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Zhou Chunyongs schedule was very tight.

One after the other, he worked at the same pace as the 912.

Zheng Ren was very pleased.

After the last live broadcast of the surgery, there were still a few hours before the plane took off.


Zheng Ren originally thought that there would be all sorts of small problems in the procedure when he cooperated with Zhou Chunyong for the first time.

However, it actually went smoothly.

After rejecting Zhou Chunyongs request to have a bite to eat, Zheng Ren took Feng Xuhui back to the 912 after he took a look at the patients after the surgery.

Zhou Chunyong was also a little confused.

Zheng Ren actually managed to perform 18 surgeries a day at a leisurely pace.

Among them, there were also 11 teaching surgeries!

This was too f*cking fast!

There was a limit to how many surgeries he could perform in a day.

A long time ago, when the hospital was not so formal, it was common for the demon doctors in each department to compare the number of operations.

For example, the doctors in the Thyroid Department had their own separate operating rooms.

There were three operating tables arranged in a zigzag pattern.

The operator stood in the inner circle.

After finishing one, he would change his clothes and did not need to scrub his hands.

He would directly start on the next one.

With this cycle, the record for a days operations was 22.

However, Boss Zheng performing TIPS surgery… was just like performing thyroid adenoma.

It was really… amazing!

Zhou Chunyong thought to himself.

It was still early.

Zheng Ren still went back to do his ward rounds and then set off together with Su Yun and the Professor.

When he entered the office, Su Yun was playing with her phone.

The Professor was explaining something to Little Oliver.

If something went wrong, he acted like a lion, roaring and intimidating Little Oliver.

Chang Yue was not in the office.

She probably went to the ward to chat with the patients and their families.

Zheng Ren was very relieved and satisfied with such a resident doctor.

“The surgery went well,” Su Yun said leisurely when he saw Zheng Ren coming back.

“Well, Chief Zhou prepared well and learned very quickly,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“If there is competition, there will be motivation.

It is necessary for the department to be divided into groups,” Su Yun said.

“Mu Tao found six patients.

He said that he sent you the radiographic films.”

“Ive finished reading them.

It shouldnt be a big problem.”

‘Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door.

Zheng Ren turned around and saw a man in his sixties standing at the door, supported by his family.

“Who are you looking for” Zheng Ren asked.

“He went to the ward.

Is there anything wrong” Su Yuns gaze pierced through the black hair on his forehead.

“Nothing.” The old man scanned the office.

He was a little disappointed that he did not see Chang Yue.

Zheng Ren saw his diagnosis on the System panel — Budd-Chiari Syndrome.

Oh, Zheng Ren immediately understood.

This was the patient that Professor Shen was having a headache with.

He was a teacher, but he would always get to the bottom of everything.

He even had to ask about the percentage of blood supply from the hepatic artery and hepatic vein to the liver.

“Go back to the ward first.

When Doctor Chang comes back, Ill ask her to look for you,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“No need to trouble you, no need to trouble you.” The old man waved his hand repeatedly and said, “This is a fruit from my hometown.

Its just a small token of my appreciation.”

As he said this, a young man beside him carried a small box and placed it on the floor of the office.

“Let Dr.

Chang have a taste.

Its better than the ones sold on the market.” After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he nodded slightly in a refined manner and then turned around to leave.

It was settled just like that

Zheng Ren looked at Su Yun with an inquiring gaze.

Su Yun shrugged and said, “Little Shen, do you find it annoying Chang Yue went to help him communicate.

After chatting for a while, I think this old man wants to acknowledge Chang Yue as his goddaughter.”

This was Chang Yues ability.

Zheng Ren was also very impressed with her innate ability to communicate.

Zheng Yunxia was determined to die.

She wanted to jump off the building.

In the time it took to smoke half a cigarette, Chang Yue persuaded her to come back, and she was once again filled with hope for life.

This old man was very rigid.

He did not expect that Chang Yue would conquer him so quickly.

However, this guy never showed his true colors to his superior doctors.

No one knew what kind of tricks he had up his sleeves.

The box of fruits was placed on the ground.

Neither Zheng Ren nor Su Yun wanted to see what it was.

“Tomorrow, theres a comic convention in Shenzhen City.

I wont go to the hospital for your surgery.

Ill go take a look over there,” Su Yun suddenly said.

“Comic-con How old are you Whats there to see” Zheng Ren was surprised.

“What do you know” Su Yun was just about to argue with Zheng Ren when Zheng Ren looked at the time and said, “Ward rounds and then well set off.”

The patients of the 912 were distributed in three wards.

Zheng Ren walked around once and left after five thousand steps.

However, the patients conditions were stable after the surgeries.

There was nothing special to worry about.

After checking the room, he contacted Xie Yiren.

Little Yiren refused to go to Shenzhen City.

She said that she would go shopping with Chang Yue this coming weekend.

When Zheng Ren heard the wordshopping, he felt like he had just escaped death.

Feng Xuhui and Hu Yanhui went directly to the airport from the Imperial Capitals Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Hospital, especially Feng Xuhui.

He wanted to take the suitcase with the surgical instruments in it.

These things could not be carried around with him.

It would also take a long time to go through the security check and check-in procedures.

When he arrived at the airport, he hugged Xie Yiren goodbye.

After passing the security check, Zheng Ren waited for his flight and went straight to the System library to read.

The periodicals and magazines in the System library were constantly updated every day.

Zheng Ren felt that this feature was really convenient.

It saved time, effort, and money.

As long as he needed it, he would be by his side.

Sometimes, the System was very considerate.

Not long after, the security check began.

The group of people boarded the plane from the business class entrance.

After sitting down, Su Yun turned off his phone and took out a comic magazine from his bag.

He read it with great interest.

“You still like this” Zheng Ren asked with some surprise.

“What do you think I watch with my phone every day Surgical videos” Su Yun said with disdain.

“Surgical videos.

Youll know it after watching it once.

Its really boring.”

“The second dimension is true love.”

“…” Zheng Ren glanced at the two-dimensional beauty in the magazine.

He was puzzled.

There were so many women around this guy that he could be hit on almost every day.

When he was on a mission in the south, even the cleaning ladies had their eyes on him.

“Your hobby is really magical.”

“Thats because youre old,” Su Yun scolded.

“Only two-dimensional women are worth pursuing, Boss.”

Zheng Ren was silent.

He really did not understand this hobby.

“I guess you have no idea.

Let me give you an example,” Su Yun said.

“A few years ago, there was a little boy in Saitama County who was very good at flirting.

He was known as the Saitama County Healing Boy.

He was ten years old that year.

Although he was young, his EQ was at least an order of magnitude higher than yours.”

“Its meaningless to compete with me.”

“Its even more meaningless to compete with me.

I never have to flirt with girls.

Its always the girls who flirt with me,” Su Yun said expressionlessly.

Zheng Ren smiled and made a gesture to invite Su Yun to continue.

“The television station made a show for him to act and flirt with girls.

He chose the popular mixed-race actress Maggy as his date.

I think you can use that show as a teaching material, Boss.”

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