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Chapter 897: Hospital Consultation

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The left kidney had been removed.

The right kidney looked slightly intact, but it was also severely injured.

If it were another surgery, the right kidney would have been cut off long ago.

There was no need to repair it as hard as it was now.

“Chief Miao, shall I go over to the other side to lend a hand” Zheng Ren felt that the position of the second assistant was awkward, so he asked in a low voice.

“Go ahead.” Chief Miao did not have any objection to Zheng Rens initiative and let him go over directly.

Professor Yangs side had already undergone liver and spleen repair.

The bleeding of the injured had basically stopped.

The only problem now was how to preserve the right kidney.

All the surgeries that needed to be done had been completed.

The operating table seemed to be much more empty.

Professor Yang first took off his lead jacket.

Then, he went behind Zheng Ren and focused on the surgery.

He looked at the patient and immediately judged that the patient was not going to make it.

The kidney was fragile to begin with.

After a segment of the kidney was removed, it would bleed a month later.

The patient had already stopped urinating too.

Chief Miaos suturing was getting slower and slower.

It seemed that he was in a dilemma.

It was time to give up.

Everyone on the viewing platform thought so, but who could say it

The patient, perhaps a university student, or perhaps had just stepped into society… The best years of their life were about to wither before they could bloom

Although he knew it was impossible, Chief Miao was still working hard.

Even if there was only a 0.1% chance, he did not want to give up.

A series of footsteps came from the corridor.

Zheng Ren heard them, but he ignored them.

The patient in front of him looked hopeless.

Although his blood pressure was stable, they could not urinate.

Even if he was sent to the ICU after the surgery and there was a dialysis machine, what awaited the patient was still death.

However, the System did not give him an impossible task.

This patients predicament was judged to be an S-grade surgery.

There was an S-grade surgery in the Department of Genitourinary Surgery This was bullsh*t.

Kidney cancer and nephrectomy were already the limits.

Wait, it seemed to be a kidney transplant.

But where could he find a kidney source in such a short time

The earliest case of a kidney transplant immediately appeared in Zheng Rens mind.

In 1936, the Soviet doctor Yurii Voronoy successfully transplanted the kidney of a deceased patient with encephalitis to a 26-year-old patient with acute kidney failure due to mercury poisoning.

This was the worlds first successful case of a human-to-human kidney transplant operation, but the patient did not live past a week after the operation.

Because of the bodys reaction.

“How is the patients condition Can he be saved” Deputy Director Yuan walked in and asked in a deep voice.

With his eyes focused, Chief Miao felt the pressure suddenly increase.

He did not say anything and just shook his head.

“Cant you save the kidney” Deputy Director Yuan asked.

It seemed that he had done some study of the patients condition before he came.

“Yes, the left kidney is broken.

In order to keep the blood pressure, he has to have it removed.

The right kidney…” Chief Miao simply stopped and let Deputy Director Yuan take a closer look.

The tattered right kidney appeared before Deputy Director Yuans eyes.

Deputy Director Yuan knew very well what the kidney looked like and how difficult it was to suture.

After he saw the messy and broken kidney, he fell silent.

“Chief Miao, try your best,” Deputy Director Yuan said after that.

However, in the end, he still sighed softly.

He could only try his best.

These words were just like how ordinary people understood surgery.

When a doctor came out and said that they had done their best, it meant that the surgery had failed.

The patient would definitely not be able to make it.

In the operating theater, it was gloomy.

They had seen death many times, and no one paid any attention to it.

However, this boy was still very young.

If they could save him, everyone wanted to give it a try.

“If you need anything, just tell the hospital.

We will try our best to fight for you,” Deputy Director Yuan said as he turned around with a frown.

Seeing this situation, he already knew what to do.

He also knew what to do next.

“The hospital has the qualifications for organ transplant, right”

Deputy Director Yuan was about to leave when a voice suddenly sounded in the operating room.

Deputy Director Yuan was stunned for a moment and said, “Of course there is.”

“The patients left kidney is completely shattered, and the right kidney cannot be be preserved.

I suggest a kidney transplant,” Zheng Ren said as he calmly looked at Deputy Director Yuans back.

He did not know who Deputy Director Yuan was, nor did he know that when he was transferred to the 912 hospital, but Deputy Director Yuan and Director Yan nodded their heads.

However, judging from his aura, this had to be the deputy director who was in charge of the clinic.

However, he did not know what had happened.

He personally came to the operating theater to check on the patients condition.

Zheng Ren had been thinking about why the System had given him an S-rank mission standard.

This person could not be saved, right

It was not until Chief Miao put down the equipment that everyone thought that the surgery would definitely fail and the patient would definitely die that Zheng Ren realized that the mission clearly marked the wordsIdentical twins.

How stupid! The kidney source was right there.

Why did he not notice it

Zheng Ren had a flash of inspiration.

He immediately thought that to perform an organ transplant, one needed to have the qualifications recognized by the country.

That was why he immediately blurted out the question.

It did not matter which mogul opposed him.

When Zheng Ren was in the Emergency Department, he would neglect everything else.

Everything was centered around the patient.

Hypocrisy and politeness should be left for another time.

“What about the kidney supply” Chief Miao was stunned for a moment before he asked.

“I heard from the chief resident of the Emergency Department who sent the radiographic films that they are twins,” Zheng Ren said.

“We can use his kidney.”

“…” There was complete silence in the operating theater.

Chief Kong did not stop Zheng Ren.

This Boss Zhengs wild and imaginative thinking had already surpassed the concept of an ordinary doctor in the Department of Interventional Medicine.

However, what he said this time was really very difficult.

However, Chief Kong immediately remembered the night he spent in the Emergency Department of Sea City General Hospital.

He could no longer remember how many surgeries Zheng Ren and the others had performed.

In any case, Zheng Ren had always been at the operating table.

Be it an interventional surgery or a general surgery, and he would be doing it until dawn.

He was really a talent that came out of nowhere.

“Are you confident” Deputy Director Yuan did not question Zheng Ren.

After all, he was a patient who was about to die.

No matter how fantastic his ideas were, it was still a way to solve the problem.

Otherwise, he could only watch the patient die.

“In 1954, Joseph E.

Murray he successfully completed the worlds first kidney transplant surgery.

Yes, it was a success.

The patient was one of a pair of identical twin brothers,” Zheng Ren looked at Deputy Director Yuan and said.

“This is very similar to the problem we are facing.”

Deputy Director Yuan looked at the monitor.

Because the arteries had stopped bleeding, the patients blood pressure was rising.

He pondered for a moment.

“Organize a whole hospital consultation, right here!”

Chief Xu of the Anesthesiology Department immediately found someone to go to the surgical demonstration classroom, then asked Deputy Director Yuan to inform the people, and began to make phone calls one by one.


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