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“Does it make sense that there is no information about that bitch”

Petra once again hit the desk.

Meanwhile Mrs.

Carlin lowered her head even more.

“She hid her face.

She doesn’t reveal anything outside of the business.

Every time I tried to take a glimpse of her, the color of her hair and eyes were different….”

Eileen Idena appeared like a comet five years ago, and she had always been on Petra’s nerves ever since she appeared.

Eileen Idena first got into the jewelry business.

She came in with enormous funds and announced the establishment of ‘Idena Company’ by offering one of the queens a diamond of better quality than the finest jewelry sold at Luwan Company.

The nobles, who saw the red diamond hung on the queen’s neck during her birthday party, opened their eyes in fascination and quickly asked where she got it.

After that, the Idena Company used their newly found popularity to manufacture similar products.

The jewelry that Idena launched was done by the best craftsman, but it wasn’t known exactly where the gem came from.

In general, the jewelry she sold was so flawless and brilliant that the brand ‘Idena’ became luxury in itself.

Most people believed that she imported goods from foreign countries or any unknown island.

Eilen Idena, who made a huge profit already, soon moved to other businesses such as dresses, furniture, artworks and real estate.

And every business she touched has been successful.

But strangely enough, their expansion plan and their products were similar to what Luwan Company did a long time ago.

The business they handled was also the main business at Luwan Company.

The only difference was, unlike Luwan Company, which only makes rare valuables targeted at nobles, the Idena Company sold a variety of products that could be consumed by ordinary people.

Therefore, their reputation among the commoners was ahead of Luwan Company.

Usually, this sales strategy was likely to be less attractive among the nobles who valued items with high rarity.

However, the value and quality of the jewelry sold at the Idena Company were so high that it doesn’t apply to them.

“I should have sent someone to kill her back then.”

Petra muttered low.

Her deep anger began to burn when she lost the Dharmayu tea business deal to Idena Company.

It was a year after the Prince of Bjern broke up with the princess and took a lowly maid as a queen instead.

Until then, Petra had forgotten about the business.

At first, she thought that loss was inevitable in a business, and she was confident that profits would fall into her hands eventually.

But a year later, Idena Company carried out exactly what Petra had planned.

The way they operated was incredibly consistent with Petra’s idea.

They signed an exclusive contract with Count Aiter, promoted the products through Queen Bjern, and properly infused Bjern’s culture and history into the products to make people naturally consume the Dharmayu tea.

The result was a great success, and Idena Company signed an additional long-term contract with Count Aiter.

The king and queen of Bjern also made a lot of money from this project.

It wasn’t easy even if she wanted to vent her anger on the count.

Everyone knows about his neutral attitude, so her reputation would be damaged if she bothered Count Aiter recklessly.

“I…I have one more thing to report.”

“What’s that”


Carlin flinched at Petra’s sharp answer.

“I got information that they just released a potion for instant hair growth.

And it also thickens your hair and makes it shinier ….”


Petra sighed once again and bit her lips.

“I guess I made a lot of enemies in my previous life.”

As Petra and her company’s position was gradually being replaced by Idena Company, she miraculously found a breakthrough.

It was to develop and sell magic products that no one could ever imitate.

The genius who seemed to have fallen from heaven was the talent that Petra dreamed of.

One day, she appeared next to Paris like a gift from God.

But it was Petra herself who discovered her ability that goes beyond her captivating beauty.Petra used her well to rebuild the company.

All nobles competed to wear and use her products.

After taking a break for a while, the Idena Company began their production of products similar to those at the Luwan Company.

“I didn’t know you’d even copy magic products….”

It shocked her the most.

Unlike Petra, who found a talented Bella due to sheer luck, Eileen Idena actually had Bella on her side.

Looking at their production speed, it was clear that their company had enough manpower.

She massaged her temple and closed her eyes for a while before opening them again.

Petra had been going around ruining numerous companies with her own hand, but the Idena Company was different.

Eileen Idena copied Petra’s plans and took it away one after another as if she could read Petra’s mind.

However, it was difficult to mobilize the nobles to cut off their connection with her because she quickly established friendship with the queens and numerous nobles.


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