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Chapter 858: Youre A Man Now

Mu Tao forgot the time and went to the Intervention Department to take a look.

It was already after work, and only the doctor on duty was there.

He did not know the doctor on duty, so he could not say anything.

Mu Tao was too lazy to waste his breath and say who he was.

He pulled the suitcase handle down and found a nearby hotel to stay.

When they were in Pengxi Village, Zheng Ren and Su Yun did not bring their cell phones, and Mu Tao did not leave his contact details.

Since it was not far away, Mu Tao was not in a hurry.

He slept peacefully the whole night.

When he woke up the next morning, Mu Tao rushed to the hospital around seven oclock.

It was still early, but Mu Tao wanted to wait for Zheng Ren to come so that he would not be scolded by that sarcastic sissy.

Entering the elevator, Mu Tao was surprised to see Zheng Ren and Su Yun inside.

“Boss… Boss Zheng Why are you here so early” Mu Tao said in surprise.

Zheng Ren was puzzled.

This person looked so familiar.

He did not say anything and waited for Su Yun to say so as to avoid awkwardness.

“Eh Its been a while.

Mu Tao, youre a man now.” Su Yun greeted him in a weird way.

Mu Tao expressed that he was very used to it.

After looking at Mu Tao for a while, Su Yun smiled.

“Mu Tao, I thought you were just joking when you said that you came back from the frontline to study at the 912.

You really came” Su Yun was also a little surprised to meet Mu Tao early in the morning.

However, this did not mean that he would look at Mu Tao differently.

He had been mocking him, so he should still be mocking him.

“I had wanted to come back after a while.

I saw Boss Zhengs live broadcast of the surgery the day before yesterday.

I flew over last night.” Mu Tao automatically filtered Su Yuns words.

This was a skill that he learned at Pengxi Village Hospital.

“Professor Mu, hello.” Zheng Ren remembered everything about him based on the wordsMu Tao.

His skills were not bad.

He was about the same as Su Yun.

He was pretty good.

Zheng Ren was very enthusiastic.

He reached out his hand and looked at Mu Tao with a smile.

“I wouldnt dare, Professor.

Im here to learn from Boss Zheng.” Mu Tao smiled and reached out his hand to shake Zheng Rens hand.

“You were in Pengxi Village.

When did you come back” Zheng Ren asked casually.

“Another week passed before it was taken down.

Then, I went straight back to Shenzhen City,” Mu Tao said.

“I didnt expect Boss Zheng to be so restless.

When he came back, he made such a big commotion.”

“Its fine.

Its just a live broadcast of the surgery.” Zheng Ren smiled.

“Was there a live broadcast recently”

“Theres no need for the patients for the second-stage surgery.

Theres a surgery tomorrow.

After the second-stage surgery is done today, theyll be discharged from the hospital tomorrow or the day after.

Itll be smoother in the future.”

“Boss, why are you being so polite with him” Su Yun glanced at Mu Tao and said, “Do you want to learn TIPS surgery”

“Yes,” Mu Tao said straightforwardly.

“Come with me later.

First, sign the agreement,” Su Yun said.

“How many surgeries do you need over there” Mu Tao asked.

His words were very vague, but everyone present understood.

“At least 3,000 surgeries.

This is what the boss got for performing coronary interventional surgery with Dr.


Otherwise, I probably wouldnt even be able to recommend it,” Su Yun complained.

3,000… It was really difficult to reach this number before August.

However, whether or not it would succeed had nothing to do with Mu Tao.

He smiled and did not continue speaking.

When they reached the floor of the Interventional Surgery Department, Xie Yiren went down first.

Then, the few of them went all the way to the Interventional Surgery Department.

Mu Tao asked, “Boss Zheng, how many beds do you have here”


Mu Tao understood in his heart why Zheng Ren wanted to do this.

Even with just six beds, he wanted to complete 3,000 surgeries.

If he were to do this on his own, it would take a long time.

‘Even so, Im still a little anxious, Mu Tao thought to himself.

Entering the office, Su Yun changed his clothes and took out a stack of paper for Mu Tao.

After throwing it to him, he began ward rounds with Zheng Ren.

The six patients were waiting for todays elective surgery.

After it was done, if there were no complications, they could be discharged from the hospital and go home the day after tomorrow.

They were sick and tired of staying in the hospital, especially after the first stage of TIPS surgery.

The symptoms were obviously relieved, and the patients could eat and drink for the next few days.

Although Chang Yue repeatedly told them to take things step by step, there were still patients who secretly ate high-protein food.

This was also because Zheng Rens TIPS surgery was done well.

Otherwise, just this alone was enough to make a successful surgery fail.

After seeing all the patients, Zheng Ren arranged the orders of the surgery and returned to the office with Su Yun.

“Boss Zheng, theres nothing else, right” Mu Tao asked.

“Su Yun, thats all.”


“Then Ill sign it.” After Mu Tao said that, he asked Zheng Ren for a pen and signed his name on the blank space at the end of the signature.

“Look at the difference in people.

Old Mu, you can do it.

I have faith in you.” Su Yun put away the agreement and locked it in the drawer.

“Boss, I want to use the money to rent a safe at the bank.”

“Oh, go ahead.”

“Ill let you know,” Su Yun said.

“Why rent a safe” Zheng Ren asked at this time.

“There will be more and more agreements in the future.

You have to find a place to keep them.” Su Yun looked at Mu Tao like a profiteer and said, “Old Mu, hurry up and learn.

If you learn it, hurry up and go back to do the surgery.”

“…” It was only at this moment that Mu Tao felt like he had been cheated.

“Stop fooling around, Professor Mu.

Is there anything you dont understand on your end” Zheng Ren asked.

“Lets discuss it before the shift is over.”

“Just call me Old Mu.

Boss Zheng, dont call me Professor Mu over here,” Mu Tao said.

“Sure, theres no need to be polite about this.” Zheng Ren did not care.

“Old Mu, the surgery is broadcast live.

Are you worried”

“No,” Mu Tao did not feel embarrassed and directly said it.

“Then lets start with nuclear MRI.” Zheng Ren found a computer and sat down.

He pulled out the relevant information of the surgery patient from the computer and began to explain to Mu Tao.

Zheng Ren was a man of action.

He made use of all his time to do things.

Mu Tao did not waste time.

He pulled a chair and sat beside him.

He began to ask the countless questions in his heart.

Mu Tao had studied this radiographic films for nearly 36 hours.

He already had some ideas on how to find the puncture point from the nuclear MRI, but there were still many difficult points that he did not understand.

Every difficult point, in Mu Taos opinion, could not be overcome.

However, when he asked about it, Zheng Ren did not even think about it and directly answered.

Either his ideas were clever, or he simply stated some blind spots that Mu Tao did not think of.

One by one, the questions were solved without much effort.

Time passed, and soon, it was time for the early shift change.

Zhao Yunlong changed his clothes and changed his mood.

He wanted to try his best to dispel the haze that Zheng Rens live broadcast of the surgery had brought.

When he walked into the office, he saw Zheng Ren talking about radiographic films.

“Its time for the shift change.

The patients family members, please leave.” No matter what Zhao Yunlong said, he stood on the side of reason.

He said it casually, but in fact, he was saying it for Zheng Ren to hear.

“Professor Zhao, its you.” Mu Tao heard Zhao Yunlongs voice and stood up, smiling as he greeted him.

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