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Chapter 883: Whether or Not to Take a Risk Was A Problem

“The relatives of a famous employee in the Imperial Capital are considered to have patients with gallbladder cancer and porcelain gallbladder.

Old Li, check what porcelain gallbladder is.” Peng Jia lit up a cigarette.

Amidst the smoke, he continued, “Its more difficult at home.

In addition, his condition deteriorated sharply today, so we found a surgeon.”

Xinglin Garden was, after all, a branch of the medical industry.

It was normal for the family members of patients to find relatives who were usually unrelated to each other.

However, this time, things were a little different.

The news actually reached Peng Jia.

“Professor Yang from the 912 is rushing to the hospital.

Its said that Boss Zheng will also participate in the emergency surgery,” Peng Jia said slowly.

Every word seemed to weigh a ton, “I just received news from my staff.

They are asking if they can do a live broadcast of the surgery.

Our company will bear a portion of the patients expenses.”

A live broadcast of the surgery! Another live broadcast of the surgery!

The conference room was dead silent.

The vast majority of people, including Peng Jia, refused to do a live broadcast of an emergency surgery in their hearts.

Now that things were great, there was no need for any unnecessary complications.

A live broadcast of the general surgery that was an emergency surgery, though…

After all, Boss Zheng had relied on the TIPS surgery to get the recommendation of the Nobel Prize.

There was a risk in broadcasting the TIPS surgery in Xinglin Garden, but it was not very big.

If he did not have any special skills, would he be able to be a Nobel Prize candidate

The facts proved that this guess was correct.

The continuous feedback of information today proved this point.

But this surgery…

Peng Jia should have directly rejected it.

It was not because the company lacked money, but because the live broadcast of the surgery involved the life and death of Xinglin Garden and the survival of the live broadcast of the surgery.

There was absolutely no room for error.

But when Peng Jia heard this news, a strange thought appeared in his mind.

Why did Boss Zheng rush to the 912 in the middle of the night Could it be that Professor Yang could not do it himself

The live broadcast of the surgery was going against the grain.

Since that was the case, why could it not be a little more biased

Peng Jia still remembered that the surgeon in the previous live broadcast of the surgery did everything.

If a live broadcast of the surgery of TIPS could not attract him, then what about an emergency surgery

Everyone had the desire to be competitive.

It was likely that a certain foreign hospital, which stood at the prime of the medical world, was not willing to watch a young doctor from China continuously provoke them.

If he could attract hospitals that used to broadcast surgeries, Peng Jia would not mind sharing a portion of the profits.

With competition, there would be more attention.

When that time came, an advertising slogan would be printed:Who was the number one in the world! How many eyeballs would that attract!

It was estimated that even 50,000 people online at the same time would not be enough.

Most importantly, the topic of this meeting was mainly the issue of venture capital.

The question raised by the venture capital side was that the live broadcast of the surgery was only limited to intervention subjects.

The number of doctors who were involved in the intervention subjects was already small worldwide.

There was also the question of whether it could continue to develop.

If he couldLure the snake out of its hole, then all the problems would disappear.

In business, Peng Jia was confident that he could ruthlessly bite off a piece of meat from the venture capital.

However, everything had its pros and cons.

If a pie fell from the sky and was ruined, it would be a tragedy.

Everyone present was aware of these twists and turns.

Most people were still more conservative.

It did not matter if the venture capitalist threw in a little less money.

At least now, the company could see the hope of going public.

It could survive and live better.

“Let me say a few words.” Old Li, who Peng Jia had just called, coughed, breaking the silence in the meeting room.

“I just finished checking the information.

Theres something about porcelain gallbladder.

Its a relatively rare disease, but its not considered rare.

I reckon that the chief resident of the 912 has never seen it before.

Thats why I found a higher-level doctor to perform the surgery.”

“I just consulted him.

The risk assessment for this kind of surgery is only B-class.”

“I think that if we can successfully complete the surgery, the companys profit will be higher than the risk,” Old Li said.

He finished speaking intermittently, and then looked at Peng Jia.

Peng Jia still had to make the decision in the end.

After all, this involved the life and death of the company.

At some critical points, it was courting death to rely on voting.

Someone needed to come out and make a decision.

Peng Jias fingers lightly tapped on the table, and a weak voice echoed in the meeting room.

“I dont think so.” A woman stood out.

“The company has already made a breakthrough with the live broadcasts.

If someone else were to perform this surgery, I wouldnt have any objections.

Even if the surgery fails, we still have our trump card: Boss Zhengs TIPS surgery.”

“But if Boss Zheng is the chief surgeon for the emergency surgery, whether or not the 912 side will agree to it aside, this risk is something that we can not bear.”

“If it fails, our bright future will be destroyed in an instant.”

“The level of the surgery is not high enough to attract the attention of the doctors, but once the level of the surgery is raised, whether or not Boss Zheng will be able to perform it is another matter.”

“Therefore, I am firmly against it.”

One by one, more people expressed their views.

The views of the people at the meeting were surprisingly the same.

They rejected the risk and wanted to steadily push the work forward.

Peng Jia looked at the people present with great interest.

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

To take a risk or not to take a risk was a problem.

On one hand, it was an unexpected opportunity to completely open up the live broadcast market for surgeries, gain more attention from venture capital funds, and gain more attention from doctors all over the world.

On the other hand, if the surgery failed and the live broadcast went out, the broadcast room would definitely be destroyed.

At that time, the traffic that had just risen would immediately disperse.

Spring would enter the cold winter again.

He did not know if Xinglin Garden would be able to endure it.

Seeing that Peng Jia did not speak, the people attending the meeting started to become active.

They knew that Peng Jia was in a difficult position, and they tried their best to convince Peng Jia.

They did not take risks.

They would do it step by step.

Once they went public, whether it was in the domestic market, Hong Kong or the United States, when the time came, they would be able to realize their financial freedom.

They were already able to have financial freedom, so why would they still take risks

Peng Jia was silent.

The meeting room was in a mess.

The opinions were more and more polarized.

They rejected risks and asked for stability.

Time was limited.

It was said that Boss Zheng was on the way to 912.

Peng Jia was in a dilemma.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind.

Ask Hu Yanhui!

That girls skills were not bad, but it could not be said to be very good.

However, her luck was unrivaled!

Deep in Peng Jias heart, he still wanted to take a risk.

Whether it was with treating patients, be it through his original intentions or from his personality, there was always a risk factor.

So, he found himself a reason.

Ask Hu Yanhui!

‘Dok dok dok. Peng Jia knocked on the table, and the meeting room quickly quieted down.

“Secretary Liu, give Hu Yanhui a call.

I have something to ask her.

Put her on speaker.

Everyone, listen.”

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