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Chapter 929: Who Do You Think You Are

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Su Yun did not really approve of Zheng Rensoutspoken attitude.

However, his boss did not have a high EQ, or rather, that guy did not even bother to think about these things.

He just followed the rules and relied on his strength to barrel through without thinking.

If everyone was like this, it would not matter.

He was afraid that he was the only one who was like this.

Then, there would be a big problem.

The rules were on the surface, but the unspoken rules existed for a reason.

When the surgery and scientific research were going smoothly, nothing could be seen.

Once there was a problem, countless attacks would be thrown at him while he was down.

He was even more arrogant than Su Yun.

Su Yun sighed.

The first surgery was an educational surgery.

Zheng Ren was the surgeon, and Zhu Liangchen was the assistant.

Through the lead-lined glass, Su Yun saw Zheng Ren diligently explaining every step of the hand movements and decomposition movements.

Zheng Ren could not be said to be wrong.

The heart of a doctor was like that of a parent.

Every hidden technique could lead to the failure of one or countless surgeries.

That would be a human life.

But was he really not afraid of learning to be a disciple and starving his master to death

Su Yun smiled as he thought about it.

What was there to be afraid of!

He could not even see the back of his boss, let alone these old guys.

Their skills were probably only so-so.

It was already considered lucky for them to be able to learn TIPS surgery.

They still wanted to catch up to the bosss skills That was simply impossible.

However, even though Zhu Liangchen was listening attentively, his expression did not look very good.

He probably had not recovered from the shock of having his surgery stopped.

“Young man, whats your surname” As he was looking at the surgery inside, Su Yun heard a person beside him ask him.

It was Chief Zhou.

Did he have to be so proactive

Su Yun knew it very clearly.

He had seen a lot of the internal struggles and infighting within the department.

The relationship between Chief Zhou and Zhu Liangchen was the most typical relationship between the chief of a large-scale Class Three Grade-A hospital and the chief who had separated from his family.

Usually, he would be stuck at the highest point when he was a masters director or a doctoral director.

Once he was separated from the ward, Chief Zhou really did not have a particularly good way to suppress Zhu Liangchen.

In just a moment, the relationship between the few figures was smoothed out in Su Yuns mind.

Su Yun also understood Chief Zhous possible attitude and purpose.

He turned around and smiled.

“Chief Zhou, youre too polite.

My surname is Su, and Im Boss Zhengs assistant.”

“After all, youre the rising star of the Department of Cardiosurgery in the Imperial Capital.

Its only right for me to be polite,” Chief Zhou said with a smile.

“When I retire, Ill have to rely on you young people to take care of me.”

“Look at what you said.” Su Yun raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“I watched the live broadcast of the TIPS surgery.

Boss Zhengs method is very special.” Chief Zhou directly cut to the main topic.

“Fortunately, when we were in Sea City, the boss did it himself.

Later, Lil Fugui… Professor Rudolf Wagner studied and perfected it together.

The final diagnosis and surgical method were also produced.” Su Yun smiled.

“Is there any procedure for learning the TIPS surgery” Zhou Chunyong asked with a pleasant expression.

Su Yun was stunned for a moment.

He thought of something and said, “I have to talk to the boss.”

Chief Zhou did not take it to heart.

He nodded with a smile and did not say anything else.

Su Yun did not say anything.

This kind of thing required Zheng Rens approval, or even Chief Kongs approval.

Complicated interpersonal relationships were more difficult than surgeries.

The speed of this surgery was twice as slow as Zheng Rens.

It sounded long, but it was only extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

After chatting for a while, the surgery ended.

A junior doctor came to pick up the patient.

Zheng Ren and Zhu Liangchen tore off their sterile surgical gowns but did not leave the operating theater.

They inserted the next patients radiographic films into the radiographic film viewer and began to study it.

After one surgery, Zhu Liangchen had fully recovered.

He began to discuss the next patients puncture point with Zheng Ren.

Through the combination of anatomy and imaging, even Liu Xuzhi had basically grasped the location of the TIPS surgery, let alone a powerful chief like Zhu Liangchen.

He had watched the radiographic films countless times and had long been familiar with them.

There was no problem with the location.

All that was left was how to convert the nuclear magnetic dispersion on the stage into an X-ray.

As for the puncture and lower stent, Zheng Ren thought that these were small tasks.

For Zhu Liangchen, it was even easier.

The second surgery began.

Zhu Liangchen was full of confidence.

According to the previous agreement, he washed his hands and changed his clothes.

He stood in the position of the surgeon.

Zheng Ren acted as an assistant.

If there was anything wrong with the operation, Zheng Ren would point it out in time.

This was a method of teaching.

Zhu Liangchen was also taught very rarely.

In his impression, when he was young, there seemed to be only three or five times when someone was willing to give him pointers on his surgical skills.

But now, there was a young man who was not even thirty years old standing next to him.

This made Zhu Liangchen feel that it was a little ridiculous.

Although he had already accepted Boss Zhengs high standards, once he started doing it, he would still have some obstacles in his heart.

Just as the stage started, Zhu Liangchen saw Zheng Ren pick up a hemostatic forceps with his right hand.

His heart suddenly tightened.

In teaching surgery, hemostatic forceps was a very common standard.

When he was young, he had also been beaten up once or twice.

But what era was it now Even teachers were not allowed to beat children; how could they still do this! Who did he think he was!

Moreover, Chief Zhou was standing outside.

In an instant, Zhu Liangchen felt that his whole person was not good.

“Boss Zheng, you are holding the forceps.

Are you trying to correct my technique”

“Hm” Zheng Ren put down the pincers when he heard Zhu Liangchens question.

He smiled and said, “I got used to it when I was in Sea City.”

Since Zhu Liangchen was unwilling, then forget it.

Zheng Ren smiled and looked at Zhu Liangchens skilled built-in guide wire.

The piercing set went in, and then he began to choose the piercing point.

“A little higher.

Its over.

“Right hand, lower your wrist… The angle isnt enough.

You have to find the position of the third quadrant, 16°.

“Professor Zhu, its best if the piercing kit is not too close to the wall.

Yes, lower your wrist a little more.”

The surgery was still going very quickly.

At least, that was what Zhu Liangchen thought.

The TIPS surgery, which usually took three to four hours to complete, was completed in less than an hour under Zheng Rens guidance.

Although it was not comparable to the surgery that Zheng Ren did during the live broadcast, the speed of the surgery was much faster.

After the surgery was done, Zhu Liangchen felt like he was drinking nectar.

He knew that he had already mastered the basic method of the TIPS surgery.

The only thing left was to increase his proficiency and use the volume of the surgery to grind it.

Looking back, it was just so-so.

“Boss Zheng, thank you,” Zhu Liangchen chuckled and said casually.

Zheng Ren did not say anything.

There were still flaws in the surgery, and it could even be said that it was not a small flaw.

However, Zhu Liangchen rejected it subjectively.

He could not force himself not to.

The second patient was sent off.

The third patient was the one who agreed to broadcast the surgery live.

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