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Chapter 951: The Problem Brought by the Honest

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“Giving money” Zheng Ren hesitated.


Do you remember what we talked about” Su Yun asked.


“Its a new generation now.

Ive studied it and found it very interesting,” Su Yun said with a smile.

“For example, if you want to bribe a high-ranking official and he has an unmarried son, the company will find a beautiful girl of the right age and marry his son with millions and tens of millions of yuan.”

This train of thought was really strange.

Zheng Ren followed Su Yuns words and thought it was reasonable.

“Then the girl cheated on her husband and left home with nothing.

This series of bribery is completely normal procedure.

Theres no flaw at all,” Su Yun said very seriously.

“Actually, its not that theres no flaw, but its just that this flaw is more difficult to find.”

“Then what does Mayo want” Zheng Ren had already outlined many possibilities in his mind.

Su Yuns explanation was really possible.

“Who knows which company is interested in the TIPS surgery.

These hundred thousand US dollars is just a brick to knock on the door, in order to win your good impression.”

“Oh, now, is my good impression so valuable” Zheng Ren said expressionlessly.

“It will be even more valuable.” Su Yun blew a breath.

The black hair on his forehead was like a pond full of gold coins, emitting a golden glow.

“I dont think so.

This is just a normal case.

You are thinking too much.” Zheng Ren looked at the radiographic films and narrowed his eyes.

After a long time, he pointed at the radiographic films and said, “There is something wrong with the vascular intima here.

Why do I suspect that they had a surgery and the surgery failed”

“The patient had a renal artery stenting surgery” Su Yun was surprised.

“Yes, I highly suspect thats the case,” Zheng Ren said.

“This is the consultation.

We can send a letter to that side and ask for all the medical records.

Otherwise, we wont accept the consultation.”

“Hey, one hundred thousand US dollars.” Su Yun did not really care.

He just reminded Zheng Ren.

“I feel that the other party is not sincere enough.

If you take over rashly, there might be a problem.

Its better to be careful so that you dont make mistakes,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

Su Yun looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

He picked up his notebook.

At the same time, in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The hospital bed was turned at an angle.

A little boy wrapped in a down jacket was eating a hot bowl of wontons.

“Mom, you eat too.

Its filled with meat.

Its very fragrant.” The little boy used a disposable spoon to scoop up a wonton and brought it to the womans mouth.

“Mom is not hungry.

You can eat it.” The woman refused with a smile.

“After you finish eating, you cant drink water and eat when you go to bed at night.

Tomorrow morning, the best doctor will perform the surgery on you.”

“Yes, Ill be better after the surgery,” the little boy said, but he was very determined to bring the wonton to the womans mouth.

During the argument, the wonton fell onto the bed.

The mother and son were both stunned.

The woman then patted the little boys head and said, “Eat well.

Ill go wash it.”

She picked up the wonton on the hospital bed, stood up, and walked out of the ward.

When she came to the bathroom, she washed the wonton with tap water.

The skin was slightly torn, and a piece of meat fell out and fell into the sink.

The woman quickly put the torn wonton into her mouth, picked up the stuffing that fell into the sink, washed it again, and then put it into her mouth.

She chewed it gently, and the aroma of meat filled her mouth.

If she had not rinsed it with water, would it smell even better This thought suddenly appeared in the womans mind.

She felt a little regretful.

It was simply too extravagant for her to eat such good food.

The child needed to be operated on.

The most important thing was to replenish the nutrition.

After eating, she washed her hands, turned off the tap, and walked out of the bathroom.

Back in the ward, the woman was surprised to see three well-dressed men and women standing next to the hospital bed, smiling and talking to the child.

The child was a little scared and looked at these people timidly.

When he saw the woman come back, he held the bowl and moved it.

“Dont spill it!” the woman quickly shouted.

Her voice was a little loud.

She rushed to the childs side and smiled apologetically at the patient in the next bed.

“This is the patients mother, Song Qiuxiang,” a person introduced.

He was a staff member of Xinglin Garden who had first come into contact with the woman.

After receiving the womans approval, Xinglin Garden began its relevant operations.

“Hello, Ms.


Regarding your son, can we find a quiet place to have a brief chat” the vice president of Xinglin Garden asked kindly.

“Oh.” Song Qiuxiang was a little confused.

She touched the little boys head and whispered, “Blow on it before you eat it.

Dont burn your mouth.”

“Yes, Im an adult now.

I know,” the little boy said.

Song Qiuxiang was a little cautious.

She followed the vice president of Xinglin Garden and walked out of the ward.

They did not go far.

In the corridor, the vice president of Xinglin Garden told her about the benefits brought by the live broadcast of the surgery.

It was nothing more than the cost of being hospitalized.

The Xinglin Garden company would bear all the costs, and regardless of whether she recovered or not, they would give Song Qiuxiang 30,000 yuan in cash within a month after her son was discharged from the hospital.

Song Qiuxiang expressed her doubts about this amount of money.

In her opinion, it was a huge matter if there was a kind person who could help her get through this difficult time.

She still had to give them a sum of money after the surgery How could she ask for this money As long as her son was better and she had another job, she would definitely be able to survive.

After the vice president of Xinglin Garden was surprised, he patiently explained the matter to her.

There were hundreds of similar patients in the country, but there was no place to treat them.

Because it was a rare disease, the risk of the surgery was very high, so the hospitals in the city where they were located all said that they were unable to do anything.

If the surgery was successful, the news would definitely spread in a short period of time.

Similar patients would come to the 912 hospital for treatment.

This was a good thing.

For similar patients, it was a great thing.

Song Qiuxiang did not expect that there would be such a reason.

However, she hesitated again and again and still refused the money.

She was already very satisfied to be able to waive the hospitalization fees.

More gifts were not acceptable.

The vice president of Xinglin Garden felt helpless.

This money was used as a foreshadowing for the failure of the surgery.

He did not expect to meet an honest person like Song Qiuxiang, who would actually fall into a dilemma.

The other party had already rejected this money before the surgery.

If the surgery really failed and there were any problems, the time would definitely not be delayed because of this money.

After he consulted Peng Jia, he confirmed it again.

After Song Qiuxiang signed it, he collected the deposit slip and returned the cash to Song Qiuxiang in full.

After that, Song Qiuxiang did not need to worry about all the expenses during her sons stay in the hospital.

After doing all the preparatory work, the vice president of Xinglin Garden heaved a sigh of relief.

For this risky matter, Xinglin Garden had been in a mess for the past two days.

Now, all that was left to do was to hope for the successful operation.

The night passed quietly.

The next morning, the sun rose as usual.

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