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Chapter 795: Malignant Incident (Part Two)

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A few minutes later, Xie Yiren came down.

Seeing that Zheng Rens expression was not right, Xie Yiren asked with concern, “Whats wrong”

Zheng Ren had just thought about what he should say when Su Yuns side began to talk.

Although there were some subjective factors involved, it was very vivid.

Zheng Ren found it interesting listening to what he said.

But this kind of thing really did not make people happy.

The few of them did not go too far away.

There were many restaurants outside.

Recently, Little Yiren and Chang Yue had been tasting each restaurant one by one so that they could determine which restaurant would become the canteen in the future and they could patronize it frequently.

They came to a Hunan restaurant and ordered a chopped fish head and stir-fried meat with big chilies.

There was no need to order many dishes for four people.

It was just a simple meal.

Todays mood was not right.

Everyone was eating alone.

As they were eating, Su Yun held up his phone and said, “Its on the news.”

“Let me see,” Zheng Ren said.

“The link has been sent to the group.

See for yourself.”

Zheng Ren opened the link.

He was greeted by a few-months-old child.

His pale and helpless face seemed to be complaining about something.

The quality of the photos was quite high.

It was shocking to look at.

Next was the childs mothers sorrowful expression.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, just these few photos alone were enough to describe a sad medical accident.

There were not many words.

It was just a simple description of what happened.

There was no treatment or follow-up.

But just a few photos were enough to arouse the sympathy and sense of justice of the audience.

Zheng Ren saw a lot of comments in the reply that doctors should be killed.

He sighed and looked at his phone in a daze.

Xie Yiren moved closer to Zheng Rens face and took a look.

Then, she turned her head and asked.

“Did the hospital respond”

She rarely saw such negative news.

If she saw too much of it, her mentality would be ruined.

For Little Yiren, it was enough to mind her own business.

“A nurse from the Pediatrics Department posted on her WeChat Moments about what happened just now,” Chang Yue said.

Then, she turned her phone around and let everyone see the screen.

The nurse from the Pediatrics Department recounted what happened.

She said that at 10:20 in the morning, the patients mother rushed to the emergency Pediatrics Department with the patient in her arms.

She said that the patient had a high fever and requested to lower her temperature.

Her body temperature showed that it was indeed high, but the emergency pediatrician was very cautious.

While lowering her temperature, he also ordered a series of blood tests to confirm the condition of the patient.

However, the mother of the child only paid for the medicine to lower the temperature.

Not long after she came back to use it, Su Yun saw what happened.

“Lets just wait and see.” Su Yun blew a breath.

His black hair fluttered in the wind, and he looked weak.

“Do you think it might be a problem with the medicine” Chang Yue asked.

“If it wasnt for the trouble, I wouldnt dare deny it.

But what happened after that was obviously premeditated.

I think the possibility of the child dying due to the effects of the medicine is not high,” Su Yun said cautiously.

“Who uses their own child to cause trouble!” Chang Yue directly denied Su Yuns statement.

“Tch!” Su Yun looked at Chang Yue with disdain, his face full of long hair and limited knowledge.

The human heart was sinister.

Su Yun was never afraid to speculate from the most evil angle.

Chang Yue was just about to retort him.

In front of Su Yun, Chang Yue had an innate advantage.

Chang Yue was the only one who would be fine retorting Su Yun.

Seeing that she was about to speak, Su Yun immediately said, “I have a treatment plan.

Are you familiar with the people in the Pediatrics Department”


The father of this pediatrics nurse has advanced cirrhosis, portal hypertension, and gastric varicose veins.

“When you went on your mission, you went to the hospital.

Lil Fugui performed the TIPS surgery.

I had a good chat with her.” Chang Yue did not have the time to retort Su Yun.

“You asked her to report to the medical administration division.

You suggested that we investigate the identity of the mother of a patient and then find out where the patient was treated.” It was easier for the hospital to handle this kind of matter.

“The amount of information is too much.

Its not something that an ordinary person can do,” Su Yun said.

“Huh” Chang Yue was stunned.

Why did they want to investigate these things

“Didnt you say that no one can use their own child to cause trouble” Su Yun said.

“This matter is different from the one in Sea City.

I dont think its a human trafficker.

Its better to investigate it more carefully.”

“You suspect that the child has a basic disease” Chang Yue understood.

“Let her ask first,” Su Yun said.

“What if the administrative division doesnt have any explanation” Chang Yue asked.

“Do you think they are all like you Those people in the medical administration division are all sneaky and cunning.

I guess they have already started to look for clues.” Su Yun finally seized an opportunity and used his social experience to crush Chang Yue.

Chang Yue glanced at him and ignored him.

She took her phone and began to communicate with the familiar pediatric nurse.

Soon, Chang Yue raised her head in a daze.

Zheng Ren felt that it was very strange.

Chang Yues expression was very strange.

As a small team that communicated best with patients, Chang Yue rarely showed such a confused expression.

In a sense, Chang Yue had a deep understanding of the ways of the world and how to communicate with patients.

The communication with colleagues and leaders… Chang Yue also knew about it, but she was just unwilling to do it.

She was a girl with a strange temper.

Zheng Ren had rarely seen her so confused.

It was completely unlike Chang Yue who had become good friends with Zheng Yunxia in the time it took to smoke a cigarette.

Su Yun was also stunned.

He touched Chang Yue and asked, “Are you dumb What happened”

“Xiao Yin said that the medical administration division has already found the records of the patient in other hospitals, but she doesnt know the details.” Chang Yue looked at the food in front of her and lost her appetite.

She put down her chopsticks and sighed, “What you said may be true.”

What did it mean What was the truth They were all medical professionals.

They would appear in front of her like flowing water without hesitating.

“Boss, give me a beer!” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren raised his head and looked at him.

Only then did he realize that Su Yun was greeting the boss of the restaurant.

This boss was not Boss Bi.

“Are you not going to work in the afternoon” Zheng Ren asked.

“I dont want to go.” Su Yun had an unusually gentle smile on his face.

If it was someone who was not familiar with him, they would not notice anything unusual.

This was the expression that a normal person should have.

However, everyone present was familiar with Su Yun.

This expression of his was definitely not right!

Generally speaking, the corner of the fellows mouth would have a mocking smile that would make people want to slap him.

How could he be so gentle

Zheng Ren shook his head and said, “Dont drink too much.

What if something happens”

“Boss, the Department of Interventional Medicine is slow at diagnosis!” Su Yun said, “The emergency building in front handles all emergency surgeries.

Even if you want to do it, you wont be able to do it.

Get used to it.

Once you get used to it, it will be fine.”

Su Yun emphasized theget used to very, very heavily.

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