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Chapter 77: Sharp-Tongued Nancy Boy

Zheng Ren thought for a moment.

The situation was understandable.

While he was stationed in the emergency room, there were no signs of women swarming to the department.

That would not be the case for Su Yun.

His arrival would bring a much-welcomed boost in manpower, especially when it came to nurses.

This was the stark difference between the beauty and the beast[1].

“Arent you related to Director Fu How did you end up here in the emergency room” Zheng Ren asked.

Su Yuns crinkled eyes assessed Zheng Ren.

He spoke contemptuously, “Perhaps I should reconsider the necessity of my transfer to the emergency department.”

Zheng Ren tidied his belongings and refused to respond to Su Yuns theatrics.

“Director Fu being my relative and my transfer to the emergency department are mutually exclusive.

Is the logic confounding for your addled brain I didnt notice your slowness during the surgery.” Su Yuns tone was filled with sarcasm.

Zheng Ren let out a sigh.

A pumped-up Su Yun was like Chu Yanzhi but his sarcasm resembled Chang Yue.

He was good-looking…like a combination of the few ladies Zheng Ren knew.

The f*cker was a sharp-tongued nancy boy[2].

“I look forward to your guidance,” Su Yu chuckled, totally unruffled by Zheng Rens demeanor.

Guidance… Haha…

Su Yun stopped the awkward conversation and pulled out his phone.

There was a small smile on his face.

Zheng Ren figured he was either playing a game or flirting with one of the ladies.

Around ten minutes later, a young nurse came into the room.

“Su… Chief Zheng, here are some of the fruits I bought today.

Both of you should have some,” she said to Zheng Ren while her eyes were seduced by Su Yun.

The basket of fruits forthem was then placed in front of Su Yun.

Red-faced, the young nurse turned to leave.

Before she did, Su Yun looked up and ran a hand through his dark hair.

“Thank you.”

The hand appeared to have stroked the ladys heart as well.

Zheng Ren thought she would start squealing in delight.

Really… Since becoming the emergency department chief resident, he was in the hospital almost 24/7.

None of the nurses had ever given him anything, let alone a basket of pre-washed fruits.

Each fruit gleamed as water droplets on them reflected the light.

The fruit basket had been prepared with love.

Zheng Ren could imagine the excitement and joy of the nurse or nurses washing the fruits.

Was he not deserving of such treatment

The single dog was incredibly frustrated.

He stood and left the on-call room.

“Where are you going” Su Yuns voice followed Zheng Ren like a spirit.


Checking up on the patients under observation,” Zheng Ren replied moodily.

“Is that how you spend your free time” Su Yun laughed as he fell in step with Zheng Ren, unaware that his presence was stoking Zheng Rens anger.

“As a chief resident, making rounds is a duty, not a pastime,” Zheng Ren answered coolly.

There was an oncoming nurse who was preoccupied with her phone.

A presence made her look up and a surprised expression came over her face.

“Ah!” The enthusiasm manifested in the slight skip in her step.


Su, why are you in the emergency department Are you visiting a patient I can take you there.

Who are you looking for”

Su Yun gave her a smile and said, “Ive been placed in the emergency department.

Making the rounds with Chief Zheng here.”

Hearing those words, the nurse almost lost her grip on her phone—a full-blown blush colored her face crimson.

Zheng Ren picked up his footsteps.

An ugly, single dog like him could not bear any more injury to his ego.

However, the perpetrator was still on his heels, strolling in a lackadaisical manner.

Su Yun had a friendly disposition and smiled at everyone who greeted him.

One of the patients in the emergency room even walked over, a hand over her abdomen, to ask for Su Yuns WeChat details.

He turned her down politely.

The fact that even sick patients were approaching Su Yun made Zheng Rens blood boil.

As they walked past Old Chief Physician Pans office, Zheng Ren heard voices in disagreement.

He made a move to enter but Su Yun spoke up suddenly, “ICU Chief Qian and Chief Pan are arguing.

You sure you want to interrupt them”

“Yes Why are they fighting” Zheng Ren asked and instantly regretted it.

This bastard was going to belittle him again.

“If your IQ was at least half your surgery skills, you wouldnt need to ask such a question.” Su Yun shot him a mocking smile.

Zheng Ren was speechless.

Su Yuns departure from the ICU must have made some nurses request for a transfer.

The ICU was tough and hard work.

Many of the ICU nurses suffered lumbar disc prolapse by the age of 30.

Su Yun was a blessing to the ICU.

Never before had the department seen transfer requests favouring the ins instead of the outs, the hectic environment and heavy workload notwithstanding .

Hence, Su Yuns departure was a whirlwind to the ICU.

No wonder ICU Chief Qian came all the way to the emergency department.

While Old Chief Physician Pan was revered, Chief Qian was not about to roll over and take it.

Tsk, what a scene.

Zheng Ren gave up.

He continued making his rounds and was welcomed with newfound fondness.

Fondness that was directed to the man behind him, Zheng Ren had no doubt.

The patients were all in stable condition.

Many of them gave reasons to remain in the emergency observation ward.

Once their insurance claims were maxed out, their illness would be cured immediately.

Zheng Ren left the observation ward.

Su Yun was like an annoying fly that would not leave him alone no matter how hard he swatted.

Something made him stop when he walked past the emergency room.

There was a female patient in her mid-twenties talking to the on-call doctor.

Zheng Ren read the details on the Systems interface and thought for a moment.

“Whats up” Su Yun asked curiously.

He peeked into the room and saw a pleasing silhouette.

His lips curled into a smile.

“You cant be that thirsty,” Su Yun teased.

Zheng Ren eyed Su Yun, a gleam in his eyes.

“What are you thinking” Su Yun warned.

“Do you know what she has” Zheng Ren asked.

Su Yun answered in a condescending tone, “Why dont you go and ask yourself”

“Look at her fingers.

Theres abnormal swelling, isnt there” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun peered into the room again.

The young ladys hands were set in front of her.

On the middle finger of her right hand, there was a red bump.

It did not look like an abrasion or burn.

He also ruled out the common folliculitis.


Whats your diagnosis” Su Yun was curious.

“Endometriosis,” Zheng Ren concluded.

The answer left Su Yun speechless.

Endometriosis occured when live cells of the endometrium attached themselves to surfaces outside the uterus.

It was a common womens condition.

Endometrial cells were localized in the uterus but could develop ectopically due to various reasons, one of them being backward menstrual flow through the Fallopian tube.

The young female patient… Middle finger… Endometriosis…

Su Yun was in a daze for a good ten seconds.

Then, he shook his head and his mop of black hair followed suit.

He was very attractive.

“Logically, it could happen but the chances are slim to none.

Ive never heard of an endometriosis case like this,” Su Yun said honestly.

“If you dont believe me, go ahead and ask.

The treatment is simple; just get the hand surgeon to remove the excess flesh.

As to how she got it, its none of our business.” Zheng Ren threw the responsibility to Su Yun.

After all, this case required some tricky personal questions.

Zheng Ren was a simple-minded man who valued honesty in conversations.

If he went to speak to the patient about endometriosis and how it could possibly have ended up on her finger, he could get sued for sexual harassment.

On the other hand, Su Yun should not have any obstacles.

This was a man who could turn other men gay.

This lady would be a walk in the park.

[1] 帥逼和醜逼: can also be translated as the handsome and the ugly.

[2] 娘炮: derogatory term for an effeminate or homosexual man.

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