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Chapter 902: The Importance of the Remaining Kidneys

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Normally, when the completion rate of a normal surgery reached 79%, it would be more or less the same.

At least, the patient would not die on the operating table.

After the surgery, the ICU doctors would be the ones to worry about anything.

This surgical progress bar could already ensure that the patient would not die.

It was fortunate that the patient could be saved.

What else was there to ask for

However, this was not what Zheng Ren wanted.

The simulation mannequin looked at the experimental subject on the operating table in a daze.

It recalled the operation twice, but it could not figure out what the problem was.

He definitely could not let the System take the blame for this.

Zheng Ren was still quite calculative.

It was definitely because the surgery he performed was not perfect enough that the surgical progress bar was not high enough.

But what exactly was the problem

The surgical training started again.

Zheng Ren carefully performed every step, trying to find the important points that the surgery missed.

However, when he finished suturing the skin, he saw that the surgical progress bar was still at 79%.

Zheng Ren frowned and looked at the simulation mannequin.

He did not even dare to come out of the operating theater.

There were people outside.

In the operating theater, the flow of time was different from the outside world.

It was almost static.

Zheng Ren usually did surgery training in the changing room.

He sat there in a daze.

No one would be surprised.

However, there were people outside today.

If he maintained a posture for too long, it would be very strange.

If he was wasting his time, then so be it.

There was nothing he could do about it.

Zheng Ren recounted the surgery twice.

There was a thought that lingered in his mind, but he could not grasp it.

If this kind of situation happened outside, Zheng Ren would not be bothered.

Instead, he would just let nature take its course.

When it was time to remember, he would naturally remember.

But now that he was in the operating theater of the System, every minute was extremely precious.

Helpless, Zheng Ren could only start another surgical training program to prepare himself to become more proficient.

Moreover, when he was performing the surgery, he was wondering what he had missed.

Because he was thinking about something, the surgical progress bar did not increase, but instead decreased.

When the sixth surgery began, Zheng Ren habitually prepared to remove the remaining kidney of the patient.

Suddenly, a thought tore through the dark curtain of his thoughts like lightning.

Zheng Ren remembered what was wrong.

Chief Miao had asked him how much of the patients kidney could be retained if he tried to retain it.

He said that the upper extremity of the kidney could at most retain 15%.

Once the head was opened, everything else would follow.

Why did kidney transplants not include a nephrectomy Why did they have to make ahome for the fresh kidney in the iliac fossa It was because the original kidney would still have a certain function.

Moreover, it was best to keep glands like the adrenal glands to avoid many diseases of the endocrine system after the surgery.

If both sides were completely removed, the endocrine systems secretion would be disrupted, and a successful surgery would fail at any moment.

When he thought of this, Zheng Ren was suddenly enlightened.

This time, he did not directly cut off the remnant kidney of the experimental subject.

Instead, he repaired it bit by bit, trying to preserve more kidney functions and glands.

The experimental subjects kidney was already in a mess.

Under such circumstances, it was quite difficult to preserve a certain amount of kidney.

After more than ten surgeries, Zheng Ren gradually mastered the surgical progress bar.

The surgical progress bar only increased by 5% at the beginning, and eventually reached a high level of 98%!

‘Thats it, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

Although it was not 100% , he was satisfied.

The difference of about 2% was probably related to the condition of the experimental subject.

After all, with hemorrhagic shock patients, 100% is not a very high possibility.

Zheng Ren was very pleased to see that urine was continuously drawn out of the urine bag of the experimental subject.

[Finish your surgical training.

Go home.]

Zheng Ren opened his eyes, consumed a master-level skill book, more than 20 hours of surgical training time, all in the blink of an eye outside.

The sound of a stretcher trolley could be heard in the corridor.

The severely burned patient was hurriedly pushed up under the protection of a sterile cover.

Chief Miao had already finished scrubbing his hands, and he called a professor to assist him in taking out the kidney.

When he left, he glanced at Zheng Ren and said, “Boss Zheng, you should scrub your hands first and go on stage.

Try your best to repair the remaining kidney.

I can be done in more than 20 minutes.

It wont take too long.”

After he finished speaking, Chief Miao left.

Zheng Ren recalled the process of the surgery.

He did not scrub his hands directly.

Instead, he asked Su Yun to go to the Department of Neurosurgery to borrow microsurgery equipment for himself.

“Boss, its a kidney transplant.

Do you have to be so meticulous” Su Yun was surprised.

When it came to organ transplantation, Su Yuns starting point was much higher than Zheng Rens.

What he studied and practiced was heart transplantation.

Zheng Rens current level of organ transplantation was not comparable to Su Yuns.

In Su Yuns opinion, a surgery with thick blood vessels like a kidney transplant was completely unnecessary.

“The residual kidney needs to be repaired,” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun was a little puzzled, but he still took the time to get him the equipment.

Little Yiren also rushed to the operating theater, and Zheng Ren washed his hands with her.

This feeling was really good.

In normal surgeries, the scrub nurse had to scrub her hands in advance to go on stage and count the number of equipment with the circulating nurse, so as not to leave anything like pliers and scissors in the patients stomach.

This kind of thing happened often a long, long time ago.

But ever since the emphasis was placed on checking, it happened much less.

Sometimes, because of a pair of hemostatic forceps clamped to sterile surgical drapes, the entire operating theater could search for an hour like crazy.

In the end, they would even scold the doctor who made a mistake.

‘This must be the first time Ive scrubbed my hands with Little Yiren, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

“Zheng Ren, is it just a kidney transplant” Xie Yiren asked.

Zheng Rens emotions toward Little Yiren felt like joy.

If it was Su Yun, he would definitely spit at him.

But when Little Yiren said it, it was filled with confidence.

“Before the kidney transplant, we still need to repair the residual kidney and try to leave more residual kidney and adrenal glands,” Zheng Ren said.

“Oh, Ive never seen anyone do that before.”

“The patient is traumatized, so theres an extra step,” Zheng Ren explained simply.

As he spoke, he secretly watched Little Yiren scrub her hands.

Six steps to wash her hands.

It was simple and clear.

Every step was extremely standard.

With her flawless appearance, she could totally be used for a promotional film.

Especially when the water from the tap flowed onto Little Yirens jade-white hands, the splashing water seemed to carry a gentle fragrance.

It was like mountain spring water.

It was full of vitality.

After scrubbing his hands, Zheng Ren was still somewhat reluctant to part with it.

However, he had to hurry up with the surgery.

Chief Miao had said that his side would only take more than 20 minutes.

‘Next time, I have to wash the vegetables with Little Yiren, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

After scrubbing his hands, disinfecting them, putting on his clothes, and wearing sterile gloves, Zheng Ren stood beside Yu Wangshan.

He reached out, getting the hemostatic forceps.

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