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Chapter 976: Smashed with Money

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“Heart ion channel disease,” Zheng Ren said lightly as he walked into the elevator.

“The symptoms do match, but do you think the Mayo Clinic cannot do related tests for this disease You think the annual income of nearly ten billion US dollars all came on the wind” Su Yun said with a look of disdain.

“Heart ion channel involves thousands of genetic tests.

Up until now, only more than 20 sequences and more than 1,500 genes have been understood.

Even if there is a breakthrough at Mayo Medical Center, it is impossible to understand all of them,” Zheng Ren said.

“This is a judgment made by a clinician with rich clinical experience,” Zheng Ren said in a serious manner.

Rudolf Wagner was silent, but his head was full of sweat.

What was voodoo, what was bewitching The professor did not know at all.

Could it be some kind of witchcraft of medieval witches

The three went upstairs and returned to their respective rooms.

Su Yun quickly came to Zheng Rens room and said with a smile, “The Zou family will send someone here later.

Guess how much the consultation fee will be for you”

“It wont be less.

Its usually around a hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.

This is the normal market price,” Su Yun said.

“It doesnt matter.

As for the patient with renal artery stenosis, has there been any reply from the Mayo Clinic” Zheng Ren asked.

“Then thats it.” Zheng Ren went to wash up and washed his face.

As he did, he said, “Its a little difficult for me to diagnose cardiac ion channel disease.

After all, theres no solid basis for a diagnosis.

If the patient has a good doctor, he can try surgery.

But look at the current situation.

Even if I wanted to do surgery, I think that side would refuse.”

“Im sorry that your diagnosis was not rigorous,” Su Yun said absentmindedly as he flipped through his phone.

Zheng Ren began to brush his teeth.

The electric toothbrush that Little Yiren had prepared for him made a buzzing sound that caused Zheng Rens head to hurt a little.

‘Ill get used to it, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

Zheng Ren opened the door.

A man in a navy blue suit appeared in front of the door with a distant smile.

He held an exquisite box with both hands and handed it to Zheng Ren.

He said, “Mr.

Zheng Ren, please take a look at my Master Bus information.”

“Oh.” Zheng Ren brushed his teeth with his toothbrush and took the box with one hand.

“Then Ill take my leave first.” After saying that, the man in the navy blue suit turned around and left.

He was very angry, but he could not act up in that time.

This young man was simply too arrogant! Master Bu said that he was waiting for him to send the information, but he was actually brushing his teeth!

Was he ignoring or disrespecting his illustrious master Anyway, he had never met such a casual person in front of the Zou family of Xiangjiang.

He walked out of the hotel expressionlessly and came to the Lincoln.

He said in a low voice, “Master, the documents have been sent.”

“Oh, what did Dr.

Zheng say” Zou Jiahua was looking at something with a serious face.

“He… was brushing his teeth.” The navy blue suit paused for a moment.

When he said this, he did not believe it himself.

“Brushing his teeth” Zou Yu seemed to be extremely angry.

She said sarcastically, “Does he really think he is an important person”

Zou Jiahua held a few pieces of paper in his hand.

The paper was still emitting residual heat.

He did not seem to hear what his assistant said.

Instead, he carefully looked at the contents of the few pieces of paper.

It was as if he was conducting a big acquisition that concerned the Zou familys life and death.

“He is an important person,” Zou Jiahua said lightly.

“At such a young age, he is already a member of the health care team.

You cant measure a person by his age.”

Zou Jiahua raised his hand.

Zou Yu immediately swallowed her words unwillingly and fell silent.

After a long time, Zou Jiahua raised his head and asked faintly, “How reliable is the information”

“Its basically reliable,” the navy-blue suit said affirmatively.

“The Nobel Prize candidate has the official information of Sweden.

For the surgery, I consulted a Chinese-American doctor from the Karolinska Institute of Stockholms Medical University.

He said that he witnessed the surgery with his own eyes.”

“How difficult was the surgery”


Mehars illness has been delayed for a long time.

Even the world-famous expert was consulted for him.

Moreover, his wife is also an expert in cardiology, so she was helpless.

When Dr.

Zheng Ren went to Karolinska Medical College, it was said that he had a massive heart attack.”

“In other words, when he had no other choice, he asked Dr.

Zheng to perform the surgery” Zou Jiahua asked.

“Yes,” the assistant said.

“I asked around.


Mehar has basically recovered after the surgery and is currently undergoing his final physical examination.

If everything goes smoothly, he will be rushing to the Imperial Capital in half a month for the second stage of surgery.”

Zou Jiahua placed a few pieces of paper on his knees and looked out of the window.

His fingers gently tapped on the paper as if his heart was beating.

The navy-blue suit and Zou Yu continued to be silent.

They did not dare to make any noise to disturb him.

Even their breathing became much softer.

They knew that this was Zou Jiahuas habitual action when he was making a major decision.

After a long time, Zou Jiahua asked, “Why did Doctor Zheng come to Shenzhen City this time”

“Its said that Elder Wus disciple, Doctor Mu, invited him to teach surgery.”

“Tomorrow, go and visit Elder Wu,” Zou Jiahua said at the end.

“Daddy, I went to see Elder Wu, but he didnt want to see me.

Do you really want to know about that junior doctor and let him treat you”

“Those who can treat patients are all good doctors, regardless of age.” Zou Jiahua smiled faintly.

“At the beginning of the year, in Yangcheng, that persons surgery was done by Doctor Zheng.

Why cant I be treated”

Zou Yu wanted to say something, but she still held back.

“Cash, three million RMB.” Zou Jiahua said softly, “Contact the banks people and withdraw it overnight.

Tomorrow morning, bring the money to see Elder Wu.”

“A check is just a piece of paper.

According to the information, he is just an orphan.

He is so young, so he could not have ever seen much money.

Cash, the impact is greater.” Zou Jiahua smiled.

“Seek medical treatment.

Remember, it is a request.

If it can be cured, give him half of the family assets.

So what”

“Daddy!” Zou Yu exclaimed.

“Im just kidding.” Zou Jiahua looked at Zou Yu lovingly, he said, “No matter if its an illness or Gu poison, it has to be cured.

Otherwise, I wont be able to sleep well all day long.

In the past, when your grandfather told me about it, I didnt understand either.

But that day, when I saw him sleeping like that and never waking up again, I knew that this matter would fall on me sooner or later.”

“Lets give it a try.

Is there any news from Nanyang”


Several ancient families that study Gu said that they have never seen this kind of Gu poison.

Master, we have looked for all the experts we could find.

There are also some hidden experts.

It wont be a day or two before we find them,” the man in the navy blue suit said.

“Okay.” Zou Jiahua nodded.

“Lets go.”

Surrounded by two cars, the black Lincoln slowly drove out of the hotel and disappeared into the night.

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