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Chapter 860: French-Style Soft-Fried Molasses Pork Ribs

It looked very boring, and the whole process was calm.

The six surgeries took about two hours to complete.

The surgery was also very smooth.

It gave Mu Tao a feeling that Zheng Ren had moved the Pengxi Village set to the 912 hospital.

It was a little rushed to do this.

However, the junior doctor in Zheng Rens team was obviously very skilled.

He was already very familiar with this kind of operation and was well-trained.

After ten oclock, the surgery ended and everyone left the stage.

Zheng Ren began his ward round.

Looking at the line that was getting longer and longer, Zheng Ren and his treatment group had already grown to a certain extent without him noticing.

However, he did not realize it himself.

He only focused on rushing forward.

The patients after the surgery were very stable.

Two of the patients even made a fuss about removing the ECG monitoring.

This request was directly rejected by Zheng Ren.

What kind of joke was this Even though he had a good understanding of the surgery he performed, he was also afraid of accidents happening.

He would monitor the patient for at least six to twelve hours after the surgery.

If there was a contingency, it could also prevent the patient from going into hemorrhagic shock as if he had fallen asleep, which would lead to the tragedy of the patients death.

As a doctor, there was always a tendency toward obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it was an obsessive-compulsive disorder that was pessimistic.

In everything, one had to think of the worst possibility.

The older one was, the less courageous one would be.

Walking out of the ward, he looked at the time and saw that it was almost 11 oclock.

“Old Mu, have a bite.

Come back in the afternoon and continue working,” Zheng Ren said.

Mu Tao was fine with it.

Since he had to eat at noon anyway, it was not a bad time to learn TIPS surgery.

Su Yun did not look for a particularly good place either.

It was said that Chang Yue and Little Yiren had a taste test.

There was a Manchurian restaurant around the hospital, and the northeast cuisine was specially prepared.

Zheng Ren, Su Yun, Mu Tao, and the Professor changed their clothes and went to eat lunch.

Because of Mu Taos presence, whom Chang Yue and Little Yiren were not familiar with, they refused to come with.

Although Su Yun had never been there before, he followed Chang Yues instructions and quickly found this restaurant.

“Old Mu, have you had northeast cuisine before” Su Yun asked.

“Ive eaten it a few times, and I think its okay.” Mu Tao did not have a good impression of northeast cuisine.

In Shenzhen City, they often ate Cantonese cuisine and Hunan cuisine from their hometown.

However, it was okay to eat it once in a while.

“Looking at your expression, I knew you must have eaten fake northeast cuisine.” Su Yuns lips curled into a mocking smile.

“Northeast cuisine is most famous for its pork buns.”

“Yes, Ive tasted it before,” Mu Tao said.

“Its sour, sweet, and a little crispy.”

“I already said that what you ate was fake.

Let me ask you, do pork buns sound good Do you know what pork buns were called in the first place”

“…” Mu Tao shook his head.

“Harbin, also known as Little Paris in the east.

Pork buns originated from Harbin and became famous all over the world.

In the first place, pork buns were called French-Style soft-fried molasses pork ribs.”

“French-style soft-fried molasses pork ribs” Zheng Ren was stunned first.

As a native of the northeast, he had never heard of this name.

Su Yun could really make things up.

“Does this name sound much more high-end and imposing” Su Yun laughed and entered the restaurant.

Although it was about lunchtime, there was only a table full of customers.

The lady boss brought the menu and greeted them politely.

“In the northeast, those who wear minks and can chop garlic can only be older sisters.

Only those who know how to make pot-fried pork can be big brothers woman,” Su Yun said nonsensically as he ordered the dishes.

Pork stewed noodles, pot-fried pork, pickled vegetable powder, and others.

Su Yun casually ordered a few dishes and rice.

In the afternoon, he still had to see the patients from the General Surgery Department and the Department of Digestive Medicine.

In addition, he also had to contact the new patients after they were discharged from the hospital after the surgery tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Since he had already gone through the process of work, there would definitely be more and more work to be done.

For lunch, he could just have a simple bite.

Moreover, Mu Tao did not drink alcohol, and Su Yun could not be bothered to eat with him for too long.

While waiting for the dishes, the professor took out a portable notebook and began to pore it over.

“Lil Fugui, what are you doing” Su Yun asked.

“Learning Chinese characters,” the Professor said.

“Its especially hard to write.

It takes a lot of effort.”

“Chinese characters.

If you want to learn, you need to start fromShuo Wen Jie Zi,” Zheng Ren said.

“Dont listen to the boss.

If you start from thatShuo Wen Jie Zi, I guarantee that you will only reach the threshold within a year.” Su Yun directly denied Zheng Rens statement.

Mu Tao felt that these people were really interesting.

He had long known that Professor Rudolf Wagner was famous.

He did not expect that when they met, he was actually a German with a mouth full of Manchurian fluency.

Now, he actually wanted to learn to write Chinese characters This did not seem to be of much use to Rudolf Wagner.

He did not need to write medical records.

“Yes, I know.” Professor Rudolf Wagner obviously had his own ideas.

“Chang Yue told me that I need to understand the artistic conception of Chinese characters.

Also, I dont want to learn too much.

Its really difficult to learn cuneiform characters.

As long as I can understand the medical record, its enough to reach this level.”

“Listening to Chang Yue I guarantee that your intelligence will be lowered,” Su Yun said with a sneer.

Chang Yue was not around, so Su Yun dared to mock.

If she was, Su Yun would not dare to say this.

The Professor just smiled and did not refute Su Yuns words.

Looking at him, Su Yun took the notebook in the professors hand and found two words.

He asked, “Look at these two words.

What is their artistic conception”

Rudolf Wagner thought for a moment and said, “On a quiet night, I am alone in a remote place.

The bright moonlight shines around me.

It makes me think of the moon and the stars in the sky, illuminating my inner morality.”

“Stop!” Su Yun quickly told the Professor to shut up.

He was really afraid that the guy would talk about other matters related to religious beliefs.

Usually, he would just say a few words against the Professor.

However, when it came to matters related to this, Su Yun felt uncomfortable if he did not criticize him.

But if he really criticized him, that would be the bottom line of the Professor.

Therefore, it was best not to say too much, in case everyone would be embarrassed.

Su Yuns rebuke of others did not cause any trouble, so it was within reason.

Su Yun sneered and asked, “Is this how you learned Chinese characters I told you it was unreliable.”

“What characters” Zheng Ren asked curiously.

“Boss, Guess, what character can make the wealthy son feel the frost-like moonlight around him, and can make him feel the morality in his heart”

Mu Tao looked at Su Yun.

With his understanding of Su Yun… The guy must have set a trap and was waiting to take the bait.

“Such a romantic word” Zheng Ren heard Su Yuns description and suddenly thought that if there was a chance to take Little Yiren for a stroll under the moon, it would be great too.

The moonlight shone on her body, bright and flawless.

How beautiful was the she…

“Hey!” Seeing Zheng Ren in a daze, Su Yun immediately said, “Im asking you a question.”

“I dont know.” Zheng Ren did not want to waste his time and spoke directly.

“Bladder,” Su Yun said expressionlessly.

“Pfft…” Mu Tao laughed.

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