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Chapter 899: Lucky People with Spare Organs

It was Zheng Rens first time going to the surgical demonstration classroom for a consultation.

However, the patients situation was not optimistic.

It could even be said that it was very complicated and hopeless.

If the entire hospital did not have any constructive suggestions during the consultation, they could only step down and wait for death.

After weighing the pros and cons, they could only make this choice.

Even in the 912, this kind of situation was rarely encountered.

The group of directors had solemn expressions as they sat in their seats and looked at Deputy Director Yuan, who was sitting on the stage.

They all had their own thoughts.

The main dilemma was still whether to perform the kidney transplant or not.

If they did, if the patient could not be saved, and it would also bring irreversible damage to the severely burned patient.

How were they going to explain this to the patients family

Dozens of copies of the patients case had already been printed out, and each of them had one.

Because there was only the emergency treatment process, everyone finished reading it in just two or three glances.

The two brothers conditions were very serious.

One of them could not save his kidneys.

The other had extensive burns all over his body.

He had already had his tracheostomy cut open, his respiratory tract burned, and he had aspiration pneumonia.

It was also very likely that he could not be saved.

It was estimated that this patient would die a miserable death after experiencing a certain amount of pain and suffering.

Everyone present was well aware of the matter regarding the severe burns.

But so what Even if the injury was to a certain extent, the effects of the medicine would be limited.

No matter how good a doctor was, no matter how powerful a general hospital was, they would not be able to do anything about it.

And if the two brothers died in the end after the kidney transplant surgery, and there was unscrupulous media coverage to turn the situation around and add fuel to the fire, it would probably be difficult for even the 912 to deal with such a matter.

“Ahem.” Seeing that everyone had arrived, Deputy Director Yuan coughed twice and said, “Close the door.

Everyone can express their opinions and speak freely, but be quick.”

Zheng Ren lowered his head and looked at the medical record.

It belonged to another boy.

His skill points in the Burn Department were really very low.

Zheng Ren did not look at it in the System space.

He estimated that he was only at the level of an attending physician.

However, this level was enough.

Deputy Director Yuan did not mention the matter behind the rescue.

Why did he personally come to the operating theater to direct the rescue as soon as he received the news Zheng Ren did not gossip.

He focused all his attention on the patients condition.

The condition of this pair of brothers was very serious.

The probability of them surviving was less than 1%.

It was really troublesome.

Zheng Ren frowned and sighed slightly.

Seeing Zheng Rens behavior, Su Yun felt a little hopeless.

He knew very well how good his boss was.

When he was in Sea City, Su Yun knew that, as long as someone could be sent to the hospital alive, the boss would be able to save him.

But now, even he was helpless

That did not seem right.

The boss had just said that he could do a kidney transplant.

But under such extreme circumstances, what would the patients family choose What would the public think

But this had nothing to do with Su Yun.

He knew in his heart that he and Zheng Ren did not have the final say on whether or not to perform the surgery.

Even Chief Miao of the Department of Genitourinary Surgery did not have the final say.

It would depend on what the hospital said.

Time was of the essence.

The other side was still pressuring to stop the bleeding; the kidney was missing, and there was a problem with metabolism.

The process of discussion during the surgery would definitely not be very complicated.

All the pressure was on Deputy Director Yuan.

When he saw that no one was talking, he directly called out the names and asked Chief Miao to explain the current situation of the patient on the operating table.

Actually, there was nothing much to say.

Simply put, there were only a few words: he could not take it anymore.

The chief of the Burn Department had just visited the patient in the emergency departments EICU.

He had a worried expression on his face as well.

He believed that the patients condition was not optimistic either.

Because the area of the burn was huge, the patients body fluid had been gravely lost.

As for the venous passage, only a vein near the left ankle could establish the venous passage.

The fluid could not enter, and the patient had already entered a state of near death.

That was not all.

Even if the liquid could get in, the patients tracheostomy, severe pulmonary edema, and respiratory tract burns would be extremely difficult to save.

In addition, there was a large area of burns all over the body, and there was no place for transplantation of the skin.

This made the later recovery process extremely complicated and unpredictable.

He believed that this burn patient could not have a skin graft, and there would definitely be countless complications leading to multiple organ failure and death.

