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Chapter 833: Wicked Smile

The childs mother only held his hand symbolically to limit his mischief.

When the child cried, the mother let go of his hand with heartache.

When the hand was let go, the little boy stopped crying all of a sudden.

He had the potential to be a drama queen.

He immediately ran to the side of a person waiting for the subway and kicked him.

The child was not big, and the kick was not heavy either.

A gray mark appeared on the mans pants.

There were faint marks on the pants.

This was probably not the first time.

The man was a little unhappy.

He turned around and looked at the little boy and his mother.

“Im sorry.” The little boys mother did not care.

She just apologized absent-mindedly and went to grab the little boy.

Once she grabbed his hand, the little boy began to cry and make a scene again.

Zheng Rens head immediately became filled with thoughts.

If he and Xie Yiren had a child, would they also be such a naughty child Zheng Ren immediately comforted himself.

Xie Yiren was very gentle and his temper could be considered kind.

It would not be so.

But if they were always kind, would they be bullied after school What about school bullying

Countless thoughts surged into Zheng Rens mind.

For a moment, looking at the little boy, Zheng Ren suddenly became engrossed in thought.

The little boy and his mother repeatedly pulled, cried, and let go.

He went to the mans side again, either to hit him or to kick him.

At first, the little boys mother said a few words of apology, but after a few times, she gave him a look that said, “My child is still young, dont stoop to his level.”

At first, the man was a little confused, but he quickly became angry.

The veins on both sides of his forehead were full, like two horns.

Even though Zheng Ren was far away, he could still feel the mans anger.

‘Please dont let anything happen to him…

He remembered that when he was still in Sea City last year, there was a video on the Internet.

It was a surveillance video of a bus.

A little boy repeatedly hit a man he did not know.

At the beginning, the man said a few words, probably “Stay away from me,” and “Dont touch me.”

But the little boy still went up and hit him twice.

The man was completely angry and lost control of his emotions.

He threw the little boy to the ground with a shoulder throw and gave him a good beating.

Zheng Ren did not follow up on what happened later.

He heard that the little boy had contusions, but he was unsure if he had fractures.

He did not discuss it online, nor did he look at all the discussions.

What was there to talk about such things.

The public was right, and the old lady was right.

In any case, he still had to live his life.

Zheng Ren was worried that the man would go berserk after being teased by the little boy.

If the little devil in his heart was really seduced, he would immediately transform and beat the child to death or cripple him.

What would he do then!

Zheng Ren carefully looked at the man.

He was completely focused, as if he was standing at the operating table, carefully looking for all sorts of abnormal physiological structures.

But the man immediately controlled his temper.

He smiled, and Zheng Ren was stunned.

That smile was not a normal, generous smile, nor was it a smile of extreme anger.

Instead, it was like the description of a domineering CEO in a womens novel.

It was a demonic smile.

It was really demonic.

Anyway, this was how Zheng Ren felt in his heart.

‘Uh… Something bad is going to happen!

Zheng Ren focused.

He actually sympathized with this man in his heart.

He was afraid that the man would go berserk and end up in trouble.

This was an undeserved disaster.

Why bother

The man looked around and ran to the police station of the subway station.

He ran very fast, but the demonic smile on his face grew brighter and wider.

Was he looking for the railway police Zheng Ren let out a sigh of relief.

This was good too.

Although it was a peace offering in the end, it avoided hurting people and saved trouble.

Zheng Ren had already imagined the scene of the little boy being injured and was planning on going to the rescue him himself.

He could not let this happen.

If this really happened, all the arrangements would be ruined.

He still had to play with Little Yiren in the afternoon and experience different life experiences.

However, things were not so simple.

Zheng Ren could read something from the mans bewitched smile.

After interacting with the families of patients, his ability to read peoples expressions had unknowingly improved.

Zheng Ren estimated that he was a master at reading peoples expressions.

Soon, a police officer walked out with the man with a face full of anger and vigilance.

As he walked, he tidied up his clothes and took out his baton, as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

Uh… What did that man say to the railway police officer Why did the peace he imagined not happen Instead, the police officers were as vigilant as if they were catching fugitives!

Zheng Ren was puzzled.

He grabbed Xie Yirens hand and moved to the side, using his body to block Xie Yiren, in case something happened to hurt her.

The man pointed at the little boy and his mother.

At this moment, the little boys mother was pulling him.

The little boy was crying and making a scene.

He could not stop pulling at all.

“Hello, please show me your ID!” After calling for backup, the railway police walked over and ordered seriously.

“Why!” The little boys mother was surprised.

“I suspect that you are human trafficking.” The railway police narrowed his eyes like a cheetah ready to hunt.

He was alert in case the little boys mother would escape.

“What human trafficker This is my son!” The little boys mother defended herself.

“Impossible!” the man who had been harassed said from the side.

“Every time you pulled him, he would cry and make a scene.

You even reminded me to be careful.

You must be human trafficker! Little Brother, dont be afraid.

Come over here.”

Zheng Ren was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

Sure enough, nothing good came out of a devilish smile.

This man was really talented.

If he were to put on the big hat of human trafficking, it would probably take a long time to explain.

How could the railway police be involved in such an infuriating matter like human trafficking!

They would rather kill the wrong person than let it go.

However, they did not want the railway police to misjudge.

The little boy desperately tried to break free from his mothers hand and then go out to cause trouble.

He looked very much like a child being trafficked trying to survive in a public place.

This strategy… Zheng Ren did not know whether to laugh or cry.

After the man finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of the subway he was about to take.

He took half a step back and hid beside the police.

The little boys mother wanted to get on the subway but was forcefully stopped by the police.

The man unknowingly blended into the crowd and got on the subway.

As the subway drove away, Zheng Ren saw the triumphant smile on his face as he stood by the window.

Zheng Ren shook his head.

This person could be considered talented.

It was really interesting.

Xie Yiren did not understand what was going on and was a little confused.

“Yiren, pick a place.

Lets go,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Was she a human trafficker” Xie Yiren took it seriously and asked hatefully.

“No, it was a parent who cant control their child.

Its fine.

You pick a place.

Well go play.”

Hearing Zheng Rens words, Xie Yiren was relieved.

She didnt think that Zheng Ren would make a mistake at all.

She put her hands together again and said something to herself in a very ritualistic manner.

Then, she jumped and gently touched the map of the subway station with her fingers.

The Square Bridge.

Okay, here they went.

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