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Chapter 761: The Legendary Doctor Lamb

Zheng Ren was deep in thought when the doorbell rang.

Chang Yue went to open the door.

A few people appeared in front of the door with exquisite bags and a dark blue plastic box filled with water in their hands.

“Hello, we are from the Tang Song Restaurant,” a young man at the front said.

“These are the ingredients Mr.

Zheng wants.

Please check them.”

Chang Yue looked at the pile of things and was stunned.

“Chang Yue, check them.

I made the order.” Zheng Rens eyes did not look away from the ultrasound list.

His brain was working at high speed.

Countless possibilities appeared one by one.

They were either denied or pending investigation.

“Su Yun, go and pay the bill.”

Su Yun did not have many qualms about spending money.

He stood up lazily and walked over.

“Boss, I only slept since last night.

You even called to order food.

Your social skills… Ah, theyre improving.” As he spoke, Su Yun yawned and looked as if he had not woken up.

The others did not know what had happened and looked confused.

Zheng Ren continued to ponder the results and ignored him.

The right breast was extremely dense with the molybdenum target slanted.

There were no suspicious findings.

The test results were all normal.

Even the tumor markers that needed to be examined for normal breast cancer were not suspicious at all.

It was not that the number was not high enough to determine that it was normal.

At the early stage of the tumor, the tumor markers could be normal.

This was determined by the physical fitness of each person and the bodys autoimmune reaction.

Even at the late stage, the tumor markers might not be high.

Zheng Ren had also encountered patients with liver tumors of more than 10cm and patients with normal alpha-fetoprotein.

Although it was not decisive, it could be used as a reference.

As they watched Zheng Ren flip through the list one by one, Wu Xiaomei and Zhou Jinxis expressions became more and more serious.

If there was nothing else, Doctor Zheng should have said it by now.

But he did not say a word…

Wu Xiaomei still had a glimmer of hope in the end but looking at the silent Zheng Ren, her hope gradually disappeared.

After discovering the lump, suspicion was that it was malignant.

However, it was still early, so Wu Xiaomei firmly refused the companys arrangement and directly flew to the Imperial Capital to look for Zheng Ren.

She came in such a hurry that she didnt even tell Chang Yue before she boarded the plane.

They were already panicking when they heard the news.

Indeed, she wasnt even twenty years old yet.

She might look very strong if they were to work hard outside.

But once they encountered problems like life and death, who could remain calm

A career A frozen company In the face of breast cancer, it was all a joke.

The speed at which Zheng Rens fingers tapped on the armrest of the sofa didnt change at all.

It was as if his emotions didnt fluctuate at all.

He just silently looked at the two images on the ultrasound list.

It was just like Old Chief Physician Pan tapping on his dilapidated chair.

This was just a mode of thinking.

“Boss, what the f*ck did you order” Su Yun paid the money and helped Chang Yue deliver the things to the kitchen.

He rejected the idea of the chef from Tang Song Restaurant staying behind to help without any hesitation as he asked the question with a darkened face.

“Oh The things that Yiren wants, which seems to be fish and a few kinds of vegetables.

Whats wrong” Zheng Ren was recalling the articles and reviews in his mind, together with the various related cases that he had encountered previously.

He only heard Su Yuns words at face value.

What he understood was only the literal meaning.

Anything more and it would be gone.

“It cost more than eight thousand yuan! Boss, do you still have a conscience!” Su Yun glared at Zheng Ren fiercely.

“Oh.” Zheng Rens fingers suddenly stopped tapping.

He looked up at Wu Xiaomei and said, “Sit, sit.

We cant talk if youre just standing there like that.”

Wu Xiaomei was nervous.

The moment she heard Zheng Rens words, she immediately started to cry.

“Dont cry.

Its nothing.” Zheng Ren smiled.

His face was bruised.

He had just reached the absorption period.

He looked more and more strange, like the legendary Doctor Lamb.

“If you have something to say, just say it.

Youre scaring Wu Xiaomei to death,” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren was also very helpless.

He raised his head and spoke.

He… The Doctors words had no credibility at all.

If he said it like that, Wu Xiaomei would probably be even more unwilling to believe it.

Chang Yue had been listening attentively.

The open kitchen was right behind Zheng Ren.

She wiped her hands and quickly walked out to help Wu Xiaomei onto the sofa.

“The doctor from Sorcery Capital, did he say that the possibility of malignant tumors is not ruled out” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

Chang Yue heard Zheng Rens words and her brows were tightly knitted together.

She repeatedly winked at Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren still smiled gently and said, “In that case, its not wrong.”

After he said this, he did not gasp for breath.

Instead, he directly continued, “But my diagnosis is that its most likely cholesterol granuloma of the breast.”

“Cholesterol” Chang Yue was stunned.

“Granuloma”Su Yun muttered.

“This kind of disease…isnt even considered a disease.

The clinical manifestations are varied.

I looked at the medical records and said that the right breast lump was not touched.

This is a kind of clinical manifestation.

It doesnt matter whether it was touched or not.” Zheng Rens smile gave Wu Xiaomei great confidence.

She stopped crying.

There were still tears on her eyelashes, like a tender leaf with dew in the morning.

“All the reports are inconsistent.

Some ultrasound can see the lobes or irregular low echoes.

The molybdenum target is vague.

There is definitely a possibility it isnt a malignant tumor.”

Su Yun felt that Zheng Ren was talking nonsense.

“But for purely medical matters such as restoring the signal data by ultrasound, there is no need to be long-winded.

I saw the analysis of the ultrasound images.

It is more likely that there is a cholesterol granuloma in the breast.”

“Whats that” Wu Xiaomei mustered up her courage and asked.

“To put it simply, its benign.

Its not even a lesion.” Zheng Ren smiled.

He himself felt that he had said too much and was too professional.

Zheng Rens attitude made Wu Xiaomei fall into a trance.

No matter what, she still felt something.

Was Doctor Zheng consoling her Why did he say that it wasnt even a lesion

If it wasnt a disease, then what was it

Previously, the doctor in Sorcery Capital had told her that the best possibility was an adenoma.

It was benign and there was no problem with it.

As for the bad news, Wu Xiaomei didnt need the doctor to tell her.

She could guess that it was a malignant tumor.

It could even relapse after the surgery, meaning she would not have a lot of time left in the world.

Therefore, when she was confused and helpless, she thought of the emergency departments Chief Resident at Sea City General Hospital.

Wu Xiaomei had a kind of superstitious confidence in Zheng Ren.

At that time, her fathers diagnosis was hernias.

She saw it as cancer and made a big joke of it.

However, according to other, this Doctor Zheng had great luck and turned cancer into a minor illness.

Wu Xiaomei was very superstitious, so she firmly refused the overseas treatment that the company arranged for her and came to the Imperial Capital without hesitation.

This meant that she had invited Zheng Ren and Chang Yue to watch the concert and knew that they had come to the Imperial Capital.

If there was no charity concert, she might have flown straight back to Sea City and missed them.

However, why did Zheng Rens words sound so unreliable

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