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Chapter 31: Sister-in-Law

The next day, the bodyguard Lu Zheng got for Lu Hua went online.

Chang Qing couldn’t help sighing as he watched the silly girl get on the bus and go to school more excited than usual.

As for her mobile phone, Chang Qing kept it for a while.

He coldly watched the person on the opposite side send messages to Lu Hua.

The more he looked at the tone, the more familiar it seemed.……

It can’t be, right He’s already been blocked.

How dare he approach her

Although Chang Qing thought so, he didn’t dare let his guard down and ordered the bodyguards not to let anyone suspicious approach Lu Hua.

The bodyguards Lu Zheng gave to Lu Hua were all the best in the security company.

They were retired special forces.

The price was high, and they definitely wouldn’t disappoint.

For the time being, Lu Hua could be handed over to them with confidence.

After arranging Lu Hua’s matters, Chang Qing planned to go to work.

Just as he took out his small electric scooter, Lu Zheng happened to walk over.

When he saw him getting onto the scooter, he couldn’t help but frown, “You’re going to Tianxing with me today.”

Chang Qing was taken aback for a moment.

With a look of confusion on his face he asked, “What are you doing in Tianxing”

Lu Zheng said, “I’m going to inspect.”

As Lu Zheng spoke, he asked the driver to drive out again.

Now there were two drivers in the Lu family.

One was Ah-Jian who was still young, and the other was an older middle-aged man.

He was exceptionally tall and strong.

His muscles were bulging underneath his clothes, revealing a hard outline like a stone.

He looked tough, and his eyes were intense and full of vigor.

Chang Qing rarely saw this driver and now that he’s facing him he couldn’t help but feel the need to stand straighter.

Lu Zheng noticed his gaze and said, “This is Shang Shu.

You can just call him by his name.”

Shang Shu nodded and said, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Chang Qing couldn’t help but glance at him again.

Shang Shu was very keen.

He glanced at Chang Qing.

Beside him Lu Zheng told Chang Qing: “Shang Shu is a driver and a bodyguard.

He used to drive tanks in the Middle East, and his driving skills are good.”

Chang Qing: “…Tanks”

Shang Shu took the initiative and said, “Not only tanks, I have also piloted fighter jets.

If you’re short of aircraft pilots, I can do it.”

Chang Qing was curious and asked, “Do you have a driver’s license”

Shang Shu laughed, “What driver’s license Four-wheel driver’s license I bought it directly, hehe.”

Chang Qing: “Hahaha.”

When they got into the car, Shang Shu saw that Chang Qing was curious, so he couldn’t help telling him about his experience, “I was poor when I was a kid, and I entered a training camp before I finished junior high school…”

The training camp Shang Shu mentioned was the product of a kind of foreign military-like organization, which would absorb boys from various countries to train mercenaries.

To train them into mercenaries, and then transport them to the places where they could be used to earn a lot of their employment costs.

Mercenaries have no national boundaries.

They only work for the employment organization above them.

There was no fixed number of years.

They have a huge salary and freedom to come and go.

Mercenaries who retire from the employment organization didn’t have to worry about their way out, He was the best bodyguard for big shots everywhere.

Shang Shu gave the impression that he was a ruthless character who licked blood off the tip of a knife.

He had a sense of oppression on his body.

When he entered normal society, it was like a lion stepping into a flock of sheep.

It was difficult to live a normal ordinary life again.

Lu Zheng listened to Shang Shu’s nonsense, then interrupted: “Be careful when you’re driving.

I didn’t hire you to brag.”

Shang Shu laughed and said, “Come on, I’m telling the truth.

How can I brag”

Lu Zheng said, “Drive the car.”

“Okay, drive, drive.” After Shang Shu said this, he focused his attention in front of him.

“I think it’s very interesting,” said Chang Qing, still not quite satisfied.

If he was still in his original world, he would probably not have met such a person with such special experience.

