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Chapter 824: 10 Years Beyond the Mayo Clinic

In Inner Mongolia, under the banner of Kerqin, Liu Xuzhi had just returned from the front line.

He was considered the first batch of volunteers.

He was different from Zheng Ren, who went with orders.

After Zheng Ren left, Liu Xuzhi worked for another ten days before he left the front line.

During this earthquake relief, Liu Xuzhi had fulfilled his personal wish.

At the same time, he also met a god-like sorcerer.

In his opinion, the operator in the live broadcast room of Xinglin Gardens surgery was already a god-level operator.

However, this time, Liu Xuzhis horizons were broadened.

After seeing Zheng Rens surgery, his understanding of interventional surgery was refreshed once again.

After a tiring journey, he returned to the banner of Kerqin, Inner Mongolia.

He went home, took a shower, and slept for a solid day.

After he got up, Liu Xuzhis body ached all over.

He lay on the bed, not wanting to move at all.

Holding his phone, Liu Xuzhi felt a little reluctant to part with him.

Did the operator of the live surgery broadcast room in Xinglin Garden fall to the altar just like that

‘It wont happen.

It definitely wont happen, Liu Xuzhi thought to himself.

He opened Xinglin Garden and wanted to see if the operator of the broadcast room had updated it.

It would be great if he was lucky enough to run into the operator of the broadcast.

Liu Xuzhi felt that his field of vision had been broadened.

He would definitely be able to see more details when he looked at the surgery of the person in the live broadcast room of Xinglin Garden.

However, the moment he opened the website of Xinglin Garden, a line of eye-catching words appeared in front of his eyes: the candidate for the Nobel Prize, Dr.

Zheng Ren of the 912 hospital of the Imperial Capital, will be live broadcasting the TIPS surgery on my website tomorrow.

Liu Xuzhis heart pounded.

The extremely exhausted figure at Pengxi Village, refusing to collapse, appeared in front of his eyes again.

Was he going to start the live surgery broadcast

This was a great thing!! Would he be able to learn the legendary TIPS surgery one day!

When he thought of this, Liu Xuzhis heart jumped to 120 times per minute.

The time was tomorrow morning, and the details were yet to be decided.

Liu Xuzhi hesitated for a moment, but he decided to open the page of the live broadcast room first.

There had been no live broadcasts recently, and the surgery was already empty.

He sighed, but Zheng Rens level was definitely very high.

The other party only needed 15 minutes to perform an interventional hemostasis for a severe pelvic fracture.

This level, in Liu Xuzhis eyes, had already broken through the sky.

He would never be able to achieve it in his lifetime.

But what was the point of learning

Opening the live broadcast of the surgery on the front page of Xinglin Gardens website, Liu Xuzhi found that the live broadcast of the surgery this time was different from before.

In the past, it was a personal event, but this time, he had to spend money as a senior graduate member to enter the live broadcast room to watch the surgery.

Of course, the staff of Xinglin Garden also explained.

The right of the patient to know, the reduction of a part of the surgery fees, and so on were included in the business of handling a senior graduate member.

Although this sum of money was not much, it was openly raised.

Their exaggerated claims had nothing to do with Liu Xuzhi not hesitating to pay for the membership.

Through his contacts in Pengxi Village, Liu Xuzhi believed in the doctor called Zheng Ren.

Zheng Rens skill level was so high that he rarely used this method to earn money With this kind of technology, if he went out to run freelance operations, 18 million yuan could be considered a small amount of money in a year.

After he was done with the membership, he absent-mindedly closed the website of Xinglin Garden.

After hesitating for a moment, he began to make a call to borrow a professional video camera.

If it could not be downloaded…it was better to leave behind some video and audio materials.

* * *

Mu Tao also returned to Shenzhen City.

He was reporting to Wu Haishi, Elder Wu, about what he had seen and heard at the front line.

Speaking of passionate things, Elder Wu sighed and wrung his hands.

If he were twenty years younger, he would definitely go to the front line.

Mu Tao emphasized on the things he had worked on with Zheng Ren and Su Yun at Pengxi Township Hospital.

He was extremely impressed with Zheng Rens skill.

Because he had just returned from the Mayo Clinic, Mu Tao compared Zheng Rens level with the Mayo Clinics level and came to a conclusion that even Elder Wu felt was unrealistic: Zheng Rens experience was at least ten years more than that of Mayo Clinic.

This was still a conservative estimate.

Mu Tao thought that there was at least a gap of more than twenty years between the two.

But how old was Zheng Ren This was too unbelievable.

“Your skill has also improved.

Let me see you perform a surgery tomorrow,” Wu Haishi said with a smile as he looked at his proud disciple.


“I think Boss Zhengs level is even higher than that of the operator in the Xinglin Gardens live surgical broadcast.

Recently, I have been paying attention to the operator on Xinglin Gardens live broadcast room.

He hasnt done the broadcast anymore.

“This is a bit of a pity.

Its quite a pity,” Mu Tao said.

“I have been paying attention to it too recently, but there is indeed no live broadcast of the surgery,” Wu Haishi said.

“It is indeed a bit of a pity.”

As he spoke, he picked up his phone and put on his reading glasses.

He was prepared to take another look.

Just like Liu Xuzhi, he opened the website to Xinglin Garden.

A line of large words appeared in front of him:the Nobel Prize candidate, Dr.

Zheng Ren of Imperial Capitals 912 hospital, will be broadcasting the surgery live on my website tomorrow.

Wu Haishi was stunned.

When Mu Tao saw this, he quickly ran to Wu Haishis side.

When he saw this promotional message, he was also stunned.

Live broadcast surgery Was this because he was competing with the previous surgeons, or was there some other reason

Moreover, Xinglin Garden website clearly used all its strength to push this matter forward this time.

It was completely different from the previous surgeons who secretly operated in the live surgical broadcast room.

“Young people are really newborn calves.” Wu Haishi, Elder Wu, muttered to himself before he sighed and said, “Arent you afraid that there will be problems with the surgery”

Mu Tao was silent for a long time before he said, “Teacher, that Zheng Ren, Boss Zheng, performed the surgery very stably.

“In Pengxi Township Hospital, his assistant and I took turns to rest.

Boss Zheng performed the surgery on his own for a few days and nights.

From the first 15 minutes to the end, as difficult as the surgery was, the time basically did not change.”


“I did some calculations later.

The reason it was 15 minutes was because of the time it took to perform the puncture, push the medicine, and for extubation.

As for the place where I spent most of my time–the arterial super selection–Boss Zheng basically didnt waste any effort.

He succeeded in every super selection.”

“Is he that good Ive never seen him this good in the Imperial Capital before,” Wu Haishi said.

“Thats true.

I took some time to watch Boss Zheng perform a few surgeries.

His hands are steady and his eyes are accurate.

No matter what angle the blood vessel selection is, its not a problem for him.” Mu Tao still found it unbelievable.

“And he also performed a widowmaker heart attack embolectomy.”

“…” Wu Haishi was stunned.

Circulatory interventional surgery was different from vascular interventional surgery and visceral interventional surgery.

It could be considered a surgery for two departments.

Could this young man even perform circulatory thrombectomy

“The surgery was very successful.

The patient was the chief of the Interventional Surgery Department in Pengxi Village.

He was so busy that he didnt even know that he had a heart infarction,” Mu Tao said.

“I think that Boss Zheng has the confidence to do a live broadcast of the surgery.

He will definitely succeed.”

“Postpone the surgery tomorrow morning and do it in the afternoon,” Wu Haishi, Elder Wu, said.

“Tomorrow morning, we will have a learning session to learn about the new TIPS surgery.”

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