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Chapter 924: Willow-colored Spring Lotus Blade Technique

Not long after, the short and stout boss rushed over with sweat all over his forehead.

He was furious and cautious.

He glanced at Zheng Ren, not understanding what Zheng Ren was doing.

He went to the head chef first and asked in a low voice, “How are they messing things up”

The head chef did not say anything.

He just looked at Zheng Rens actions and was in a daze.

The short and fat boss nudged the head chef.

He was even more confused about this matter.

“Get out of my way!” the head chef said angrily.

“…” The short and fat boss was speechless.

“…” Many chefs and waiters around were surprised.

“Master, its the boss.” One of the head chefs disciples swallowed his saliva to suppress the fear in his heart and whispered.

“Stop blabbering.

Watch carefully,” said the chef.

“Watch… Watch what” his disciple asked in a low voice like a mosquito.

He was already extremely timid, but his curiosity drove him to continue courting death.

“If Im not mistaken, this is the knife technique of the willow-colored spring lotus.

This method of making pig liver has been lost for nearly a hundred years.” The chefs voice became softer and softer, while his eyes became brighter and brighter.

He did not even blink as he watched Zheng Ren perform a partial dissection with the ox-eared knife.

Su Yun had already returned.

He stood behind the crowd with his phone in his hand.

He watched Zheng Ren dissect the pig liver while he carefully stared at the group of chefs.

He was not afraid of fighting, but he reckoned that the boss would be unhappy if they fought.

Moreover, it would not be good if he had to see the authorities after the incident.

“Here is the sixteenth section of the magnetic field diffusion.

The anatomical structure is basically like this,” Zheng Ren said as he held a knife in his hand.

Usually, Zheng Ren never did anything to show off his skills on the operating table.

The surgery was smooth and stable.

Other than being fast and stable, there was nothing special about it.

At this moment, he was facing a pig liver.

He did not need to consider the post-operation situation.

It was naturally comfortable to dissect it.

He added pressure his hand to release the joy in his heart.

“Old Liu, do you still remember the sixteenth image” Su Yun asked.

Liu Xuzhi tried his best to recall.

Only at this moment did he realize that the gap between him and the people around him was simply too big.

They said it so casually, he had to take some time recall it.

However, Boss Zheng had already started to cut the pig liver and explain the surgery to him.

If his side dropped the ball again, would he still be alive

He tried hard to recall.

After a minute, he barely remembered.

“Xi Baoer, what about you” Zheng Ren asked again.

“Yes, I remember that image.

If you put it here, it should be here.” Little Oliver picked up a small wooden bar from the ground and pointed at a spot on the pig liver.

Zheng Ren nodded.

Little Oliver was better than Liu Xuzhi.

However, this was not strange.

Old Liu was probably a doctor who graduated from the third batch of undergraduates.

Judging from his age, it was possible that he was a junior college student.

He had been delayed in the second-grade hospital for half of his life.

He had not been turned into a dogs head by life.

He had only wanted to muddle along and wait for death.

He was considered to have the heart to do so.

Little Oliver was an assistant carefully selected by a well-known international professor.

It seemed that he had to focus on Liu Xuzhi.

As long as he could understand it, this matter would be more or less settled.

“Old Liu, its like this.” Zheng Ren began to explain the various aspects of nuclear magnetic dispersion in detail and patiently with the pig liver that he had dissected.

Su Yun was a little troubled.

Old Liu was simply too stupid and his foundation was too poor.

He did not have the pleasure of seeing Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner do research on their own.

People were really different.

However, the boss was doing this to promote.

If he only relied on a few top talents, how many years would it take before he could carry out the TIPS surgery

Mu Tao was able to remain calm.

He carefully pondered Zheng Rens words and had a new understanding of anatomy overall and nuclear MRI.

There were more and more people in the small back now.

The chef did not understand what Zheng Ren was saying at first, but he tried his best to memorize every word Zheng Ren said.

He did not understand what nuclear magnetic field dispersion was, but he could understand Zheng Rens knife skills.

A knife with a tip of an oxs ear, in the hands of that young man, was simply playing with flowers.

He was familiar with all kinds of knife skills.

He was not slicing, not shredding, not cutting into pieces, but avoiding the blood vessels.

As for the pig liver, because the larger blood vessels were broken, it affected the overall taste.

The chef interpreted Zheng Rens knife skills from another angle.

They were all knife players.

After reaching a certain level, they began to have common ground.

The knife skills that should have been dazzling and shocking were actually very peaceful in the hands of others.

Only he could barely understand them.

This must be the successor of the willow-colored spring lotus blade technique.

It must be.

Looking at the knife skills, he had already entered the realm of being skillful but clumsy.

Zheng Ren removed the liver substance of the pig liver bit by bit, leaving behind the artery and vein.

Because there was no blood supply, the artery was already like a silk thread.

However, Zheng Ren was very familiar with anatomy.

Although the knife was not as thin and small as the scalpel, it was generally sharp.

It was a little unfit, but it could be used with reluctance.

Layer by layer, he explained the position of the liver vein, which artery to avoid around it, where the portal vein should be at this time, and which puncture point was better.

What kind of expression did these points have on the MRI diffusion image

Bit by bit, he explained it as if he was peeling off a cocoon.

In the end, Su Yun remained silent for nearly half an hour.

Among this group of people, only Su Yun was also from the surgery department.

Although he was from the Thoracic Surgery Department, he definitely had undergone liver surgery during his rotation.

Therefore, his degree of acceptance was the highest.

Of course, Su Yun was also the most freakish one.

In the end, Su Yun sighed softly.

Usually, he thought that Zheng Rens level was only slightly higher than his.

If he were to become serious, he would be able to catch up in a year or two.

However, looking at it now, this little bit was just the tip of the iceberg.

After Su Yun completely understood, he was not happy.

Instead, he was a little annoyed.

Zheng Ren, this fellow, why did he have no limits A serving of pig liver could play all kinds of tricks.

Zheng Rens explanation was simple and profound.

Liu Xuzhi could barely understand it.

Although it was slow, the teaching continued.

“Old Mu, do you understand” Su Yun nudged Mu Tao beside him and asked.

“Boss Zheng is really amazing.

I compared myself with him.

I feel like my level has improved again,” Mu Tao nodded and said.

“Women may lie to you, brothers may betray you, but anatomy does not,” Su Yun said coldly.

“Well, surgery is objective.

Theres no one else…” As he said this, Mu Tao was stunned for a moment and turned his head to look at Su Yun.

“Anatomy does not.

If you dont know it, then you dont know it.

Its useless for you to say so much.

Continue to learn.

Ill go sit by the side for a while,” Su Yun said leisurely.

“…” Mu Tao shook his head.

It was enough to understand the meaning of the words.

This fellow was criticizing him for not knowing how to perform surgery.

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