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But soon after they’d emerged from the guest house, a shout echoed through the night.

Apollonia paused from where she’d been about to mount the one of the horses they’d prepared earlier that day.

“Drop everything you have, and don’t resist.”

All three horses were so tall that at first they couldn’t see who was talking.

“If you surrender to me quietly, I won’t hurt you.”

It took a moment for them to spot the small masked woman who pointed a dagger at Sid.

Judging by her shining purple eyes and healthy black hair, she was definitely a Bella.

However, unlike others they’d met, she had no unique, alluring feeling to her voice or eyes.

She was still a young girl.

The girl was trying hard to threaten them, but her presence had no pressure at all, perhaps due to her poor posture and height.

“Who are you If we give you our luggage, can you carry it all” Apollonia asked.

“Do you really think so little of me, Tanya, who’s managed to survive in this barren Lishan alone for thirteen years Don’t worry about small, worthless objects.

Give me the ring on your hand first.

There’s a huge jewel embedded in it.”

“You have a good eye.”

But how could she be so naive The child, who was probably thirteen years old, had freely revealed her age and origin.

It was clear she was one of those stupid bandits.

“It looks like you guys are guests of that inn… but if you put your stuff down, I’ll let you go– arrghh!!”

Sid grabbed her wrists and pulled her into the air.

She dangled helplessly several feet above the ground.

“Shall we throw it away, miss” he asked Apollonia.

For safety reasons, they weren’t using her title of princess in the outside world.

Although if the threat was minor, like this, there was really nothing to worry about.

“Put me down! Put me down, you disgusting old man!” Sid frowned slightly at her insult.

The child named Tanya frantically squirmed in Sid’s grip, kicking her feet at him, but her efforts were futile.

“You evil bastard!”

“Is that what a bandit would say”

“Do you really think you can beat me I have Lishan in the palm of my hand! Someday, I’ll get my revenge!” She hurled curses at him, as if she truly regarded Sid as an evil boss.

“What a foolish brat.

I’ll dispose of her, miss.

No need to wait for me, I’ll catch up with you soon.” Sid pointed towards a ditch on the side of the road.

But Apollonia’s eyes were fixated on Tanya


“You said you have Lishan in the palm of your hand Do you know the way to Mt.

Calt, then”

“Of course! I’ve spent my entire life avoiding monsters! You guys will die before you can ever reach Mt.

Calt!” Threats fired out of Tanya’s mouth in rapid succession, but Apollonia ignored the insults.

She only focused on the importance of what the girl had said.


“Yes, miss.

I’ll catch up with you in a minute.

We’d better tie her up somewhere so the bandits can find her.”

As Sid reached into his pack to rummage for the rope, Apollonia gave a quiet order.

“Get on.”

“Kyaaaaaaa! You’re an evil witch!”

“Miss, that’s simply what the child did to make a living! How could you ask me to burn a child to death! I’d at least rather do it with a sword…”

(T/N : The hangul 태워 can mean both “to burn” and “to ride/to give someone a ride.” They misunderstood her as telling him to burn Tanya.)

The two people had spent the last several minutes growling at each other, but their indignant shouts were in unison.

Even Uriel, who’d been quietly watching them from the sidelines, looked surprised.

Apollonia rubbed her forehead in frustration.

“Get on Sid’s horse.”


The two snapped their mouths shut and blinked at each other.

“Let’s take her as a guide.”

Apollonia didn’t wait for an answer, and galloped ahead.


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