Berton…”

“Its because I dont want to see it.

Please tell Lord Berton that its my command.

Today is the day of the viscounts execution, so burn him outside tomorrow.”

The guard nodded after a moment of apprehension.

Just like any girl her age, the princess was unable to bear anything nasty and unpleasant, so it was only natural for her to act that way.

“I understand.”

And it was arranged perfectly.

No one came to and from the forest on the day of the Viscounts execution, and no one saw a woman wearing a hat leaving the cabin.

The next day, the knights faithfully carried out the Princess order.

The traces of Amoreta and the curse disappeared forever.


“Your Highness, look at this!”

Tan, a handsome man with tied-up hair, called Apollonia with a sweet smile.

He was busy brandishing a wooden stick in his hands like a young boy.

She just smiled at him.

It was close to midnight, a day before Apollonias group returned.

It was also the day after the execution.

He was executed dishonorably on countless charges.

Most of the people who lost someone precious or suffered other damages because of the viscount went to the execution site to watch and cheer during the procedure.

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