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Chapter 807: Advised People to Study Medicine, and Lightning Struck the Sky

“Yes, there are many ways.” Zheng Ren nodded.

“Boss, how much money do you want” Su Yun asked.

For many people, this was the essence of the problem, and Zheng Ren had also considered this problem.

“Money… Rich kids, charitable donations, and so on.

Have you finished handing over the money to Su Yun” Zheng Ren suddenly thought of this matter and asked.

“Were still waiting for the registration of the legal person.

Well talk about it after the public account is completed,” Su Yun said.

“One is for the charity donation, and the other is for the cost of your surgery livestream.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“How much can you pay for that side”

“A thousand yuan for one.

“No matter how much it was, I didnt scream about it.

After all, if Feng Xuhui was included in the cost of the patients live broadcast, Xinglin Garden would still have to pay a huge amount of money.

I checked up on the big data of their recent traffic.

This was probably their last gamble.

“If it succeeds, there will be more venture capitalists.

“If it doesnt work, Xinglin Garden will probably die.”

“Thats fine too.

Its not a small amount.” Zheng Ren did not care.

In any case, this was a win-win situation.

In such a situation, how much money he could earn from a surgery was not important at all compared to the Nobel Prize.

The patients who agreed to the live broadcast could be exempted from the cost of some high-value medical supplies.

Changfeng Microinvasive Surgery could benefit from the increase in the number of surgeries performed.

On his side, besides the live broadcast fee, the most important thing was that he had obtained a large amount of surgery data.

Since everyone benefited, then he would continue to do it.

“Boss, by right, you also suffered when you were young.

Why are you not interested in money If Little Yiren doesnt have feelings for money, I think its normal.

You dont fit the profile.” Su Yun looked at Zheng Rens indifferent expression, feeling that his work was not valued, so he complained.

“Huh Who told you that I was interested in money when I was young” Zheng Ren looked at Su Yun curiously.

“Ive never seen it, never spent it, never used it, and was never narrow-minded.

How could I”

“Okay, youre right,” Su Yun said.

“Im going to run a project in the afternoon.

What we eat tonight, you guys can discuss it.

Just tell me in the group.”

As Su Yun spoke, his last sentence was no longer spoken to Zheng Ren, but to Chang Yue.

Zheng Ren waved his hand, indicating for him to leave quickly.

Then, out of habit, he wanted to find a sunny place to go to the System library to read books.

A quiet day was really not bad.

Recently, Zheng Ren had experienced the biggest difference between 912 and Sea City.

In the past, be it the General Surgery Department or the Emergency Department, there would be an emergency treatment at any time.

No matter what time it was, they would always be terrified.

Whenever he heard the sound of a stretcher trolley, Zheng Ren would reflexively experience symptoms such as an increase in his heart rate and a surge in the hormones in his body.

In 912, other than the patients in his group, all the other patients were handled by the Chief Resident and the doctor on duty.

Moreover, they did not receive emergency treatment.

Compared to before, it was like Heaven and Hell.

Zheng Ren was very satisfied with this.

When he read the magazine, he did not have to worry about the emergency treatment coming.

Reading in the System library, it was quiet and time flew by.

The Professor was used to Zheng Ren staring blankly at a book.

It was normal for his boss to be a little special.

How could an ordinary person get the Nobel Prize which has not been won for decades

Time flew by.

Zheng Ren had recently come into contact with some difficult and complicated diseases, so he was more attentive to strange medical records than before.

In Sea City, he mainly faced ordinary diseases and emergency cases, but difficult and complicated diseases were everywhere here.

The afternoon passed just like that.

Zheng Ren was not in a hurry to think about the Nobel Prize.

He had a plan for this matter, just in time for Manager Peng of Xinglin Garden to give him a pillow when he was dozing off.

Everything in front of him was very smooth, but it was not easy to make expectations.

He would talk about it when it started.

It was probably almost time.

Zheng Ren came out of the System library and opened WeChat.

The hundreds of messages in the group made Zheng Rens eyes blur.

The girls were discussing what to eat.

Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi expressed their envy while actively coming up with ideas.

Su Yun replied from time to time, interspersing their messages.

Looking at the long-winded and meaningless words in the group, Zheng Ren felt that this was pretty good.

There were not so many meaningful things in life.

However, one-third of the time, Chu Yanzhi said that the nurse at the consultation desk in the emergency hall had been beaten up by someone.

There was mess and she wanted to see what was going on.

Zheng Ren still remembered that there were about six or seven nurses in that group.

They did not have to be on duty, so they were free.

They were only responsible for printing the test results and guiding the way.

In addition, the patients used wheelchairs.

They could just leave a deposit or ID card.

Although they earned less, they did not have to worry about work.

That was the biggest benefit.

That was a very popular job for the nurses.

Looking at the time of the chat, after about an hour, Chu Yanzhi started to talk about the cause of the matter.

It turned out that after the new year, Director Xiao started to advocate a service-oriented activity.

The Hospital Administration and Publicity Department quickly came up with a smiling service activity in response to the directors call.

Advocating service, Zheng Ren had been silently criticizing this.

A doctor had the heart of a parent.

Service required money.

How much money was given and how much work was done were two different concepts.

The salary of Sea City hospital was so low, and they still had the face to say that they were service staff If not for the medical ethics and saving lives to keep the doctors and nurses, no one would have run away if it were any other profession.

There had never been overtime pay either.

It had been like this for countless years.

Smile service… When Zheng Ren saw this, he shook his head.

What happened today was that a patients family member had finished seeing the patient who was in a wheelchair.

The nurse who guided the patient smiled very warmly and sweetly.

But because of this, the patients family member was unhappy.

Chu Yanzhi did not specify what had happened in between.

She only said that the patients family member used the medical record book to pat the Young Nurses face and say “The patient is sick, yet youre still laughing like its a joke in the hospital! Are you f*cking human!”

Then, a fight broke out.

Old Chief Physician Pan was not around, and Zheng Ren was transferred away.

The part-time chief physician in the Emergency Department began to want to calm things down.

However, the young nurse would not do it.

She would say, “If I work for a lifetime, wont I still be a nurse in the end If not, I wont do it anymore.”

Then, she began to call the police, adjust the surveillance cameras, and forcefully push the acting chief physician against the wall.

The matter was still ongoing, and Chu Yanzhi did not know what happened after that.

This kind of thing… Zheng Ren suddenly remembered that when he had just started work, an outpatient doctor was reported to be trading stocks at work.

But in the end, it was found that the doctor was looking at an electrocardiogram.

In the hospital, this kind of ridiculous thing always happened.

They threw medical treatment into the market, but they continued to promote medical ethics.

Zheng Ren did not want to think about this kind of thing carefully.

He could not solve it even if he thought too much about it.

It was better to treat the patient and perform the surgery.

After talking for about half an hour, the topic stopped talking about persuading people to learn medicine, like lightning struck.

Perhaps everyone felt that it was very boring and began to discuss what to eat for dinner.

Seeing that the girls could not come to a conclusion in a short time, Su Yun finally made a decision to eat western food.

Speaking of western food, Xie Yiren and Chu Yanran gave an answer at the same time: TRB restaurant.

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