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“But what would you do if that changed in the future”


Apollonia stared at Bianca with an elegant smile.

Her figure looked so unfamiliar.

According to some stories, the princess inherited the looks and bearing of her ancestors.

Bianca seemed to understand the feeling for the first time.

Unbelievable intensity, mysterious beauty.

“Just so you know, I already gave Eckart to you from long ago.” Apollonia didn’t take her eyes off Bianca.

“And I plan to give you something bigger in the future.”


“A wealth incomparable to what Petra Leifer promised you, the honor that you think has been damaged, and the achievements as a queen.”

“Your Highness…”

“If you become one of my people now, it’s all yours.”

Bianca was speechless.

She couldn’t think of any other answer and only blinked several times.

But even in the midst of her shock, there was a word that stuck in her ears.

“Eckart…You gave me Eckart to me… does that mean…”

Apollonia just smiled gently.

But for Bianca, this was a sufficient answer.

Apollonia knew everything from the beginning.

Many things flashed through Bianca’s mind.

Apollonia deliberately pushed her to spend time with Eckart.

She even gave her instructions on how to dress, coinciding with Eckart’s taste.

All this time, Bianca thought it was the work of fate.

“Of course, I wouldn’t force you if you don’t want to.

I suppose you know better than I do, but you and Eckart indeed fit each other well.”

She wasn’t a master who was betrayed by her own maid like a fool.

Rather, it was Bianca who had been dancing in Apollonia’s palm.

Apollonia’s eyes became slightly colder.

Then she spoke in a low-pitched voice that Bianca had never heard before.

“Decide now.

Whatever you choose, you will still be the princess of Bjern, and later you will be the queen.

However, if you proceed with the marriage this way, you’ll get accused of biting your owner.

The disgrace will always haunt you for life.

You know that, that’s why you came to apologize to me, right”

“Then, Your Highness…”

“I don’t know if you already heard of the rumors that you always hated me, stole my jewelry, and wore them when you secretly met my fiancé.”

“Are those because of Your Highness…” Bianca felt her whole body tense.

“I didn’t spread the rumors, but it was naturally spread by many people who watched you and Eckart together.

Of course, I lent you all the jewels, so either I or Adrian can help you clear up your name, but…” Apollonia ended her speech with a smile.

“I have no obligation to help a maid who is not loyal to me.

The moment the rumors spread all the way to Bjern, the love that you both fought so hard to achieve would face opposition from your own people.”

Bianca couldn’t help but be taken aback by the cold threat in contrast to her gentle expression.

The princess was right.

Bianca’s reputation had plummeted in half a day, and Bianca, who had been reporting her owner’s every move to someone else, did not deserve Apollonia’s help.

“If everything is true… then it is already too late for me, right Even if Your Highness helps calm the rumor down by explaining…” Bianca’s voice was filled with uncertainty, and she was avoiding Apollonia’s eyes without even realizing it.

It was the first time that she was intimidated by a girl who never even lifted a weapon.

“But what if I gave a congratulatory speech for both of you at tonight’s banquet”

Her eyes widened.

Receiving a congratulatory speech from the imperial family in itself was a great honor for a maid who was about to get married.

Furthermore, if Eckart’s ex-fiancee personally gave her blessing to the couple, people would no longer have reason to swear at Bianca.

“And I’ll put this on you in front of everyone.

As a wedding gift.”

A brilliant blue light shone in front of Bianca’s eyes.

As she raised her head, Apollonia smiled and held out her arms, and at the tip of her fingers was a dazzling sapphire necklace wrapped in small crystal pieces.

“It is called ‘Tears of the Moon’.

The jewel itself is not top quality, but it is meaningful because it was the first item worn by my late grandmother.”

Bianca’s eyes trembled.

A necklace worn by a member of the imperial family had a deep symbolic significance.

Apollonia giving it to Bianca meant that not only did she forgive her, but she was also on her side.

If that happened, Bjern would have no choice but to welcome Bianca with open arms.

Even the noisy people in the empire wouldn’t be able to blame Bianca, at best, they would swear at Apollonia for being stupid.

Bianca opened her mouth slightly, but no sound was able to come out.

She felt both gratitude and terror.

This girl seemed to be gullible and exploitable but was actually moving people like chess pieces.

However, there was no reason to hesitate.

Bianca took a step closer and knelt down in front of Apollonia.

“In addition to a great husband, there is something else that the Keaton family values and seeks.”

“What is it”

“A master who is strong, wise, and kind to their followers.” She slowly grabbed Apollonia’s right hand and kissed it.

“I am at your command.” She carefully raised her head to face Apollonia.

An unspoken bond formed as the mysterious red eyes and unwavering brown eyes met.


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