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Chapter 825: Listen to My Brothers Advice

The next day, Zheng Ren woke up early and stretched his muscles.

Then, he went upstairs to eat breakfast.

Everyone was absent-minded while eating.

Then, Xie Yiren drove to the hospital early in the morning.

It was not yet time to go to work, and yet the roads were a mess.

Compared to the subway last night, Zheng Ren felt as if that was a lifetime ago.

After coming to the Department of Interventional Medicine and changing his clothes, Zheng Ren went to the Department of Digestive Medicine to take a look at the patient.

The old lady was rather nervous.

Zheng Ren comforted her a few times, but it did not have any effect.

Only people lying on the operating table would be nervous.

Any comforting words would be easier said than done.

Zheng Ren knew this.

Zheng Ren just wanted to know the patients blood pressure this morning, whether the indwelling needle was buried, and other pre-surgery conditions.

Everything was going according to plan, so Zheng Ren was relieved.

In fact, this was just asmall surgery.

However, this surgery was an important part of Zheng Rens plan, so it was normal for him to make a little fuss over nothing.

Hu Yanhui sent over the Google Glasses.

Zheng Ren put it on and did not feel any discomfort.

“Have you tested the equipment” Zheng Ren asked.

“I tested it twelve times last night and all of them were successful.” Hu Yanhui smiled and said, “Professor Zheng, please rest assured.

I am the most professional.”

Her skin was darker, but her teeth were very white.

Her smile was very bright.

As long as the equipment was good, Zheng Ren did not want to worry about other things.

Professor Rudolf Wagner also arrived very early.

He was somewhat relieved to see Zheng Ren arrive first.

For some reason, this boss had always shown that he did not care about the Nobel Prize.

This was something that the professor could not understand.

Today, he had finally seen him get nervous.

For Professor Rudolf Wagner, this was a matter that was especially worth celebrating.

When the shift was over, Professor Zhao, who was temporarily in charge of the department, was a little absent-minded.

Last night, he had heard that Xinglin Garden and Zheng Ren had joined hands to perform the surgery and broadcast it live.

He did not sleep well that night.

Rudolf Wagner was performing TIPS surgery early in the morning.

Professor Zhao did not go to watch because of some reservations deep in his heart.

Not to mention the speed and level of the surgery, the patient recovered quickly after the surgery.

The key was that there were very few cases of hepatic encephalopathy.

The issue of New England Magazine that Zheng Ren published about TIPS surgery was almost torn apart by Professor Zhao, but he still could not find the key to the surgery.

Zheng Ren must have hidden some key! Every time Professor Zhao thought of this matter, he would gnash his teeth in hatred.

But, was there actually going to be a live broadcast of the surgery

Zheng Rens stroke of genius made Professor Zhao confused.

What was he doing


What fame would be greater than the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Biology!


How much could a live broadcast of the surgery cost With Zheng Rens skill as a freelance surgeon, 100,000 yuan a day was nothing.

Fame and profit were impossible.

Why would Zheng Ren take such a huge risk to do a live broadcast of the surgery

In Professor Zhaos opinion, the live broadcast of the surgery was a gimmick.

Whether it was the live broadcast of the surgery of a large-scale conference or something else, it was a gimmick!

Many professors performed demonstration surgeries at large-scale conferences, and in the end, their reputation was ruined.

This Boss Zheng looked a little simple and honest, but he was definitely not stupid.

Professor Zhao had the most basic judgment of Zheng Ren.

If he was stupid, then what was he

Therefore, he tossed and turned all night and actually lost sleep.

With dark circles under his eyes, he forced himself to stay awake.

After the shift was over, Professor Zhao, on rare occasion, came in front of Zheng Ren and said with a smile, “Boss Zheng, are you going to do a live surgery today”

“Yes.” Zheng Ren smiled.

He was prepared to go to the ward rounds first and then pick up the patient himself.

Because he was the one who first came into contact with the patient, Zheng Ren was not prepared to let the Professor or Su Yun do this kind of small work.

It was to prevent the patient from getting nervous, and his blood pressure would rise, leading to an unpredictable situation.

“Today, we have to see Little Zhengs skills.” Professor Zhao smiled innocently.

Su Yun glanced at him and sneered.

He brought the Professor, Little Oliver, and Zheng Ren along.

They first went to do ward rounds and then prepared to go to the operating theater to prepare for the surgery.

Professor Zhao seemed to have not heard Su Yuns sneer.

He followed Zheng Ren and did not do ward rounds anymore, as they walked.

He said, “Boss Zheng, how do you do a live broadcast surgery Its not easy to do a live broadcast.

Three years ago, an old professor did a live broadcast of the TIPS surgery.

In the end, he failed to pierce 15 needles and then gave up on the surgery.”

“Oh, the failure of the surgery has nothing to do with the live broadcast, right” Zheng Ren said lightly.

“But after that, everyone said that the first thing that came to mind was the failure of the live broadcast of the surgery.

No one remembers how many times it was successful before that.” Professor Zhao looked concerned.

“Boss Zheng, listen to me.

Dont do this.”

“Thank you,” Zheng Ren said.

“The surgery shouldnt be a problem.

Thank you, Professor Zhao.”

As he spoke, Zheng Ren took a step forward and led his men to begin to do ward rounds.

The young man was arrogant and despotic.

Professor Zhao did not get angry when he saw that Zheng Ren wasGoing his own way. When Zheng Ren turned around and left, he smiled.

Yes, he smiled.

What he wanted to do was to plant a nail in Zheng Rens heart.

That was enough.

He thought that Zheng Ren only thought about the benefits of the live broadcast of the surgery and did not think about the disadvantages.

With such a nail, once the surgery did not go smoothly, what would happen The changes would be huge.

The live broadcast was still the most difficult and most luck-dependent TIPS surgery.

In a while, he would go and watch the live broadcast of the surgery.

Now that he was in charge of the entire department, it was normal for him to care about the little comrade.

If he could really see his surgery making a mistake… The corner of Professor Zhaos mouth revealed a hint of a sincere smile.

It was as if Zheng Rens surgery had already failed.

Young people were arrogant and despotic.

Did they not know how to climb high and fall hard

Professor Zhao brought people to do ward rounds.

He was not in a hurry.

After that, he got his doctor to bring the patient to the operating theater.

He slowly changed his clothes in the changing room.

Soon, Su Yun, Professor Rudolf Wagner, and Little Oliver, came in.

They changed their clothes and made preoperative preparations.

Professor Zhao and Zheng Ren were very polite.

They still retained a trace of a gentle mask.

However, when they saw Su Yun, they did not think that way.

During the surgery before the earthquake relief, Su Yun directly set the time on his phone.

This was a slap to his old face.

Professor Zhaos face was cold.

He waited for Su Yun to greet him or to provoke him.

However, Su Yun acted as if he did not see such a person.

He chatted and laughed with the professor.

After changing his clothes, he went straight into the operating theater.

What was worse than his ridicule was his disregard.

Professor Zhao almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

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