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The whole operative process was intense.

Chu Yanzhi had wiped the sweat off Zheng Ren thrice, and the comments in the live broadcast room were petering out.

Most doctors in the live broadcast room had disabled the livechat and were watching the livestream quietly.

Only the younger, livelier doctors preferred a relaxed atmosphere and chatted while watching the video.

The more nervous the surgeon was, the greater the need simmer down by talking.

Otherwise, the surgery could go out of control.

The atmosphere eased slightly after Zheng Ren completely resected the appendix.

The gangrenous appendix was so brittle, like a thin slab of charcoal, that it could shatter into pieces with the slightest touch.

When the resected appendix was completely removed from the peritoneal cavity in one piece, many doubting doctors finally expressed their reverence.

[It really could be used as a specimen.]

[This surgeon is indeed a legend who never makes mistakes.]

[This manipulation is breathtaking! Ive done a few cases of gangrenous appendicitis, but no matter how careful I was, I had to remove it piece by piece.

God, please continue to accept my worship.]

The doctors overwhelmed the live broadcast room with comments to express their heartfelt admiration and deepest respect for the surgeon.

Everyone in the operating theater could clearly see the removal of the entire appendix as well as the bloodstain due to adhesiolysis, which was tiny.

The Chu sisters looked at each other with great surprise.

“Intraperitoneal irrigation with gentamicin.

“Continue the irrigation with normal saline.

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“Is the antibiotic susceptibility test done Negative, okay.

Give him three vials of ceftriaxone.”

Every step was performed quickly and efficiently.

Zheng Ren had broken another record by completing an appendectomy in one hour and thirty-two minutes.

During the crazy night of appendectomies, he had finished ten appendectomies in the same amount of time, anesthesia included.

He could feel a qualitative improvement in his surgery skill the moment the peritoneal cavity was closed.

More difficult surgeries could better enhance a surgeons standard.

Apart from that, Zheng Ren had performed the surgery alone without any assistance or second opinions.

He had to make choices all by himself.

A wrong decision could have led to severe postoperative complications and even death.

It was stressful, no doubt, but it was good fuel for motivation as well.

Zheng Ren had overcome various difficulties under pressure and thus received an advancement of mastery in surgery once the stress faded.

After closing the peritoneal cavity, he sutured the subcutaneous and skin layers using a reverse cutting needle with size seven suture thread.

The surgery was officially complete.

The patients vital signs were stable and no postoperative complications had occurred thus far.

This patients physical fitness greatly surprised Zheng Ren.

He had undergone two hours of general anesthesia under septic shock and there was not a single hint of complication or cardiac arrest.

He did not look like a vagabond at all.

Generally, a homeless person would be more at risk of general anesthetic complications due to prolonged nutritional imbalance and insufficient calorie intake that led to poor physical fitness.

This patient looked emaciated but was actually as strong as a bull.

‘I hope his postoperative recovery is drastic as well, Zheng Ren thought.

The patient was transferred back to the ward afterward.

Since he had no companions, Old Chief Physician Pan arranged a nurse to take care of him in the ward for the time being.

It was a human life at stake, after all.

A rich and powerful man was a living soul.

So was an impoverished vagrant.

Every life weighed the same and the doctors would do everything within their power to save them.

After leaving the operating theater, Zheng Ren was astonished to find Chang Yue documenting the unidentified patients case in the office.

She was exactly the same as before, and no one would have been able to guess that she had actually been drinking the entire night yesterday.

If there was anything different about her… It seemed like her hair was a little damp, as if she had just taken a bath.

Eleven boxes of Snow in one night… 264 bottles in total, equivalent to 171600mL…

Even so, she appeared completely fine without any sign of dizziness.

The handsome guy who had been drinking with her was still receiving an infusion in the on-call room at this very moment.

That was amazing! Zheng Ren gave Chang Yue a thumbs-up.

“Get some rest after writing up this case,” said Zheng Ren gently; his emotional quotient increased, which was a rare occasion.

“Not tired,” replied Chang Yue with her usual stony expression.

From her rate and tone of speech, this girl was perfectly fine and not the slightest bit tipsy after drinking all those beers.

Zheng Ren bowed down in admiration.

