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Chapter 868: Dirty Work (Part Two)

“Ziyun again Dont you have any taste” Zheng Ren was smoking when entered his ear like a ghost.

“Uh…” Zheng Ren turned around.

It was indeed that Su Yun.

“Why are you here”

“Seeing how sneaky you are, I guessed that there was nothing good about it.

I just asked and I knew what it was,” Su Yun said disdainfully.

“I was talking about a dung-removal worker.

Im doing my own pre-operation psychological construction”

Zheng Ren was silent and nodded.

“Change the cigarettes.

Smoking Ziyun is cheap.

Smoking Dayun is better.” Su Yun said, “The smell of this cigarette is too hard and too ordinary.

It has nothing to do with money.”

There was an old professor who smoked Lingzhi for his whole life.

Later, this cigarette was no longer available on the market.

The students in the northeast sent him boxes of it.

He has good taste.

He likes the smell of toadstools.”

“Okay, okay.” Zheng Ren was helpless.

He really did not want to listen to this guy nagging at him.

“Dayun has a soft box.

It will be crushed if I put it in my pocket.

Ill listen to you.

After I finish smoking this, Ill buy Dayun again.”

As they chatted, the sound of a car could be heard from outside.

There was no comparison between the operating theaters for interventional surgery.

They were on two floors.

There was only a short corridor in the operating theater for interventional surgery.

The changing room was still outside.

After changing clothes, they entered the operating theater through the door inside.

“You should go back and complete the information.” Zheng Ren chased Su Yun out.

He was responsible for this kind of dirty work.

He should do it himself.

What was that saying again Even if he wanted to have sex with Su Yun, he had to finish it with tears in his eyes.

“Whats there to see” Su Yun said.

“Its just a small matter.

I can handle it with one hand.”

“Hmm… Then dont do the surgery,” Zheng Ren said.

“Isnt it the same whether you go or not Do you think I can watch you clean up after the surgery alone If you go to the surgery, you can wear a sterile gown.

If you wear a sterile gown after the surgery, the matron will have to worry about the cost again.”

Su Yun changed his clothes smoothly and whistled.

As if he was flirting with a girl, he said, “Im joining the boss for surgery.”

Zheng Ren whistled, but unfortunately, he did not have a lock of hair on his forehead.

Even if he did, he would not look as good as Su Yun when he whistled.

The two of them walked into the operating room.

The chief resident of the General Surgery Department carried the patient onto the bed and said apologetically, “Boss Zheng, sorry to trouble you.”

“Its not your personal matter.

Whats the meaning of this” Su Yun was not in a good mood, especially when he saw the patients bulging stomach.

He was even more irritable.

The surgery should be done, but it definitely would not affect Su Yuns anger.

Professor Yang came along.

He did not say anything and went into the operating room.

Zheng Ren was not wearing the Systems lead suit.

This surgery would definitely be covered in feces.

He did not know if the System space had the automatic sterilization function.

If the System space was filled with smells…

He was afraid that the System butler would be furious and drag him along with it to self-destruct.

That was all thanks to his panic.

He put on lead clothing, washed his hands, and put on layers of sterile clothing.

The matron had specially prepared a stack of sterile pads and placed them beside his assistant.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun understood what she meant.

He wanted them to be more careful when they went on stage.

When the stent was opened, they would use the sterile pad to receive the bed.

Although they could not guarantee that there would not be a single leak, they could receive as much as they could.

As for the rest, they would slowly clean it up after the surgery.

It was a simple disinfection.

In fact, Zheng Ren felt that it did not matter whether it was sterilized or not.

However, he still did it out of habit and began to prepare for the surgery.

Little Yiren helped to prepare all kinds of items.

She was as busy as usual during the surgery.

She did not realize that there was any difference between the patient in front of her and the usual patient.

Zheng Ren felt a little guilty, but he reckoned that if there was a next time, he would still take on this lousy job.

The airtight lead door was closed, and the surgery officially began.

The guide wire entered the patients intestines, and Zheng Ren began to step on the line to observe the position of the guide wire.

Looking at the patients stomach, Zheng Ren estimated that the pressure was at least 100 millimeters higher than normal in the mercury.

The pressure on the stomach of an average person was 0 to 10 millimeters in mercury.

When they sneezed or coughed, it would be three to five times more.

Almost everyone had the experience of coughing when they had diarrhea.

It went without saying what kind of situation it was.

The patients abdominal pressure was more than twice as high as when they coughed or sneezed.

In addition, if the abdominal pressure was reduced, and the patients diaphragm was down, it would pull on the lungs, causing a cough… Zheng Ren did not dare to think about it.

He looked at the screen across from him and glanced at the position of the sterile surgical drapes.

At that time, he would be faster than his eyes and hands.

His and Su Yuns hand speeds were not inferior.

He hoped that they would not cause an array of yellow things to splatter across the wall.

If he were to clean up after the surgery, he would be scolded to death by the matron.

“Boss, you know why I chose the thoracic department in the past, right” Su Yun suddenly said as he looked at the screen.

Zheng Ren felt a sense of sorrow.

‘In the thoracic department, in front of a thoracoscopy, the operating field was quite wide and clean.

These were all benefits, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

In just a few words, the guide wire followed the patients intestines to the location of the obstruction.

It was almost a complete obstruction, and the surgery was quite difficult.

Even if it was not such a dirty surgery, there were not many people who could perform it.

However, Zheng Ren did not hesitate at all.

His eyes focused on the screen.

With a light twist of his fingers, the guide wire began to slowly move forward in the location of the obstruction.

Although the route was tortuous, Zheng Rens grasp of the angle and power was particularly good.

It was soft and smooth.

A master-level interventional surgery was no joke.

The guide wire quickly passed through the obstruction.

“If I didnt know what was going to happen next, I would have cheered,” Su Yun said calmly from the side.

“…” Zheng Ren was speechless.

He knew that Su Yun must have said that on purpose.

He had never cheered for Su Yun even though he had done so well in TIPS surgery.

“Prepare the sterile surgical drapes over there.

Bring me a few of them.

If you kick the big red bucket closer, it will cause a disaster,” Zheng Ren said as he moved the stents inside.

“Boss, do you think there could be a bag at the end of the stents” Su Yun asked.

“Its possible, but we need to find Feng Xuhui.

By the way, have you contacted him recently” Zheng Ren asked.

“He said that he will be discharged from the hospital soon.

He has almost recovered.”

While chatting, the stent came to the location of the obstruction of the colon tumor.

If the guide wire could pass, it would be much more difficult for the stent to enter.

However, on the screen, the stent was still like the guide wire just now.

It entered slowly.

While they were trying to avoid collateral damage, it entered through the path opened by the guide wire.

At the most critical moment, Su Yun did not waste any time.

He held a sterile surgical drapes in his hand and focused on preparing.

There were five thick sterile surgical drapes under the patients buttocks.

No matter how many there were, it was not necessary.

After all the preparation work was done, Zheng Ren began to slowly open the stent to allow air to pass.

On the screen, the stent slowly opened, forming a line to the surface.

As soon as it was opened, there was a gurgling sound from the patients abdomen, and an unspeakable stench had spread throughout the surgical area.

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