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Chapter 994: Even Though There are Millions of People, I Will Still be There

[Medical supplies have yet to arrive for the surgery.]

Zheng Ren sent a WeChat message to Xie Yiren.

[Oh, then I have ordered a meal.

What do you want to eat]

Xie Yiren replied to Zheng Ren with a message.

[I dont care.

I hope I can go home early.]

[Then I will order whatever I want.

I was planning to go out for Thai food today.

Lets do it another day.]

Zheng Ren chatted with Xie Yiren for a while before he went to the Department of Genitourinary Surgery.

Only then did he put away his phone.

The Department of Genitourinary Surgery had quieted down.

He did not know how the matter in the afternoon was resolved.

However, it was also good for it to be quiet for a while.

This was what Zheng Ren thought.

When he entered the department, he saw that Chief Yu was busy talking in his office.

“Chief Yu, whats up” Su Yun asked.

When he saw that Zheng Ren and Su Yun had come, the expression on Chief Yus face changed slightly.

It was as if he was relaxed, but also as if he was finally relieved.

“Theres no rush here, right Lets go to your room,” Su Yun said familiarly.

The chief resident lived in the hospital every day.

The department arranged a separate room so that he could have a good rest.

This was much better than the first Peoples Hospital of Sea City General Hospital.

Thinking back, Zheng Rens treatment in Sea City was really the lowest level.

In a small city, learning from a big hospital could only be similar.

The spirit and energy in the middle could never be learned.

When he came to Chief Yus room and closed the door, Chief Yu reached out his hand.

“Boss Zheng, do you have a cigarette” Chief Yu asked.

“I thought you dont smoke” Su Yun said disdainfully.

“A dogs stomach cant hold two taels of sesame oil.

You cant handle such a small matter”

Chief Yu sighed and took the cigarette from Zheng Ren.

However, he did not let Zheng Ren light it.

He snatched the lighter and lit the cigarette for Zheng Ren and Su Yun.

Then, he lit the cigarette himself and took a deep puff.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun did not ask.

They just waited quietly for Yu to say something on his own accord.

This kind of thing, to say it in a small way, was actually nothing.

After all, there was an explanation before the surgery.

The patient and his family knew the risks and were prepared to take them.

But to say it in a big way, once the patients family turned hostile, they would be very helpless.

After a few minutes of silence, the cigarette was almost finished.

Yu sighed and said, “I asked Lao He to look for you in the afternoon.

I also had a glimmer of hope.”

“I went.

By then, it was already too late.” Zheng Ren sighed.

“Did the patients family go to the doctor to make trouble” Su Yun was concerned about this point.

“No.” Chief Yu put out the cigarette and sat on the bed.

He said, “The patients father also admitted it, but he just cried.

He just knelt down and cried.

No matter what he said to him, he didnt answer.”

“Did they take the body away” Su Yun asked.

Many troublemakers threw the body directly to the hospital, and then they would not take the body away unless they were paid.

Was this considered as making trouble with the body

It was just like the incident where Zheng Ren witnessed some people throw a pregnant woman to the Obstetric and Gynecology Department in Sea City, and the family members disappeared without a trace.

In that incident, Zheng Ren had been the one who saved the woman.

The family changed the story, saying that the hospital spent a large amount of money to treat the patient without the familys permission.

However, their real goal was for the pregnant woman to die in the hospital.

Then, they would park her body at the entrance of the Obstetric and Gynecology Department, or even at the entrance of the Inpatient Departments office building, and ask for a solution to the problem.

How to solve the problem was very simple.

They just had to pay.

As long as the deal was settled and the money arrived, the group of people who had been heartbroken immediately scattered.

When Chief Yu heard Su Yuns question, he shook his head and said, “There was no trouble.

The father of the patient was very cooperative on this point.”

Su Yun immediately felt relieved.

He patted Chief Yus shoulder and the impact let out aPA sound.

“Then why are you acting like this” Su Yun said.

“Im giving you a chance.

Say a few nice words to coax the patients father.

Ive tried my best.

No one can do anything about it.”

Chief Yu was stunned for a moment, then he sighed and said, “Brother Yun, I dont think this matter is that simple.”

“What do you mean”

“In the beginning, Chief Miao was the one who informed the patients father that the surgery had failed,” Chief Yu said.

“The patients father didnt say anything at that time.

But later, when I pushed the patient out of the operating theater to prepare the corpse, he asked me how much the hospital was prepared to pay.”


Zheng Ren and Su Yun fell silent at the same time.

There was a certain probability that things would develop to this stage.

It was obvious that Chief Miaos luck was not very good.

He had stepped into a place that was dark and stormy.

“I say, didnt we agree on this Wanna guess what he said!”

Zheng Ren shook his head.

“He said that Chief Miao is a good person, a very good person.

But a good person has nothing to do with asking for money.” President Yu was a little distressed.

“He also said that he doesnt have any ability and doesnt know anyone.

He only has one life.”

“He wants to fight you to the death”

“No, from the looks of it, he seems to be…” Chief Yu wanted to say something, but he was stunned for the moment.

He could not find a suitable word to describe it.

“What do you think he will do” Su Yun asked.

“I dont know.” Chief Yu shook his head.

“I was looking at the patients medical records just now, and there were no loopholes.

Chief Miao was also very careful.

All the instructions and communication before the operation were signed and recorded.

He also informed the patients family.”

For this matter, a veteran like Chief Miao was indeed very careful, and he had also reached his current limit.

If his heart softened, there would be a lot of trouble.

But even if it was trouble, Chief Miao still did it without hesitation.

Even if there were ten million people, would he still go He did not have that kind of heroic spirit.

Chief Miao only did things based on the heart of a doctor, but this kind of person would always be eliminated.

There was really no reason for the bad currency to get rid of the good currency.

“Theres even a video recording.

If youre so great, then go ahead and file a lawsuit,” Su Yun said disdainfully.

Zheng Ren knew that Su Yun acted nonchalantly to comfort Chief Yu.

He had never met the patients father before.

However, when he saw the patients father kneeling outside Chief Miaos office and crying that afternoon earlier, he had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

This matter had the possibility of turning into a huge problem.

Zheng Ren could not guess how big the problem was.

“Sigh, Brother Yun, who would be the one to be blamed for this matter Who would be worried The most important thing is that he doesnt intend to go to court.

He was just kneeling there and did not even say anything.

He just cried.

What do you think we should do” Chief Yu sighed and said, “If you ask me, I dont think we can be good people here.”

Actually, there was no need for doctors to be good people at all.

Everything went according to the rules.

There were rules to everything.

This was what doctors looked forward to the most.

No one wanted to do a good deed every day from morning to night.

A person like that would definitely have something to ask for.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was being hypocritical.

However, there were many things that no one cared about.

And as the window to face society and the patients directly, sometimes the doctors were also very helpless.

It was difficult to explain all the feelings in this matter.

He tried his best to comfort Chief Yu.

This fellow would have to face countless storms in the future.

Su Yun was experienced in such matters.

As the rising star of the Department of Cardiosurgery in the Imperial Capital, he was disheartened and lazy.

When he returned to his hometown, he almost became a veterinarian.

Therefore, he understood how difficult it was for Chief Yu and how he felt.

However, it was not difficult to talk while standing still.

He could only try his best to change the topic and say something interesting.

After an hour or so, Zheng Ren helped Little Yiren bring the food down and directly invited Chief Yu to the Genitourinary Surgery Department to have a bite.

He might still feel a little better since everyone was lively.

When he heard about the voodoo, Chief Yu was so shocked that he temporarily forgot about his worries.

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