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Chapter 881: Could Not Stand It Anymore

Zheng Ren pondered over the sudden quest.

It seemed that it was prepared for the porcelain gallbladder surgery that he and Professor Yang would have to perform tomorrow.

But this was a slow-motion surgery.

Why would it be marked as a sudden mission

The System butler did not give an explanation at all.

Zheng Ren could only make wild guesses.

The family banquet did not last long.

In less than two hours, when he saw that Chief Kong was tired, Zheng Ren and the others took their leave.

Zhu Liangchen and Zheng Ren agreed to watch his surgery the day after tomorrow.

They exchanged phone numbers and WeChat messages and asked Zheng Ren to send the patients radiographic films to him tomorrow before they left.

“Boss, youre going to be on fire,” Su Yun said with a smile as he got into the car.

“Its just routine,” Zheng Ren judged calmly.

“Keep pretending,” Su Yun said disdainfully.

Chang Yue did not drink today, and Su Yun drank a bottle of Maotai by himself.

It was obvious that he was not satisfied.

However, there was a porcelain gallbladder surgery tomorrow.

Su Yun was conflicted for a long time before he stopped himself from going out to eat skewers with Chang Yue that night.

When he returned home, he washed up and went to bed.

Lying on the bed, Zheng Ren habitually messaged Little Yiren; they said goodnight to each other.

With joy in his heart, Zheng Ren opened QQ.

The only purpose of opening QQ on his mobile phone was to see what the little boy said.

Reading it every day was like reading an online novel to catch up on the latest updates, but because of the system notifications of his illness, Zheng Rens mood was more complicated.

It was always good to be alive.

Seeing that he was still talking meant that the little boy was still alive, and it should be good.

Zheng Ren could do nothing about his illness, so he could only use this method to monitor him.

[Today I had a picnic.

Im having all kinds of fun.]

Todays message was very simple.

He went out to play.

Zheng Ren could not help but smile.

He was happy and well…


After charging his phone, Zheng Ren closed his eyes and prepared to go to sleep.

The only thing in front of his eyes was still that sudden quest.

The System was getting lazier and lazier.

In the past few months, other than the mission that announced the live broadcast of the surgery, there were no other missions.

There was not much time left for surgical training.

Zheng Ren felt a sense of urgency.

‘There doesnt seem to be anything special about it, Zheng Ren thought to himself as he swiped aside the System quest.

Experience points and skill points were dispensable to the current Zheng Ren.

There were no passive skills, nor were there any luck bonuses.

In the middle of the night, he wondered if the System was playing with him.

The platinum treasure chest should be the main reward of the mission.

However, Zheng Ren looked at the system quest and muttered to himself.

Normally, sudden missions were only seen in emergency surgeries.

However, this time, the System actually assigned him a sudden mission: exquisite porcelain.

Why was it a sudden quest Could it be that his conditions had changed

Zheng Ren silently looked at the mission contents in the System panel on the upper right side of his field of vision and fell into deep thought.

What could a platinum treasure chest yield Zheng Ren did not have any expectations.

Gambling was not good.

It was said to be a small gamble that was enjoyable, but Zheng Ren was still born with an instinctive resistance to this kind of thing that was similar to gambling.

Zheng Ren did not have much of an inclination for things like opening boxes and trying his luck.

Just as he was pondering over the specific meanings of it all, his phone suddenly rang.

Zheng Rens heart tightened.

He picked up his phone.

It was a call from Yang Lei.

“Brother Yang.” Zheng Ren picked up the phone and spoke first.

“Boss Zheng, Im sorry to call so late.” Professor Yang said apologetically, “The patient for elective surgery tomorrow is suddenly having chills, high fever, and jaundice tonight.

Chief Resident, he needs emergency surgery.

He wont be able to get off the stage.”

“…” Zheng Rens hand went slightly numb.

Being unable to get out of it was something that surgeons were most afraid of.

Zheng Ren knew of a few cases where doctors were not be able to get out of.

One of them was the surgery for tetralogy of Fallot in a child performed by Huaxis Department of Cardiosurgery more than twenty years ago.

Huaxis Department of Cardiosurgery was the best in the country.

This was because the director of Huaxi Hospital was from the Department of Cardiosurgery.

Aside from Huaxis century-old, gold-medal Dentistry Department, the Department of Cardiosurgery was also very strong.

Even so, there were times when they could not step down.

The surgeon invited another national demon from the Imperial Capital to come over and perform the surgery.

After nearly 20 hours, the surgery was declared a success.

Why did the doctors in small places subconsciously build a good relationship with doctors in high-level hospitals! Was it because they were afraid of being embarrassed!

For example, if the surgeons in Sea City encountered such a situation, they would either perform a doomed surgery and tell the patients families regretfully that they had done their best.

Or, they would directly invite a certain professor from the Provincial Capital to come and save the hospital.

Saving the hospital was like putting out a fire!

Zheng Rens heart trembled.

His hormone levels rose, and his entire person became spirited.

“Little Dong said to open up the abdominal cavity, and the gallbladder was blue!” Yang Lei said.

“Im almost at the hospital.

Boss Zheng, do you have time”

“Yes, Ill be there right away,” Zheng Ren said.

“I live quite far away, so Ill be there in a while.

Brother Yang, if youre not sure, wait for me!”

Normally, Zheng Ren would not talk to Professor Yang like this.

Blue gallbladder, rescue platform…

This was a rescue platform,

It was fire fighting!

He was saving lives!!

Zheng Ren told the truth and immediately hung up the phone.

However, he did not get up.

Instead, he lay quietly on the bed and entered the System space.

The System was still as outstanding as before.

It was indeed an urgent mission.

When he entered the System space, the little white fox seemed to be mocking Zheng Ren.

This fellow was becoming more and more exquisite and agile.

Zheng Ren saw a lively aura around the little white foxs body.

He did not have time to observe the little white fox.

Zheng Ren chose to buy the operating theaters training time.

The operating theater rose from the ground and began training.

According to the System, it was a porcelain gallbladder.

Zheng Ren was more certain now.

The reason why he was more certain was because of a doctoral habit.

One could not say anything against death.

This was caused by the bottleneck of modern science.

Human research on the human body was still thousands of miles away from being completely transparent.

Therefore, no serious doctor dared to be too full of themselves, be it for medical treatment or surgery.

For example, on that day, the patient was only having his gallbladder removed, and Professor Yang did not even go on stage.

Who would have thought that a malignant fever would almost kill the patient.

Doctors had seen this kind of thing many times.

After entering the operating theater, Zheng Ren began his surgical training.

It was indeed a porcelain gallbladder, but…it was a little strange.

The abdominal cavity of the simulation mannequin was opened, and a blue gallbladder that looked like it had been poisoned strangely appeared in front of Zheng Rens eyes.

This was a simulation of the situation on the 912s emergency operating table.

Now that the laparotomy had been completed, the gallbladder was waiting to be cut off.

However, the chief resident realized that the gallbladder was blue, and he immediately became an idiot.

He could only cover it with warm saline gauze and wait for Professor Yang to come.

Professor Yang had never seen such a gallbladder before.

Anyway, he had already made an agreement with Zheng Ren.

That was why such a situation happened.

Zheng Ren calmed himself down and took a deep breath.

He stood in front of the operating table and prepared to start the operation.

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