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Chapter 802: Did You Swallow A Blade

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Be they in the wardrobe or the shoe cabinet, they were all treated as chief physicians.

They were of a equal height and did not require much effort.

Zheng Ren changed his clothes and quickly walked inside.

The patient had so many injuries, and there was no telling how many blood vessels were leaking.

Her blood pressure had to be extremely low, and every minute and second would determine her life and death.

Zheng Ren had long been used to the emergency treatment.

However, every time he experienced it, the hormone level in his body would rise, which would still cause his body to feel uncomfortable.

He put on a sterile cap and grabbed a sterile mask.

He strapped it on as he walked into the operating theater.

The emergency operating theater was near the front in order to save the dozens of seconds needed to bring the stretcher trolley to the operating theater.

Zheng Ren had come to the emergency operating theater because of the child with P-J syndrome, so he found the operating theater with ease.

Chairman Jiang was directing the resuscitation.

The patient had just been moved to the operating table.

The ECG showed that the blood pressure was almost undetectable, and the heart rate had jumped to 150 beats per minute.

The blood oxygen saturation was still good, at 96%.

“Get the blood!” Chairman Jiang saw the situation and immediately shouted loudly.

The anesthesiologist intubated the patient and gave him general anesthesia.

The scrub nurse had already finished scrubbing in and was prepping the surgical sterile bag.

The circulating nurse had already flown up and was about to make a call to get the blood.

The scrub nurse was still waiting to count the number of instruments with her.

Busy, but not messy.

This was a rhythm that Zheng Ren was very familiar with.

“Chairman Jiang, has President Wang called you” Zheng Ren came to Chairman Jiangs side and asked.

“You are…” Chairman Jiang looked at Zheng Ren in surprise.

“Is there anyone idle Go get the blood!” after the circulating nurse finished her call, she came back and shouted.

“You, go and get the blood from the Blood Transfusion Department.” Chairman Jiang did not waste his breath on Zheng Ren.

After all, he was wearing an isolation suit, a sterile cap, and a mask.

They were family.

No matter who he was, he was the only idler right now.

“Hurry up and get the blood.”

Zheng Ren felt that it was inconvenient.

Did they not say that he would help out during the surgery

However, he did not refuse.

He turned around and ran to the changing room.

He put on his white suit and shoe covers and ran to the Blood Transfusion Department to get the blood.

A doctor who was at the level of a master surgeon in the General Surgery Department had turned into a small errand boy to get blood.

Zheng Ren was also very helpless.

However, he could not argue with Chairman Jiang on the stage.

Delaying the resuscitation was a big deal.

He would first get some blood and talk about other things later.

After running out, Zheng Ren found a sign and looked for the location of the Blood Transfusion Department.

Then, he did not wait for the elevator.

Instead, he ran along the fire-proof passage to the Blood Transfusion Department.

The efficiency was very high.

When Zheng Ren ran to the Blood Transfusion Department, the blood had already been matched.

Zheng Ren explained that the operating theater needed blood.

After signing and verifying, he ran back with a large pile of plasma and fresh frozen erythrocyte.

When he entered the operating theater again, the door of the operating theater opened.

The circulating nurse rushed out and almost bumped into Zheng Ren.

She glared at Zheng Ren and ran out.

The surgery had already begun.

Zheng Ren was very familiar with that kind of nervous and depressing atmosphere.

The patients condition was too serious.

Chairman Jiang did not know what to do.

The circulating nurse went to the other operating theaters.

Zheng Ren saw that she was in a hurry.

She must have gone to find the director or the professor who was acting as the director at home to lead the group.

Zheng Ren put the blood down.

He could not verify it for the time being.

He had to check the patient.

He needed someone to cooperate with him.

His job was to be done by a circulating nurse.

He still had to wait for dozens of seconds.

Zheng Ren took this opportunity to come behind Chairman Jiang and take a look at the operative view.

The operative view was full of bright red blood.

Chairman Jiang was using an aspirator to suck up all the spilled blood so that he could find the location of the wound.

However, the patients blood pressure was almost undetectable, but the bleeding in the abdominal cavity was still so fast.

No matter how much Chairman Jiang sucked, it was dark red.

“First touch the hepatic hilum, stop the bleeding with bare hands, and then cut the spleen,” Zheng Ren said at the back.

“Oh, okay,” Chairman Jiang thought it was a professor, so he subconsciously responded.

But he immediately realized that this voice was so unfamiliar.

The hilum, barehanded bleeding control, and loosening the tourniquet every 15 minutes It seemed to be completely correct, but how did the person who spoke know that there was something wrong with the liver

Chairman Jiang did not have the time to ask, and even if he did, no one would answer.

The circulating nurse ran back and said hurriedly, “Come over immediately.

You stop the bleeding first.”

This was the professors answer.

It was likely that the surgery was at its most tense.

Moreover, because there was a large-scale emergency treatment on this side, the slow-diagnosis surgery was going to be accelerated.

The patient could not be left on the operating table to participate in another surgery, right Whose lives were not human lives

After the circulating nurse finished speaking, she immediately began to check the blood type, specifications, and dates of the plasma and fresh frozen erythrocyte with Zheng Ren.

This was a must.

No matter how busy they were, they had to check.

The transfusion of wrong blood would be a huge matter.

Moreover, it was not as if similar things had never happened before.

After checking a bag of erythrocyte, they immediately took it to the machine to heat it up.

The circulating nurse came back to check the other blood.

The check was completed very quickly.

There were no mistakes.

The circulating nurse went to do other things.

Zheng Ren was finally fine.

He stood behind Chairman Jiang and looked at the operating area from the perspective of the surgeon.

The liver had already strangled the hilum area, and the effect of sucking blood was gradually revealed.

However, the adhesion around the gastrointestinal tract was a mess.

There was no normal and clear anatomical structure at all.

‘This brat is courting death by himself, Zheng Ren lamented in his heart.

Was it possible to go to an underground black clinic so casually Anesthetizing and then cutting out a kidney.

He did not even f*cking know what to make about it.

How did the kidney machine come about That was not the case.

The sterile cap on Chairman Jiangs face was instantly wet with sweat.

He was beginning to dissociate the ligaments of the spleen and stomach and was preparing to cut out the spleen.

However, the adhesion was a mess and there was also an edema.

The progress of the surgery was very slow.

Zheng Rens eyes narrowed.

He was observing the operating area.

There was something vaguely under the dark red blood.

The patients strange injury had multiple organ injuries.

There had to be a source.

“Chairman Jiang, be careful on your right.

There seems to be something,” Zheng Ren immediately said when he saw Chairman Jiang reaching in to pull out the spleen.

“Use the aspirator to attract it! No, move it a little to the right.

First quadrant, 13 degrees.

“Its to the right side, not the right side of the assistant.

The sound of metal colliding could be heard.

In an instant, Chairman Jiang calmed down.

What the hell was that! Did the patient swallow a sharp blade or something

That was impossible.

If the patient swallowed a blade, the first thing that would be damaged would be the esophagus, the part of the throat, and definitely not the abdominal cavity.

Chairman Jiang had seen patients with more than ten centimeters of injury in the esophagus after swallowing a knife.

However, there were no problems with the chest cavity and mediastinum in the radiographic films before the operation.

Only the abdominal cavity had a large number of dark areas filled with liquid.

However, these thoughts only flashed through Chairman Jiangs mind before they disappeared.

The patient would not be able to hold on for long if the operation was not done quickly!

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