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Manager Tang was so surprised that his eyes bulged out and he felt uncomfortable.

What did this mean Was this a teaching surgery


He looked at the other side of the leaded glass in shock.

The two people at the operating table were still whizzing their hemostatic forceps on Chief Zhous wrist.

Chief Zhou, who had always been aloof and unsmiling, was now as tame as a lamb.

Although he had been hit many times, the smile on his face was getting gentler and gentler.

The young Boss Zheng raised his hand from time to time and made a seemingly ordinary gesture to communicate with Chief Zhou.

Although the piercing kit had been inserted, the needle had not moved for a long time.

Chief Zhou constantly adjusted the shape of his hand according to Zheng Rens gesture.

It was mainly because of the angle of the wrist.

Perhaps it was because the way Zheng Ren performed the surgery was different from the way Chief Zhou Chunyong was used to, or for some other reason, it took Chief Zhou almost five minutes before he pressed the button.

Did he succeed Manager Tang did not notice that he did not care at all whether the surgery was a success or not.

All his attention was placed on Chief Zhou Chunyongs attitude toward Boss Zheng.

This was not the attitude of an old chief toward the core strength of the new generation.

He had guessed wrong from the beginning to the end!

This was the attitude of a student toward a teacher!!!

After the puncture, Chief of Staff Zhou Chunyong carefully took out the puncture kit.

When he was about to get off the stent, he turned his head to look at Zheng Ren.

His eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was smiling.

There was gratitude, nervousness, and excitement in his eyes.

In that instant, his eyes were filled with countless meanings.

Was this still the Chief Zhou that he was familiar with

Manager Tang remembered that when he had just moved the medical supplies into the hospital, Chief of Staff Zhou Chunyong had been very picky.

It was not convenient here, but there was something wrong there.

In Manager Tangs impression, his eyebrows had always been slightly raised.

He was very intimidating without being angry, and very difficult to deal with.

But now, it was like a child who had completed a very difficult math problem, full of joy and showing off to his parents.

In contrast with Zhou Chunyongs attitude these two days, Manager Tang suddenly understood why Chief Zhou did not want to talk to him at all.

The reason was not because of the limping small distributor, but because of the young man next to Chief Zhou.

He had thought about it before, but now Manager Tang finally confirmed that it was the case.

The stent went in smoothly.

Manager Tang saw that the surgery was about to be completed.

He should have left at this time.

But when he saw the limping small distributor sitting on the sofa, he could not hide his nervousness and awkwardness.

His heart moved, and he also sat down.

“Young man, whats your surname” Manager Tang did not mention that he was also a dealer, but instead, he put on a gentle and familiar manner.

Sure enough, the inexperienced Feng Xuhui was fooled.

He thought that this was the original doctor of the Imperial Capitals Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Hospital.

He wanted to stand up, but Manager Tang pressed his shoulder.

“Sit and talk.

Dont be so polite.”

“My surname is Feng.

Feng Xuhui, Im a salesperson of Changfeng.” Feng Xuhui introduced himself carefully.

“Youre young and promising.”

“Boss Zheng is young, and youre even younger.

From now on, you young people will rule the world,” Manager Tang said half-truthfully, but his heart felt sour for no reason.

Perhaps, the future really belonged to this group of young people.

It was not a maybe, but a certainty.

This was the law of nature.

“Boss Zhengs level is high, but I dont have much ability,” Feng Xuhui said politely.

“When did you and Boss Zheng get to know each other”

“When we were in Sea City,” Feng Xuhui said.

“Then, Chief Zheng came to the Imperial Capital, so I followed him here.”

“Little Feng, thats not right.” Manager Tang smiled and pulled the relationship between the two of them closer.

He said, “You call Boss ZhengChief Zheng because he was in Sea City.

When you met him, were you the chief resident”

“Let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart.

When a leader is promoted, his title will also rise.

Even if he is the deputy, you have to address him as the forehand.” Manager Tang said earnestly, “Who did you hear about the so-and-so deputy director Dont they all address the director as the director Yes, of course, in the absence of the first director.”

Feng Xuhui was stunned for a moment.

He thought about it and felt that this big brother was right.

“What is Boss Zhengs current status He is a candidate for the Nobel Prize, and you still address him as Chief Zheng.

It sounds like you are close to him, but in fact, Boss Zheng might not be happy about it.”

This… Could it be… Although he thought so… Feng Xuhuis heart began to waver.

After recovering from his injury and returning from the hospital, Chief Zhengs attitude toward him became much more familiar.

Feng Xuhui fell into deep thought.

This was just a very common workplace experience.

Manager Tang said it to Feng Xuhui because there was nothing wrong with it, but he could tell a lot from Feng Xuhuis expression.

While they were chatting, the surgery was completed.

The air-tight lead door opened.

Chief Zhou accompanied Zheng Ren out and took advantage of the short break between picking up and sending the patient to do the surgery silhouette.

“Boss Zheng, theres a big difference between listening to your lecture and doing it yourself.” Chief Zhou took off his mask, and his face was full of excitement.

“Yes, youre a very quick learner,” Zheng Ren said casually.

Then, he directly sat in front of the machine and began to do the silhouette.

Normally, Zheng Ren would not do this kind of work, but today, Chief Zhous attitude and behavior were too cooperative.

He was close to Gao Shaojie from the affiliated hospital of the Provincial Capitals medical university, so Zheng Ren did not mind talking to Zhou Chunyong a little more after the surgery.

“Here, there are still problems when you perform the second surgery.

You have to be careful.” Zheng Ren moved the image to a certain time frame, which was where Zhou Chunyong was hesitating at that time.

“Okay,” Zhou Chunyong said.

“With this experience, the next surgery will be better.”

The two of them exchanged their experiences with each other.

After exchanging their experiences with each other, the second patient inside had already been sent over and was lying on the operating table.

The nurses were busy.

They were monitoring the ECG and preparing the surgical instruments in an orderly manner.

“Boss Zheng, please look at the radiographic films first.

Ill scrub my hands to disinfect them,” Zhou Chunyong said eagerly while holding the bag of radiographic films.

“Sure.” Zheng Ren took the bag of radiographic films.

“Zheng…” Feng Xuhui stood up and said, “Boss Zheng, Professor Mu is preparing to buy a plane ticket.

He wants you to take a look at the time.”

“Huh” Zheng Ren was just about to enter the operating theater when he heard Feng Xuhuis words.

He was stunned for a moment and turned around to look at him.

It was a little strange.

“…” Feng Xuhui felt goosebumps when he was looked at.

“Call me Chief Zheng.

Its pretty good,” Zheng Ren said gently.

“The surgery will be over in about seven to eight hours.

Calculate the time.

You dont need to prepare the meal time.

As long as you can catch the plane.”

With that, Zheng Ren walked into the operating theater with a bag of radiographic films and inserted them into the radiographic film viewer.

Manager Tang listened quietly.

His heart ached.

He really envied this Manager Feng.

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