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Chapter 96: Bullseye

[Doesnt seem very difficult.

I checked the time, five minutes per arterial branch.]

[Thats because the surgeon is a superstar.

The difficulty is set.]

[Could you perform an appendectomy in three minutes Im sure you cant even complete one in thirteen minutes.]

The trash-talking on Xinglin Garden was similar to that of any online forum.

In the interventional suite, the man next to Zheng Ren was blown away.

Su Yun stared with his mouth agape at Zheng Ren as if he had just witnessed a miracle.

Su Yun had not been bragging when he said he could learn from observation alone.

After observing the placenta abruption case, Su Yun watched a few video clips of interventional surgery to obtain some level of understanding.

He believed that he should improve his skills and become better than Zheng Ren.

Su Yun was anticipating a failed attempt at artery superselection, which would allow him to step in and save the day.

Who would have thought Zheng Ren could perform artery superselection at such speed and accuracy on the first try

The diameter of the guide wire was 0.014 inches and one millimeter was equivalent to 0.03937 inch.

It was around 0.3556 millimeters thick.

A 4th-grade blood vessel had an approximate diameter of 0.5 millimeters, which was very similar in thickness to the guide wire.

The manipulation of the thin and nimble guide wire into the blood vessel on the very first attempt… Su Yun belatedly realized he was absolutely outclassed.

Another person who shared the same thoughts with Su Yun was the interventional surgeon from the third-tier city hospital.

There was a minor difference between the doctor and Su Yun.

Su Yun had talent and could pick up skills from just observing.

On the other hand, the doctor had to sharpen his skills from assisting in countless surgeries.

He had gone through dozens of pelvic fracture arterial embolizations.

No words could describe the hardship and struggle he faced.

Hence, if disappointment was all Su Yun felt, the doctor who witnessed Zheng Rens surgery was totally baffled.

Superselective arterial embolization was an incredibly difficult procedure.

To reach a 0.5 millimeter, 4th-grade blood vessel with a guide wire on the first try was a miracle!

He calmed down and for the first time, he wondered if he should go to this surgeons hospital to learn more.

At this moment, he was just like the many doctors on Xinglin Garden who wanted to become the surgeons pupil.

[I think thats the fourth 4th-grade blood vessel.

I believe the bleeding has stopped.]


Today I learned that complicated pelvic fractures could be treated like this.

Our hospital has an interventional radiology department.

I should ask them about this.]

Seeing how clueless these doctors were about interventional surgery, the specialized surgeon from the third-tier city started to type out a message.

[For orthopedics, before the removal of spinal neoplasm, one can use interventional methods to embolize the lumbar arteries.

That way, the amount of blood loss can be reduced from 5000ml to approximately 1500ml.]

The god-like surgeon probably had no time to explain his methods.

Well, he would be the one to answer these doctors questions.

A flame of motivation flickered in him as he continued introducing the various applications of interventional radiology to the doctors online.

[The surgery is almost ending.

Thats the last artery.]

[The selection was perfect, all thats left is the embolization.

Once the image shows no leak, the catheter can be removed.]

[This perfect surgery took…]

The surgeon looked at the time and unconsciously sighed.

23 minutes and 15 seconds…

If it had been him, that procedure would have taken 4 hours.

That was the difference between him and the surgeon in the livestream.

He could not even bring himself to challenge that time.

The anonymous surgeon in the Xinglin Garden livestream was like an indomitable mountain that one could only appreciate from afar.

In the operating theater, Zheng Ren switched off the angiography system.

He gave a signal and Chu Yanran opened the sensor-activated lead door.

With her were drugs needed for the patient.

The guide catheter and vascular sheath were retracted from the patients body.

Zheng Ren turned around to leave.

“Maintain pressure, stop the bleed.”

Su Yun was stunned.

Was he being treated like an assistant now

He tamped down his dissatisfaction.

After all, Zheng Ren had just performed a perfect surgery.

Su Yun was no match for him, so what else could he say

He nodded and used the sterile gauze to press on the puncture site, still a bit dazed.

From Su Yuns observations, Zheng Rens performance had improved by leaps and bounds since the last interventional surgery.

Could it be that the instruments and materials were incompatible then

Su Yuns mind settled on that as the reason.

Chu Yanzhi came into the room and saw Su Yuns faraway gaze.

“Hey, have you woken from your drunken stupor now”

The line cut his heart like a knife.

Yesterday… He drank too much.

How embarrassing.

He always regarded himself as a person who could hold his liquor, yet he lost to a goddamn girl.

He did not take that loss lightly.

This was not a good day.

He had been defeated by Chang Yue in a drinking game and outclassed by Zheng Ren in the operating room.

“Not fully there yet, I see,” Chu Yanzhi said as she put the anesthesia machine aside.

“If you cant tolerate alcohol, you should drink less.

Look at you.

If you keep drinking like that, itll ruin your body.

Youre still young so you wont notice it…”

“Can you stop nagging” Su Yun said, annoyed.

“Oh” Chu Yanzhi smirked.

“You drank yourself into a stupor.”

Su Yun could not refute the statement.

“Well, no one wants to marry a person who nags.”


“Pack up your stuff, its almost fifteen minutes.”


“If you dare, come challenge me next time!”


This word alone was enough to shut Su Yun up.

Zheng Ren was happy to witness this whole exchange.

The patients blood pressure was steadily rising as they transfused bags and bags of blood.

Fifteen minutes later, the pressure on the puncture site was removed and it was bandaged tightly.

A few people lifted the patient onto the trolley stretcher.

The patient had not woken from general anesthesia and was equipped with a breathing tube.

Chu Yanran operated the ventilation bag as they transported the patient back to the ICU ward.

As Su Yun was there, Zheng Ren did not follow.

The surgery was a success and that was all that mattered.

Zheng Ren went to the changing room and removed the special lead apron that could turn radiation into energy.

He wanted to see if it worked.

If he were honest with himself, he could feel the difference.

Although the surgery had taken just over twenty minutes, a heavy lead apron would have made anyone sweat through their clothes at that time.

Right now, his body was still dry and he felt refreshed.

The pounds of weight did not seem to affect him.

He was energized and if he had been in a video game, his energy bar would be full.

Hm… Maybe the next time he was tired, he could wear the special lead vest and stand under the X-ray machine to regain energy.

Or maybe he should not do that, as it could all just be the placebo effect.

The System had given it to him without any clear guidelines.

Zheng Ren tucked away his mind-blowing idea.

Holding the lead apron, he entered the System.

At that moment, a loud ring blared out.

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