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Chapter 759: Giving A Proposition

“Zheng Ren, when you buy vegetables, do you know how theyre cooked” Xie Yiren asked with a smile while driving.

“If I can do a CT radiographic film of leeks and garlic, I should be able to tell,” Zheng Ren said seriously.

Zheng Rens mood was unprecedentedly relaxed as he talked nonsense and waited to go home for dinner.

He nestled in the Aston Martins seat and was very comfortable.

Xie Yiren was also very relaxed and spoke a lot more than usual.

It was the evening rush hour and the traffic was slow.

The two of them were not in a hurry.

They walked slowly and chatted along the way.

Zheng Ren gradually understood why Little Yiren wanted him to buy vegetables.

After all, there were Chang Yue and Su Yun at home.

Although they were not strangers, there was still a difference between the two of them.

This was quite good.

Xie Yiren asked Zheng Ren in detail about the journey to the frontline.

Zheng Rens mouth was a little stupid and he did not want to describe those miserable looks to Xie Yiren.

He only gave a simple explanation.

But even with a simple explanation, Xie Yiren could feel the hardships and smoke of the frontline.

After all, that bastard Su Yun had slept at home for a whole day.

When she went back to call him, he was reluctant to get up.

As she was speaking, Xie Yirens cell phone rang.

“Sister Yue, well be home in half an hour.

Are you hungry”

“Huh Wu Xiaomei is here.

Theres not enough food.”

“Okay, I got it.

Lets go back and talk.

If not, well go out and eat.”

After that, Xie Yiren hung up the phone.

“Zheng Ren, Wu Xiaomei and Zhou Jinxi are over to look for you,” Xie Yiren said.

“The two of them are there for me”

Zheng Ren did not feel guilty.

He just felt that Xie Yirens tone was suddenly a little off.

At this moment, Zheng Ren finally realized the danger.

He carefully glanced at Xie Yiren from the corner of his eye.

Seeing that her expression was a little serious, he felt uneasy.

“Sister Yue said that shes sick.

Its very serious.” Xie Yiren was a little worried.

Although she had never met Wu Xiaomei, she had heard Zheng Ren and Chang Yue talk about it.

When they were in Sea City, Wu Xiaomeis father came to visit Zheng Ren with a load of fresh green vegetables.

How could she be sick

She seemed to be less than 20 years old.

She should not be seriously ill.

It was just that Chang Yue could not speak properly so she did not make it clear.

However, her tone indicated that something major had happened.

After being together with Chang Yue for a long time, Xie Yiren could sense some subtle changes in her.

As for Zheng Ren… He had always been silly and cute, like a silly deer from the northeast.

Of course, if he had not said that he was fine when he went to the frontline and turned off his phone, Xie Yiren would definitely think that he was different from the others.

Zheng Ren was also a little puzzled but since he didnt know what had happened, it was useless to say anything else.

“Oh right, I met someone.

Hes in the catering business.” Zheng Ren thought of Song Ying and said, “If you need any dishes, you can give him a call.”


“He was previously my patient.

I met him when I came to the Imperial Capital to do research.

He is the boss of the Tang Song Restaurant and friends with Chief Chu from the CT department.”

“The Tang Song Restaurant.

Ive been there twice.

The food is not bad.

He has a passion for food.” Xie Yiren drove past the red light.

Song Ying had a passion for food

Zheng Ren suddenly remembered the grilled sausages in Song Yings hands.

It was especially vivid when it matched his walking posture.

“What else do you want to cook Should I call to order some ingredients” Zheng Ren asked.

“Um…” Xie Yiren muttered and said a few things.

Zheng Ren began to contact him.

Song Ying did not expect Zheng Rens call to come so quickly.

“Zhou Jinxi is here too.

A few days ago, she sent Sister Yue a message saying that her group has a charity concert in Sorcery Capital.

She invited you and Sister Yue to go.” Xie Yiren wanted to dilute the atmosphere of speculation.

She thought for a few seconds before successfully finding a topic.

“Oh Their group can hold a concert already” Zheng Ren still remembered Zhou Jinxi.

He might not know her when they met but when he mentioned her name, the only thing that appeared in his mind was the technique and the whole process of using a colonoscope to perform an appendectomy.

If he did it now, the effect would definitely be better, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

“Of course, their girl group is quite popular now.” Xie Yiren smiled.

“But during those days, Sister Yue and I watched the news channel every day.

We didnt have the mood to go to the concert, so we just said a few perfunctory words.”

“Oh.” Zheng Ren nodded.

“Its rare that they still have a contact.”

“Sister Yue said to be careful of Zhou Jinxi.

Sister Yue said that the way she looks at you is not right.” Xie Yiren seemed to casually say that.

It was definitely a pointed statement.

“Is that so” Zheng Ren did not realize that one of his feet had already stepped on the edge of the cliff.

His first thought was, could it be because he was going to perform the surgery

That was not right.

It was just appendicitis.

He didnt understand.

He did not perform the surgery by himself.

Moreover, the surgical progress bar given by the System was also 100%.

Nothing could go wrong.

‘Then why did she look at me in the wrong way Could it be that she was dissatisfied with the medical procedure It shouldnt be.

Xie Yiren was a little surprised to find Zheng Ren in deep thought.

“Hey, what are you thinking about” After an unbearable silence for more than ten seconds, Xie Yiren broke the silence.

Zheng Rens reaction was beyond Xie Yirens expectations.

She had imagined how Zheng Ren would answer this question, but the only thing she did not expect was Zheng Rens deep thought.

“Whats wrong with the diagnosis and treatment procedure I dont think theres anything wrong with it.

She shouldnt be hostile, right” Zheng Ren frowned and said, “Besides, youre a nurse in the operating theater.

If you report this to the Medical Investigation Commission, it has nothing to do with you.

I did the surgery and Chang Yue wrote the case.”

The two of them, with their different train of thought, suddenly made things go in different directions.

Even a fool has his own luck.

He did not realize the danger, yet he walked over as if he was walking on flat ground.

Xie Yiren smiled.

While waiting for the red light, she turned her head to look at Zheng Ren.

This guy was still thinking about the details before and after the surgery.

“Its not like that.

Zhou Jinxi seems to like you a little.” Xie Yiren smiled.

“Huh She likes me What does Zhou Jinxi look like again” Zheng Ren muttered to himself.

However, he instantly realized that the atmosphere was not right and immediately sat up straight.

“She definitely doesnt like me.” Zheng Ren, as a person with a strong mentality, immediately denied Xie Yirens opinion.

“I guess she had just started her career at that time and wanted to have an appendectomy, which would leave a scar.

It was a huge trauma for her.

Because of that, Zhou Jinxi was very scared at that time.

At that time, I performed an operation on her, which could be considered to have saved her career.

This is a very famous psychological theory called Rendez Syndrome.”

Half an hour later, Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren returned to the Golden Palm residence.

Zheng Ren carried the vegetables as he and Xie Yiren went upstairs.

When they opened the door, the first thing they saw was Chang Yues somewhat gloomy face.

Something had happened!

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