However, as a doctor, who would not want to save the patient

The unpredictable outcome could be considered a form of official language.

It only represented good will.

The chief of the Burn Department raised all of these opinions.

He did not say a conclusion and fell silent.

They were all veteran doctors and famous professors in the country.

Under such circumstances, there was no need to say a conclusion.

Everyone knew what the final conclusion was.

Deputy Director Yuans eyes were like an eagles as he looked around the surgical demonstration classroom.

After a few short speeches from the other directors, his gaze finally landed on Zheng Ren.

“Who was the one who said that we could do a kidney transplant just now Stand up and say it.”

Zheng Ren looked at the medical record in his hand and was completely engrossed in it.

It was not until Su Yun elbowed him a few times that he finally recovered.

When he saw Deputy Director Yuan looking at him, he roughly sorted out his thoughts and stood up.

“Let me tell you my opinion.” Zheng Ren did not reveal his name, directly saying, “For burn patients, the problem of vein access can be solved by the Department of Interventional Medicine or the Department of Vascular Medicine.

It should not be difficult to set up vein access for the operation of the calf vein.

The tube goes down into the inferior vena cava, and the problem of fluid input can be solved.

I believe that the Burn Department and the ICU have similar treatment experience for respiratory tract burns and pulmonary edema.

Right now, we are facing a problem where one patient needs to have both kidneys removed, and the other patient does not have a skin flap for skin grafting

“The two patients are twins, and there is a possibility of identical organs.

Under such special circumstances, I suggest that after obtaining the approval of the patients family, we do a kidney transplant first.

The burn patient has a severe third-degree burn and cannot recover on their own.

After the kidney transplant patient recovers, we can provide a source of skin and perform multiple skin grafts to solve the problem.”

Zheng Ren said it very simply.

On the way here, he had already had a preliminary idea by combining the system diagnosis and the mission description.

This was because System gave him a rare hint this time: identical twins.

If that was the case, everything was still possible.

Kidney transplantation was not a big deal to Chief Miao or the 912.

Even for Zheng Ren, as long as he was willing to open the grandmaster-level skill book and spend money on training, it was not a big deal.

As for burns and skin grafts, the main point was that 95% of the bodys skin was burned and needed postoperative care.

The surgery was basically not difficult.

Zheng Ren felt that his suggestion was the most suitable for the current situation.

The two brothers provided each other with skin flaps and kidneys.

As long as they did not reject each other, the originally S-rank surgery and perioperative treatment were directly reduced to A-rank.

However, even if they did this, it was still a dead end.

The two sides of the abyss were hundreds of thousands of feet deep.

If they were careless and fell down, they would die without a burial ground.

Most of the time, what a doctor had to face was not the illness but the peoples hearts.

“How do you know that hes a twin” Deputy Director Yuan asked.

“The doctor from the Emergency Department who sent up the radiographic films said something.

I remembered it,” Zheng Ren said.

“Chief Ren, is that so”

The chief of the Emergency Department nodded and said, “The patients father said that these two patients are twins.”

Zheng Ren sat down.

The others did not have any good opinions either.

Since things had come to this point, whether they wanted to perform the surgery or not would depend on the responsibility of the hospital and whether the patients family members approved of it.

Deputy Director Yuan did not say anything.

He just quietly thought about it.

The rest would depend on him, the hospital director.

There were only two paths.

There was no need to say anything.

However, was Zheng Rens consideration really appropriate

Identical twins were known as the lucky ones who had spare organs.

However, not all twins were identical.

The rejection effect of the transplant was still very big.

Seeing Deputy Director Yuan fall into deep thought, the chief directors kept silent as well.

Many people did not agree with Zheng Rens idea.

The risk was something that everyone considered.

However, it was better to let the director take the blame.

After all, the school had placed great importance on this matter.

“Lets adjourn the meeting first.

Chief Miao, give me ten to fifteen minutes to stop the bleeding.” After saying those words, he waved his hand, signaling for the meeting to be adjourned.

This kind of discussion in the could not take too long.

There was only one solution, and it was the kind that Zheng Ren had mentioned.

Deputy Director Yuan looked at Zheng Rens back and sighed in his heart.

It was great to be young, to not be afraid of risk, and to have such a strong will!

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