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Chapter 867: Dirty Work (Part One)

A colon tumor that required a stent When Zheng Ren heard what Professor Yang said, he was stunned for a moment before he smiled wryly.

However, this matter did not seem to have anything to do with Professor Yang.

He was in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and colon tumors were the work of the General Surgery Department.

Seeing the wry smile on Zheng Rens face and his confusion, Professor Yang sighed and said, “Everyone has gone to the frontline.

One of them will stay behind to lead the group of professors.

The General Surgery Department is a major department, and we go there more often.

Old Feng, who is in the General Surgery Department, has more than ten surgeries a day.

He is tired and sick, so he has to rest for a day.

“Isnt the Chief Residents consultation early in the morning Hes looking for the Department of Interventional Medicine to take a look at the stents.

“That D*MNED Zhao Yunlong said that they dont have anyone.

They cant perform the surgery!”

As he said this, Professor Yang opened his mouth and started cursing.

“Old Feng asked me to see whats going on.

That coward, Zhao Yunlong, keeps trying to shirk his responsibilities.

One moment, he said that the surgery was too big, and the next moment, he said that the tumor was blocked.

He cant do it.

Im so angry.” Professor Yang was so angry that his hair frizzled.

Zheng Ren listened quietly.

He probably already knew what was going on.

Colon tumor.

Preoperative enema, cleaning the intestinal tract, then removing the tumor and remaining intestinal anastomosis.

This was a normal operation.

Some patients discovered it relatively late and came to the hospital to see a doctor because of intestinal obstruction.

Before interventional surgery, because these patients could not prepare their intestines, they could only leave a fistula on the abdominal wall.

After a few months, they could do a second-stage anastomosis.

After all, they could not prepare their intestines.

The area above the obstruction was filled with feces and countless bacteria.

Even if they could barely get an anastomosis, because of the severe infection, the anastomosis would not grow back.

After interventional surgery, if there was a gap in the part of the obstruction and the guide wire could pass through, they could get off the stent.

The stent resisted the power of the tumor, diverting the intestines.

In this way, the intestinal tract could be prepared.

The surgery also avoided fistulas, allowing one-stage anastomosis.

Whether it was to avoid the angle of metastasis of the tumor or to improve the quality of life of the patient, the interventional intestinal stent was a surgical method that was particularly beneficial to the patient.

After many years of cooperation between clinical departments, the General Surgery Department had gradually gotten used to the Interventional Departments method of removing the stent before surgery.

However, there was a problem.

This surgery was particularly dirty.

Once the stent was inserted and the obstructed area was opened, the huge abdominal pressure would cause stool to spray out.

The surgeons and assistants would definitely be covered in feces.

The entire operating theater would also smell like a septic tank.

This was a surgery that the patients and the General Surgery Department wanted to do, but the Department of Interventional Medicine would not do it if they could.

If they performed such a surgery, their income would not increase, but their workload would increase by countlessly.

Especially with the smell of the stool…

It was enough to make people sick.

Zheng Ren used to be a general surgeon, so he naturally knew how to perform this surgery.

Even earlier, because Sea City General Hospital did not have an Interventional Surgery Department, they would perform fistula surgeries whenever they encountered such patients and wait for the second-stage anastomosis.

Zheng Ren also knew why Zhao Yunlong did not want to do it.

The surgery was not difficult, but after being sprayed with feces, the smell would still linger around for a few days.

It was not a good feeling.

He hesitated for a moment.

He really had to hesitate.

He had done similar surgeries in the General Surgery Department, but that was at least a year ago.

Now that he thought about it, Zheng Ren could still vaguely smell that smell.

“Brother Yang, why dont I do it” Zheng Ren said.

“…” How could Professor Yang not have considered Zheng Ren before.

However, Zheng Rens group was doing research on TIPS surgery.

The usual 912s consultation work had nothing to do with him.

It was possible to cooperate in TIPS surgery together.

However, it was not suitable to have someone to do this kind of dirty work.

“Ill do it.

When can the patient go on stage” After the psychological defense line opened up a gap, Zheng Ren was no longer reserved.

The smell was not… No, that was still very important.

However, under medical means and the premise that he could do it, he could not watch the patient perform the second-stage anastomosis.

As Zheng Ren said this, he began to think of how to apologize to the matron and the nurse who were in the surgery.

Otherwise, he could clean up the mess himself, but when he thought about it, he felt a splitting headache.

There was a fundamental difference between this kind of work of removing feces and removing feces from the General Surgery Department.

The General Surgery Department would say that they were removing feces, but when they encountered such a situation, they would definitely first make an incision, and the aspirator would attract the feces.

Then, they would open it up and remove the rest of the feces.

If it was too dry, they could even use sterile plastic to cover their intestines and remove the feces bit by bit.

However, in the surgery that was about to be performed, fecal matter would be sprayed all over their bodies..

Zheng Ren almost cried.

To be honest, it was really not Zhao Yunlongs fault for not doing it.

This surgery was simply too d*mn dirty.

After gathering his courage, Zheng Ren cast aside his distracting thoughts and told himself in his heart that this was all work.

Professor Yang was stunned for a moment before he patted Zheng Rens shoulder.

“Boss Zheng, Ill have to trouble you then.”

“Brother Yang, dont worry about it.

It sounds really scary.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “Ill ask if theres an operating room.

If there is, Ill give you a call.

Can you go on there at any time”

Actually, these words were a little redundant.

It was not a sterile operation.

The patient could not eat or drink, so naturally, he could go on at any time.

“Yes.” Professor Yang was a little hesitant.

This was not Boss Zhengs job, and yet… He hesitated for a moment before he heavily patted Zheng Rens shoulder.

“I wont stand on ceremony with you.

Ill go back and wait for your letter.” Professor Yang left directly.

He was a little flustered.

If it were another professor who was in charge of the group, Professor Yang would not be like this.

Boss Zheng was the group that Chief Kong had poached to work on the Nobel Prize project.

The Department of Interventional Surgery really had nothing to do with him.

Yet, he had to ask Boss Zheng to perform such a surgery.

It was simply too much.

‘Forget it.

Lets not think about this anymore.

In the future, Ill just help boss Zheng out in other places.

Professor Yang thought to himself and jogged away from Zheng Rens sight.

He felt that Zheng Ren was like a branding iron behind him.

If he walked too slowly, he would get hurt.

Zheng Ren sighed.

He did not make a call.

Instead, he went straight to the Interventional Surgery room.

He knew that he was not Chief Kong.

If he wanted to perform such a dirty surgery, he had to come to the operating theater and humble himself.

He kept bowing and apologizing to the matron of the operating theater.

Zheng Ren also promised that he would clean up the operating theater.

The matron of the operating theater had an ugly expression on her face, but she did not refuse.

She only glared at Zheng Ren and asked him to send the patient in.

After solving that problem, Zheng Ren immediately called Professor Yang and asked him to send the patient up.

Zheng Ren did not need to worry about the pre-operation informed consent documents.

If he could not even settle such a small matter in the General Surgery Department, what kind of surgery could he do

Zheng Ren did not call Su Yun and the Professor.

It was better for him to do such a thing himself, but he still had one more question.

What should he do about Little Yiren

The moment he thought of Xie Yiren, Zheng Rens head turned into two.

Forget it, forget it.

He would just have to bite the bullet and do it.

Zheng Ren never thought about things that he did not understand.

He might as well do it this way.

When the time came, he would kick Little Yiren out and clean up the mess by himself.

After changing out of his clothes, Zheng Ren took the time to smoke a cigarette.

He tried hard to remember the smell of tobacco and to not think about the surgery later.

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