Chang Qing felt inexplicably excited.

Lu Zheng noticed his expression, “Are you interested in that”

Chang Qing said, “Yes.”

After a pause, he couldn’t help but ask Shang Shu, “How much money can you make if you become a mercenary”

Seeing him asking, Shang Shu didn’t care about Lu Zheng’s mood, and replied cheerfully, “A lot.

It depends on the situation.

If it’s more difficult, the remuneration will range from tens of thousands of US dollars to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.”

Chang Qing was stunned, “That’s a lot.”

Shang Shu said, “It’s okay.

You can buy a few houses in China to settle down in, and if you start saving up money for a few years then you can eat and drink for the rest of your life.”

Lu Zheng said coldly, “But if there is a slight mistake, you will lose your life.

You talk so lightly about losing your life.”

Shang Shu smiled heartily, “It’s okay once you get used to it.”

Lu Zheng said, “All right, drive the car.

If you keep talking, the one next to me will become your younger brother.”

Chang Qing touched his face a little embarrassedly, “I’m just curious.”

Shang Shu looked at Chang Qing’s body from the rearview mirror and said with a smile: “It would have been okay if you’d trained since childhood, but it’s too late now.

I’m afraid it won’t work.”

Chang Qing pursed his lips, smiled and didn’t say anything.

Soon after arriving at Tianxing Entertainment’s underground parking lot, Chang Qing got out of the car and said to Lu Zheng, “You should pretend not to know me in the company.”

Lu Zheng agreed softly, without asking why.

Chang Qing and Lu Zheng left the underground parking lot one after the other.

Chang Qing arrived at Tianxing one step ahead of Lu Zheng and took the elevator to the CEO’s office on the top floor.

When he came to the office, he saw the pile of towering folders, and frowned subconsciously.

Zhang Xinyu happened to come over to arrange work for him.

Seeing his expression, he couldn’t help but laugh, “You have such a bitter face that I feel bitter when I look at you.”

Chang Qing said with a serious face: “I want to be a star.”

Zhang Xinyu was startled, “Be a star” He looked at Chang Qing’s appearance and said: “That’s fine.

If it’s you get popular and become wealthy, don’t forget me.”

Chang Qing was discouraged again: “I don’t have the talent to be a star.

He was somewhat camera-sensitive and not able to face the camera calmly, so he rarely takes pictures.

Zhang Xinyu said: “Not necessarily, if you look good, then you have the basic conditions to be a star… you’re just a little older.”

Chang Qing thought it was funny, “I’m only 22 years old.

Am I an old man in the entertainment industry”

Zhang Xinyu laughed and said lightly: “They all say that you have to enter the industry as soon as possible.

It’s not too late for you to enter now.

If you delay, it will be too late.”

Chang Qing exhaled and said, “I’m just kidding.

I shouldn’t enter the entertainment industry.”

Zhang Xinyu glanced at the time and said to him, “Let’s get to work.

The boss of Tianxing and the CEO of the Lu Group is here for an inspection.

We won’t be working overtime today.

You can leave at five o’clock.”

Chang Qing gave a “hmm” and sat down.

Zhang Xinyu sat beside him and watched him work, occasionally giving some advice.

Chang Qing was engrossed in the computer in front of him, his fingers kept typing data.

Zhang Xinyu turned to look at him, and bent his lips into a smile.

As he was about to get up, he raised his eyes and saw several people at the door.

He couldn’t help but be stunned.

Qiao Zhenran accompanied Lu Zheng.

He smiled at Lu Zheng and said, “This is the assistant office.”

Lu Zheng’s gaze swept past Zhang Xinyu and then past Chang Qing.

He said in a low voice, “The Tianxing CEO’s office is more luxurious than mine.

Even an assistant can use a single office.”

Qiao Zhenran smiled slightly, “It can’t be helped.

The company is small, and the venue is large.

