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Chapter 774: Soul Assistant

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Not only the lungs, but even the pericardium was affected.

If he were on the operating stage… everyone, regardless of whether they were from the Department of Thoracic Surgery, would have the same idea.

Putting himself in his shoes, if he were on stage, the surgery would probably take at least four hours and he might not even be able to do it.

“Prepare to open the diaphragm,” Zheng Ren said faintly.

Su Yun nodded.

He had already made preparations.

Seeing Zheng Ren as an assistant, he seemed to have a new understanding, and his level of being an assistant had also increased.

He reached out and was about to ask the scrub nurse for long tweezers when Su Yuns cell phone in his pocket rang.

“Chief Dong, help me answer the call,” Su Yun said.

“Oh.” Dong Jia looked at the surgical field reluctantly.

He took out his cell phone from Su Yuns back pocket, picked it up, and put it next to Su Yuns ear.

“Yiren, youre here,” Su Yun said.

“Im on the stage with the boss.

Ill get someone to pick you up.”

After he said that, Su Yun glanced at Dong Jia.

Dong Jias heart was filled with grief.

There were more than ten people watching the surgery, and the surgical table was completely surrounded.

Because he came early, his position was second-best.

At this time, even if he had to pee, he would hold it in.

Once he went out, he might not even be able to use the footstool when he came back.

He would have to stand on a chair to watch.

If the person in front of him made any movements… He could already imagine himself falling down and his head hitting the edge of the sputum aspirator.

Head injury, contusion, and laceration on his scalp, epidural hematoma…

Dong Jias thoughts were just thoughts.

He didnt even have the chance to speak before he was defeated under Su Yuns gaze.

Forget it.

I should just go and pick him up obediently.

“Brother Yun, is that a thoracic surgeon or a general surgeon” Dong Jia turned around and was about to leave when he casually asked.

“What are you thinking about” Su Yun pinched a piece of tissue with a pair of long tweezers to expose Zheng Rens surgical field.

He said, “Its the bosss scrub nurse from operative view.”

The air in the operating theater was as quiet as death.

Was this the standard configuration of a Nobel Prize candidate As an interventional surgeon, he did not only perform general surgery and thoracic surgery, but he also had to bring his own assistant on stage.

He could tolerate all that, but he even had to bring his own damn scrub nurse…

Many of the big shots in 912 were envious.

There were some people who brought their assistants and scrub nurses when they went out for freelance surgeries, but that would be bullying outsiders.

In 912, who would dare to do such a thing

When this person appeared in front of them, they were supposed to denounce him passionately.

However, when they saw the surgery in front of them, everyone fell silent.

It was an indisputable fact that the scrub nurses could not keep up with the pace of the rare surgery in the operating theater.

However, would it be enough if they switched to a specialized scrub nurse

Dong Jia was stunned for a moment.

He kept quiet obediently and squeezed out of the crowd.

As soon as he moved, the position he stood in was immediately filled up.

“Chief Dong, remember to inform the head matron of the operating theater.” Su Yuns voice came from the crowd.

“Okay.” Dong Jia wanted to cry but had no tears.

Why did such a difficult matter fall on his head again How should he tell the head matron of the operating theater Could it be that the scrub nurse under him could not keep up with the rhythm, and the surgeon brought his own scrub nurse

That would be asking for a beating.

He would be beaten black and blue.

That was a small matter.

He was afraid that when he went for surgery in the future, he would be met with rolling eyes.

No, he had to shift the blame for this kind of thing.

At the very least, it had to be someone at the level of a chief.

Dong Jia was someone who knew what to do.

He instantly got a grasp of the situation.

He knew very well what should and should not be done.

He walked out of the operating theater and opened the door.

A 22-year-old girl stood at the door.

Her long hair fell on her plain white clothes.

She was elegant, beautiful, and gentle.

It was one thing to have a scrub nurse.

That was still tolerable.

Why did he find such a goddess-like girl to be a scrub nurse That was too much!

However, he was only stunned for a second before he revealed a smile and asked, “May I ask if you are Xie Yiren”

“Hello, I am Xie Yiren,” Xie Yiren said with a smile.

As her smile bloomed, Dong Jia felt that the cold operating theater was filled with flowers.

This time, it was not just envy and jealousy.

Faint hatred emerged.

His molars creaked as he ground his teeth.

“What did you say” When Xie Yiren heard the voice, she thought Dong Jia was talking.

“Uh… No, please come in,” Dong Jia quickly said, “This is the womens changing room.

I dont know what its like inside.

Ive never entered it before… This is the key.

If you need anything, please let me know.”

“The operating theater is in six hands.

Its a hybrid operating table.

Ill wait for you at the door.” Dong Jia was especially talkative, much more than usual.

Xie Yiren smiled sweetly and nodded.

She took the key and entered the changing room.

It would be great if he had such a beautiful scrub nurse… just like an overbearing president who needed a beautiful secretary by his side.

The thoughts in Dong Jias mind started to run wild.

However, despite the human mind frequently fantasizing, it would soon return to reality.

The exclusive scrub nurse, a species that was even rarer than pandas… Dong Jia could forget about it for the rest of her life.

If his own chief didnt even have one, how could he have one

Sigh, Boss Zheng was really lucky.

Dong Jia did not leave.

Instead, he stood at the door of the changing room and waited for Xie Yiren to change her clothes before bringing her in.

After a few minutes, Xie Yiren changed her clothes and walked out.

Dong Jia suppressed the chaotic thoughts in his heart and said, “This way.”

“What surgery” Xie Yiren asked.

“Hepatic hydatidosis.

It invaded the right kidney, right lung, pericardium, and inferior vena cava,” Dong Jia said, “Its already proceeding to the pericardium.”

“Oh,” Xie Yiren replied calmly.

“Have you worked as a scrub nurse” Dong Jia asked in surprise.

That was the first time he had seen such a rare disease.

How could this young nurse Xie Yiren have seen it before It couldnt be.

“No,” Xie Yiren said, “But its not difficult to pass whatever Zheng Ren wants to use.”

“I just need to know what hes thinking and be a little faster than him,” Xie Yiren said matter-of-factly.

Dong Jia broke down upon hearing that.

Dong Jia had never heard of what Xie Yiren said before.

However, it was very easy to understand.

The literal meaning was enough.

That was to understand the various behaviors and habits of the surgeon.

Look at the operating field to determine what the surgeon needed and then prepare the equipment half a step ahead of time

Just what kind of tacit understanding did they have…

Those words must not be heard by the other chief directors.

Who would not want to be that kind of soul-bound assistant However, if every chief director asked the operating theaters matron for that scrub nurse, the operating theater would collapse.

‘This is a special case.

This is a special case.

Its the privilege of a Nobel Prize candidate, Dong Jia kept repeating internally to brainwash himself.

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