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Once again, the monster’s screech rang even more closer this time.

It was a strange sound.

It didn’t just go through the ears, but it felt like it was ringing in the head.

Whenever the monster screeched, Apollonia’s head throbbed, and when she looked around, some people also seemed to be in pain.

Obviously, it wasn’t an ordinary monster.

Apollonia recalled that some of the creatures used sound to inflict pain on people.

But didn’t he say that all these monsters had been released

When she turned her head, the royal attendant was holding his head with a puzzled look on his face.


This time, the sound was getting closer.

Soon after, the hunting ground shook once more.

“What the hell is this”

“Was there anything left besides that snake monster”

“No, no matter how important the hunting competition is, if it harms the audience…”

Many nobles yelled with hands on their heads, futilely covering their ears.

But the next moment, the cacophony stopped completely.


The whole hunting grounds shook once again, and the owner of the sound revealed itself.

“No way!”


A giant monster was standing on four legs on the border of the grounds.

It had a wolf-like appearance, with a tail resembling a long whip and menacing blue eyes.

The snout covered in black fur dripped with saliva.

“Jackalope…” someone in the audience whispered, and the people started gasping.

Jackalopes were creatures that were rarely seen by humans.

Very few people had seen them in person, and those people mostly resided in an extremely secluded area…

“It is said nobody can see the light after running into this monster.”

That’s right.

Most people who ran into the legendary Jackalope did not survive.

“I-I’m sure it’s coming here after smelling the scent of the dead monsters.

I should’ve been careful not to let the smell spread too far…” The royal attendant, who was responsible for the preparation, trembled.

During the hunting competition, there were a lot of cases when the monsters nearby smelled blood and jumped into the hunting grounds on their own.

Generally, it was welcomed since it was an unexpected variable that could change the course of the game and make it more interesting to watch.

But the Jackalope was different.

If it took one more step closer, the prey would no longer be the monsters, but the nobles.

The emperor’s complexion darkened.

“We will escort His Highness Paris right now….”

“Leave it be.” It was Petra who cut off the royal attendant.

Just like everyone else, she was massaging her temples, but her expression was calmer than anyone else’s in the audience.

No, upon a closer look, there was a slight excitement on her face.

“We can’t escort the prince right now.

The only solution is to lure that monster somewhere else.” She slowly rose from her seat and faced the emperor.

Her steady and upright posture made her look taller.

Naturally, everyone in the audience turned to Petra.

“Your Majesty, I will come forward and get its attention.”

“What are you planning”

Petra let out a relaxed smile.

The emperor, with one eye on Paris confronting Jackalope on the hunting grounds, gestured for her to speak.

“The podium will be safe from the monster because of the sacred trees.”

“What do you mean The hunting grounds where the monster appeared is different from here.”

“I will bring that monster here.”

“How” The emperor looked nervous.

The situation was getting out of control with the Jackalope still running rampant, yet she was ready to jump in the middle of it.

The corner of Petra’s lips rose slightly.

It was clear that the emperor already gave her permission.

“I can do it, but I just need help.”

Then she turned her head, looking straight in the direction where Apollonia sat.

‘What’s going on…’

As cold sweat was about to run down her back, Petra’s gaze passed her and turned to the other person.

To a middle-aged woman who quietly stood next to her husband.

“The Grand Duchess.”


The monster was as huge as a mountain.

As if to choose its next prey, the menacing eyes looked at each one of the low-level monsters as well as the knights.

The gaze was so intense that it could paralyze anyone who met its eyes.

The slightly exposed white teeth were so big that perhaps it could devour two people at once.

The same was true for its claws that were grasping the ground firmly.

Its tail seemed to be able to tear one’s skin to the bone.


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