Once we have more people here I’m sure it won’t look like this.”

Chang Qing also noticed the movement at the door.

He raised his eyes and glanced at the door, just opposite Lu Zheng.

Lu Zheng looked away, looking at Chang Qing like he was a stranger he didn’t know, “Let’s go to your office.”

Qiao Zhenran agreed and led Lu Zheng to his office.

Chang Qing breathed out a sigh of relief, but heard Zhang Xinyu ask, “Do you have a bad relationship with that Lu Zheng”

Chang Qing was taken aback and turned to look at Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu accidentally blurted out what was in his heart just now.

He regretted it as soon as he’d spoken.

He said apologetically: “Forget I asked.”

Chang Qing smiled, “It’s not bad.” He said to Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu paused and said, “Sorry, it was a slip of the tongue.”

Chang Qing asked, “Do you know”

Zhang Xinyu pointed to his neck, “The ring you’re wearing.”

Chang Qing touched his neck, pulled down the collar of his shirt slightly, and said with a smile: “There’s no ring.”

After a while, Chang Qing said again: “I put it away, to save it from getting dirty.”

Zhang Xinyu wasn’t a gossip.

Even if he was curious, he would never ask outright.

It was an accident just now that he’d said anything.

Naturally, it was impossible to bring any more trouble to Chang Qing, so he closed his mouth and stopped talking about it.

When they got off work that evening, Chang Qing and Zhang Xinyu went downstairs together.

Chang Qing didn’t have a car at the moment, so he planned to take a taxi back.

He hadn’t expected to meet Qiao Zhenran and Lu Zheng.

They stood together as if there was no one else around.

They chatted happily and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Chang Qing subconsciously wanted to avoid them.

But Lu Zheng glanced over and saw him, so he stopped talking with Qiao Zhenran.

Facing Chang Qing, he called out to him in a low and clear voice, “Sister-in-law.”

The people present, including Chang Qing, were stunned.

He looked at Lu Zheng strangely.

Lu Zheng curled his lips at him and smiled, “I’ve waited long enough for you.

Come on.

Chang Qing: “…”

He couldn’t figure out what Lu Zheng was up to, and he couldn’t refute his face at this time, so he walked in Lu Zheng’s direction.

Qiao Zhenran was dumbfounded, but quickly returned to normal, “This is…”

Lu Zheng smiled slightly, narrowed his eyes and glanced at Zhang Xinyu unobtrusively, and said to Qiao Zhenran, “This is my sister-in-law.

I will trouble you to take care of him in Tianxing from now on.”

Qiao Zhenran was inevitably a little embarrassed, “I wasn’t aware of that.”

Lu Zheng He patted him on the shoulder, very kindly, “It’s not too late to know now.

My sister-in-law is shy, and if he’s wronged, it’s not easy for him to tell me.

You can help me take care of him, and I won’t worry so much.

Qiao Zhenran laughed, “I’ll try my best.”

When they separated from Qiao Zhenran, Chang Qing asked Lu Zheng, “What are you playing at”

Lu Zheng calmly said, “Not playing anything.”

Chang Qing looked at him wordlessly.

Lu Zheng looked back at him displeased, “Don’t you believe me ”

Chang Qing still looked at him.

Lu Zheng said impatiently, “Alright, I want Qiao Zhenran to think twice about giving you so much work.

You always come home so late and waste the soup that Mother Zhang makes for you.”


“Of course it’s true.

Why would I lie to you” Lu Zheng said in a bad tone.

But he thought to himself, of course it’s fake.

He knows who the one who Lu Hua calls Brother Xinyu is.

Today, he caught him red-handed.

He doesn’t need to worry about him making friends normally, but… he can’t rest assured.

Chang Qing didn’t know what Lu Zheng was thinking.  He was focused on something else, “Don’t call my sister-in-law again.

You’ve never called me that before.

And to call me that today…it has the same effect as horror movie sound effects.”



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