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Caelion felt a headache whenever he heard the screech.

Some of the knights already seemed to have fainted.

He and Uriel happened to be in front of the monster.

Every time the monster opened its mouth, its breath hit their skin.

Even the brave Paris seemed frozen in place, only covering his ears.

“Stay still,” Uriel murmured.

Caelion turned his head slightly and looked at him.

Even after running around the hunting ground full of monsters, there wasn’t a single scratch on his ridiculously attractive face.

His expression was calm and his breathing was not rough at all.

‘He’s a tough guy!’

He had never met anyone like Uriel.

When Apollonia appointed Uriel to escort him, he thought it was only a formality and quickly appointed him to the status of a knight.

But when he saw Uriel in the hunting ground, that idea disappeared.

Uriel knew how to conceal himself perfectly from people and monsters.

He came out of nowhere to help Caelion during a difficult situation.

He didn’t even need to pull out his sword.

“I competed with the champion 5 years ago.”

He suddenly remembered what he had boasted in front of Apollonia and felt deeply embarrassed.

Caelion didn’t want to admit it, but he was incomparable to this mysterious escort.

He could only marvel at how Apollonia managed to have such a person as her right hand.

‘Well, I just need to follow the command and stay still.’

So Caelion obediently nodded.

Uriel’s orders came from Apollonia, and he had a good reason to obey her.

The two stood there as if they were frozen on the spot.

Caelion could see Uriel’s hand moving toward the handle of his sword.

Uriel seemed to judge this moment to be the most dangerous situation since the hunting competition began.

‘But are you going to face that thing head-on’

It was quite hard to believe that anyone could deal with that monster using a sword alone.

But as Uriel tried to pull out his sword, the wind blew, and the Jackalope, who was staring at the knights, suddenly looked up at the sky.


It sniffed the air while making an unfamiliar sound as if it found better toys to play with, eyes gleaming.

When it finally made up its mind, it crouched down and jumped.


Some knights who were still conscious shouted in fear.

But fortunately, they weren’t Jackalope’s target.

Jackalope jumped over the knights and went toward the border.

“It’s gone.

Let’s go over there—” Uriel said, pulling Caelion’s arm.

Caelion no longer felt a throbbing headache and looked over his shoulder in the direction of the monster.

Why was it turning around all of sudden

As soon as he followed where the monster headed and saw a familiar figure, he was frozen from head to toe.


At the podium where the spectators gathered, a woman was seen walking out to the front of the audience alone and becoming the target of the monster.

She was obviously Grand Duchess Evinhart.

Walking right behind the Grand Duchess was Petra Leifer.

Petra was holding the Grand Duchess’ arm as if she was offering a sacrifice to the monster.

“Mother!” Caelion’s blood was boiling.

The Grand Duchess’ already pale face was turning whiter as the monster drooled and ran at full speed.

Without any hesitation, he drew his arrow.


Don’t forget your purpose no matter what.

Don’t think about anything else.

Don’t show your ability even in the face of death.”

Apollonia’s warning came to mind, but his mind was only filled with his terrified mother.

The monster was less than 100 meters away from the podium.

Its gigantic teeth glowed as it looked at Grand Duchess Evinhart.



Caelion shot an arrow aimed at its head.


A few minutes ago.

“I just need one person to help me.” In front of the pale-faced Grand Duchess, Petra politely reached out her hand.

She had a tender smile on her face despite her bold request.

“The monster is more interested in women than in men.

It won’t be dangerous, so could you help me for a moment”

But the Grand Duchess couldn’t shake off her hand.

She had no reason to reject the request, even more so because she might be able to save the prince.

“Wh-what can I help you with”

Her trembling voice put a smile on Petra’s face.

“Do you know that some of the participants, especially the brave ones, sprayed on a fragrance that could attract monsters”

“Wh-what does that have to do with this…”

Petra grabbed Grand Duchess’ hand and led her to the front of the podium, close to the hunting ground.

Then she took a small box out of her arms with the other hand.

“I have the same fragrance they used.

This is how we can get the monster’s attention.”


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