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Chapter 109 - Sleepy Translations

The Grand Duchess had no other choice but to stand half a step ahead of Petra.

She tried to pull herself together.

Petra’s statement that it wouldn’t be dangerous was not a lie.

Having lived as a Grand Duchess for years, she had already watched countless hunting competitions.

The podium, where the spectators were located, was a safe area that was blessed with God’s protection.

No monsters could approach it.

“…I understand,” the Grand Duchess eventually answered.

Before the audience could figure out the situation, Petra opened the box and poured the fragrance on the Grand Duchess’ body and her own.

As it was an excessive amount, the strong scent that spread out from their bodies could make anyone dizzy.

“Now, we just need to wait.” Petra’s voice sounded somewhat grim.

Meanwhile, Apollonia, who was a little further away from them, tried to figure out Petra’s plan.

At that moment, the wind blew from the podium to the hunting ground.


The monster screeched, sniffing the air trying to find the source of the smell.


At last, the monster found the source of the scent.

Without time for anyone to react, the monster that confronted Paris immediately flew across the hunting grounds toward the spectators.

“Please don’t move, Grand Duchess.” Petra held the hand of the Grand Duchess tightly.

The Grand Duchess trembled.

‘Oh…Don’t tell me!’

But it wasn’t the hands of the two people that caught Apollonia’s attention.

When she realized the direction of Petra’s gaze, Apollonia figured out her purpose right away.

Petra was pushing the Grand Duchess forward while her eyes were fixed on the hunting ground.

To be exact, she was looking at the boy in red clothes.

Her target wasn’t the Grand Duchess all along.

She just wanted to take this opportunity to see Caelion’s true skill by putting the Grand Duchess in a dangerous position.

‘It’s a trap.’

Before the competition, Apollonia had told Caelion to lay low and focus on hiding.

‘But to think she’d use the Grand Duchess…’

And as soon as Apollonia’s eyes found the boy on the hunting ground, she knew that everything ended up in vain.

His whole body trembled uncontrollably and his red eyes shone like fire.

“Mother!” Along with an excruciating scream, Caelion’s hand eventually drew his bow.

He had a firm posture that was completely different from the goofiness he had shown before.




The arrow flew a long distance and landed precisely on the monster’s head.

Jackalope was born with thick skin that was almost impossible to pierce with an arrow.

If Caelion managed to stick an arrow in Jackalope’s head, it only meant two things.

He had a special weapon that was smeared with the blood of the beast, and Caelion had exceptional skills and power.

The former was common practice in a hunting competition, but the latter was enough to surprise everyone.

“Wait! Who shot the arrow just now It’s not the little grand duke of Evinhart, is it…”

“No way! He couldn’t even hold a bow properly until a little while ago.”

The spectators were shocked.

Apollonia was also greatly surprised.

She knew he was born with a strong physique and learned swordsmanship, but she had thought that was all…’

His agility, quick-wittedness, and skill at shooting arrows as he ran were beyond her expectations.

His round and gentle eyes emitted a red glow as soon as he found the target.

Furthermore… archery was the specialty of the previous emperor.

The previous emperor was a man of great force, unrivaled even after his death.

The young boy in front of her reminded her of the previous emperor in his prime.

‘I also have to be vigilant.’

Apollonia clenched her fist.

She was aware that if he made it out alive from here somehow, that boy would be a strong contender for the throne someday, either voluntarily or not.

As if sharing the same opinion as Apollonia, Petra stood there glaring in the boy’s direction.

Her golden eyes flashed menacingly.


In front of the panicked crowd, the black Jackalope roared angrily.

Perhaps because of the distance, the arrow that hit its head didn’t seem to be that deep.

Jackalope managed to shake it off easily.

Swish! Thud-! Thud-!

But it wasn’t the end.

Jackalope was still running toward the spectators at an incredible speed, so Caelion kept firing arrows without stopping.


Arrows were embedded one by one on its neck and head.

Jackalope growled, staring in the direction where the arrows were shot.


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