Old Chief Physician Pan rushed into the office after knowing that the surgery had been completed.

“Ive explained the treatment expenses to the medical administration division, but it didnt work out.

Try to economize so that I can better persuade them next time,” said Old Chief Physician Pan helplessly.

“Okay.” Zheng Ren nodded.

All hospital expenses were cost-accounted and the social welfare department did not give a damn about this kind of anonymous patient.

Therefore, the doctors and nurses of the hospital had to bear all treatment costs for such patients.

Since patients had to be treated, it was necessary to cut expenditure as much as possible.

Medical personnel could not possibly stand idly and watch as the patient suffered to death, right

“Lets go for a ward round,” Old Chief Physician Pan then said with a smile.

He obviously did not want these trivial matters to depress Zheng Ren.

Upon reaching the postoperative patients ward, it was found that he had recovered from general anesthesia and had stable vital signs thus far.

His rapid drug metabolism made the case for this mans strong vitality.

His body temperature had normalized following the aspiration of purulent exudate.

Based on this, Zheng Ren was very optimistic about his recovery.

They left the ward and went to check on Lin Yuanshans father again.

Lin Yuanshan was absent and a middle-aged woman was currently taking care of the patient.

The elderly man, who had already woken up, remained insensitive to the abdominal pain, possibly due to prolonged exposure to chronic cholecystitis.

He had been given analgesia once and had not experienced any pain since.

Since he had to fast for a period of time postoperatively, he began making a fuss when his agonizing thirst was not quenched immediately.

There was nothing they could do to persuade an old man in his childlike temper tantrum.

Thus, Zheng Ren and Old Chief Physician Pan decided to secure his limbs to the bed via medical restraints to prevent him from pulling out his own nasogastric tube.

Zheng Ren summoned a nurse, but before he could give further instructions, Chang Yue, with her usual flat expression, appeared at the doorstep.

“Hold that thought.

Let me have a chat with the patient first.” Chang Yues expression was stone cold even when speaking to Old Chief Physician Pan.

Old Chief Physician Pan was slightly puzzled, but he was used to maintaining his subordinates dignity in the presence of patients and their family members.

It was a good habit, but unfortunately, Chang Yue had not picked it up.

Zheng Ren and Old Chief Physician Pan left the ward and returned to the office for a chat.

Old Chief Physician Pan was particularly interested at the drinking contest during supper last night.

He had to have been a heavy drinker during his youth as well, but with hypertension and hyperlipidemia making his old age miserable, he had reduced his alcohol intake since.

However, he was clearly interested in youngsters competing to out-drink one another.

When he heard that Chang Yue and Su Yun had consumed eleven boxes of Snow respectively, Old Chief Physician Pan burst out laughing.

“Just like my soldiers!”

Zheng Ren was completely dumbstruck.

Those who could drink were considered good soldiers This was another ten thousand critical damage to Zheng Ren, who was alcohol intolerant.

During the conversation, Chang Yue entered the office and said flatly, “The patient has stabilized.”


Zheng Ren and Old Chief Physician Pan stared at Chang Yue, stupefied.

“What did you say to him” Old Chief Physician Pan was truly amazed.

No wonder she could befriend a murderer on a killing spree through her words alone.

That was simply amazing!

“I just spoke to him and calmed his emotions,” Chang Yue said calmly.

“Old men are like children, which makes coaxing very simple.”

“How is Su Yun, is he alright” asked Old Chief Physician Pan out of concern.

“Dont worry about him.

There isnt any need to visit him at all.” Zheng Ren shook his head and added, “I just saw the nurses working in shifts to take care of him; they probably squabbled over it before coming to an agreement, too.”

Looking after the young master, Su Yun He would rather read or go for a ward round than waste time on that b*stard.

That idiot was a stark reminder of his bachelorhood.

Sighing heavily, he stood up and gazed out of the window.

It had been snowing for some time as the ground was covered in a thick blanket of white.

Glittering snowflakes drifted down soundlessly from the pure white sky above, taking their time before resting on the window sill, melting almost instantaneously.

“Eh Its snowing.

I guess its going to be another busy day.” Instead of savoring this magnificent view, Old Chief Physician Pans first thought was how hectic the emergency department was about to be.

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