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Chapter 838: You Spend The Money, Ill Pay

Old Mo was a typical Soviet building of the last century.

It looked very exotic.

It was just that this group of people was not interested in exotic things at all.

Professor Rudolf Wagner and Little Oliver were originally Germans.

Zheng Ren was not feeling very well.

Xie Yiren was thinking about caviar, and Su Yuns eyes were shining.

From the looks of it, he was wholeheartedly waiting to drink with Chang Yue.

The Professor and Little Oliver had arrived early.

They did not wait inside.

Instead, they stood outside by the fountain and chatted while waiting.

When he saw Zheng Ren and the others coming over, the Professor opened his arms and gave Zheng Ren a warm hug to express the joy in his heart.

Zheng Ren was dizzy.

He did not dodge.

He felt like he was being hugged by a bear.

The spot where his ribs were broken began to hurt.

“Boss, your surgery today was really good.

The light it brought is enough to light up every corner of the world!” the professor praised.

Zheng Ren smiled and asked, “Have you ordered”

“Todays meal is mainly to celebrate.

Moreover, you are the one whos paying for it.

If you dont come, how can I order” Su Yun said.

“Hurry up, I cant wait anymore.”

“Why are you in such a hurry” Zheng Ren asked.

“You dont know if you havent tried it.

The most authentic vodka is here.” Su Yuns eyes were shining.

Ever since he went to the south to carry out a special mission, he had not had a good drink.

The guy was already going crazy.

Therefore, today he did not want to drink the domestic white wine, nor did he want to drink whiskey or wine.

He only wanted vodka.

He definitely could not leave ordering to Zheng Ren.

If he was going to order, he would rather charter a bus there to save time.

Xie Yiren held the menu and looked at it attentively while talking to the waiter in the restaurant.

Her words were very professional, with a few English words mixed in from time to time.

At first, the waiter could stutter a few words, but he quickly called out the front office manager.

With just a few words, the waiter knew that the girl in front of him was a sensible person.

She was either rich or noble and could not be fooled.

If she did not meet the requirements, the waitress might be scolded.

Being scolded was a small matter.

If the customer wanted to compensate, the waiter would not be able to pay for such an expensive thing even if he worked for a year.

The manager of the front office and Xie Yiren communicated for a while, but in the end, they still called the head chef out.

Zheng Ren felt strange.

What had caused such a big fuss

However, in front of the waiters and the manager of the front office, they could not ask.

They could only wait for Xie Yiren to order the seafood.

After she left, they asked the questions they had been holding in their hearts.

“Yiren, what happened just now”


I asked them about the caviar here.” Xie Yiren smiled sweetly.

Her fair skin looked even more exquisite under the contrast of the exotic style of the buildings.

“Is there another way to say caviar” Zheng Ren did not do much research on this kind of thing.

He was basically an idiot.

“Drinking vodka with caviar from the sea.

Im just asking them what caviar they have here.

Unfortunately, they dont have Beluga caviar that is more than 60 years old.” Xie Yiren was a little regretful.

“…” Zheng Ren was a little confused.

Caviar could need 60 years It was like white wine.

The older it was, the more valuable it would be.

But 60 years… Would it not go bad

Zheng Ren really had not studied caviar.

Zheng Ren rarely came into contact with pieces of information about eating.

“Sevruga is also good.

Its almost ready to eat,” Su Yun said at the side.

“Sevruga is basically a seven or eight-year-old sturgeon egg.

The gray color is not very good, and the taste lacks some complexity, but it can be eaten.” Xie Yiren held the menu and pointed it at Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren did not look at the color of the caviar at all.

Instead, he saw a string of numbers below that he would never forget.

“How much is a catty of Beluga caviar that is more than 60 years old” Zheng Ren asked.

“The market price is around 80,000 yuan.

Theres only a little.

There are too many people today, so its not enough to eat.

I want it all.

I need to add something else,” Xie Yiren said.

Zheng Ren seemed to understand why Su Yun insisted on bringing him to Old Mo for the vodka.

For himself, that dalieba was traditional Russian cuisine.

But for Xie Yiren, when she heard about the vodka, she would definitely think of the extremely expensive caviar.

“Actually, its not that delicious.” Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren, he smiled and said, “Caviar, truffle, and foie gras are known as the three great delicacies.

They are the standard ingredients in French cuisine.

Actually, it was the Russians who first started eating caviar.

Moreover, they didnt think it was that delicious.

“The delicacies that the foreigners brag about have to be seen dialectically.”

“Then its better not to order caviar.” Zheng Ren had a deep fear of that series of zeros.

“Ive been stingy with you.” Su Yun looked down on him.

“Xinglin Garden gave you a portion of the money in advance.

You dont have to use your salary card.

Today, you spend the money.

Ill pay for it.”

“…” Zheng Ren never thought that something like him spending money and Su Yun paying for it could happen to him.

“Boss, you said that the rich and powerful traveled thousands of miles to China and fought side by side with us.

What is this Youve only treated us to a meal once, and it was a big one.

Arent you embarrassed” Su Yun retorted.

Zheng Ren was even more dispirited.

That series of zeros looked even scarier than a roller coaster.

However, what Su Yun said was also true.

Rudolf Wagner had gone to Sea City early to study the new TIPS surgery method with him.

It seemed reasonable to have a good meal.

“Actually, eating caviar reminds me of the extravagant aristocratic atmosphere of the Louis XIV era.” Su Yuns eyes were shining.

“Especially when its accompanied by 38° vodka, then…”

“Vodka has such a low degree” Zheng Ren was a little surprised.

He thought, vodka was the kind of high-water alcohol-free drink that could be drunk directly and naturally.

“Do you know, Mendeleev” Su Yun used a question, but it was obvious that he did not want to ask.

The question only represented his contempt.


Mendeleevs most outstanding contribution to mankind was not the discovery of the periodic table, but his research on vodka.

In the end, he was known as the father of vodka.”

This was the first time Zheng Ren heard about this.

Zheng Ren suspected that Su Yun was spouting nonsense.

He had been fooled in the afternoon and sat in the first row of the roller coaster.

He was still not feeling well.

“Mendeleev has studied for many years and found that vodka at 38° is the best,” Su Yun said.

“The taste is explosive and pure like…”

“Anhydrous alcohol,” Zheng Ren added expressionlessly.

“Tsk, you dont understand.” Su Yun despised him.

“The current standard in the European Union is thirty-seven-point-five degrees, right, rich kid”

“Well, only vodka with more than this degree is vodka.

And you cant drink it.

I feel that only the purest vodka can be considered real vodka.

How do I put this” Rudolf Wagner hesitated.

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